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By on May 23, 2013, with 48 Comments

In which direction does this #train move? From which end of the tunnel is it arriving from? It might be both! Check if you can “see” a different direction each time you look at it? If you stare long enough, you might even make the train change its course. Today’s illusion works in the same manner, our famous Spinning Girl does. After all, there is no definitive answer, since the animation loops through just a few frames. On the other hand, if you recognise the station, you just might know the true answer after all ;)

Which Way Is This Train Going?Which Way Is This Train Going?


48 Responses
  1. iruhse says:

    i see a hot chick in the reflection, :D

  2. Casper says:

    Great! Especially because it almost takes no effort to make it change direction, in contrast to the spinning girl, which is extremely difficult to change direction.

  3. Dave says:

    Very cool.

    If I look from the tunnel side, it would appear to be coming toward us, where the opposite seems true if looking from the right.

  4. Sergio says:

    depends on the country ;)

  5. Penguin says:

    It’s coming towards the camera, because the people on the platform are looking at the arriving train. If the train was going the other way, the people would be looking the other way.

  6. Phil says:

    It’s coming into the screen, but then that’s only because I go through Charing Cross Station every day and know which side of the train the platform is on!

    • Vlad says:

      Totally agree. It’s Charing Cross Station and on that part of the station the train is arriving into the station

  7. Rick M says:

    This is a similar effect to the wagon wheels on cowboy films seemingly turning backwards. As I cannot see any signals at the end of the platform, and passengers are looking in this direction, I’m inclined to think the camera is pointed to where the train comes in from the previous station.

  8. Allen says:

    Charing Cross Station

  9. Milo says:

    The train is going in.
    Guy in the back looks like he is looking for
    the train to come in.

    The woman is holding her daughter waiting for the train to stop.

    There is no one shown leaving

  10. STR e t C H says:

    amazing….one of the best yet.

  11. Kimon says:

    That’s definitely the London Underground. The writing seems to say Charring Cross. Based on the direction the people on the platform are facing expecting the train, the train is coming out of the tunnel and into the station.

  12. cgimusic says:

    It’s clearly Charing Cross Underground but I have no idea which platform.

  13. Fifilicious says:

    I can easily change the direction on this one, unlike the spinning lady who I can over see her rotating in one direction which frustrates me no end. I like this one :)

  14. Danpink says:

    Charing Cross underground station… Train is coming toward the camera… I’ve never been to Charing Cross though! Never even knew it exsisted until today.

  15. Kairho says:

    Obviously London and 99% Charing Cross station. So the train is actually coming towards the camera.

  16. Jay Dutt says:

    Charing Cross. The train must be going into the tunnel.

  17. James says:

    Charing Cross, Northern line heading south, coming out from the tunnel and travelling towards the camera.

  18. Andrew C says:

    U believe the post is wrong,you can tell which way the train is coming, using deducting reasoning.

    The train is coming towards you.

    If you look at the far part, it clearly comes towards you.

    If you look at the part near you it LOOKS like it is going away from you.

    But that is an illusion caused by the frame rate of the camera.

    Such frame rate illusions work best when the object is larger and less so when it is smaller.

    Therefore the smaller part is real and the larger part is the illusion.

  19. Jeff J says:

    I can easily make it switch directions. Also its clearly coming into the station seeing as the people are getting up to get on to it.

  20. Daniel Quintero says:

    It’s impossible to tell which way the train is going through by looking ONLY at the train. If you concentrate and thing logically about the rest of the image and how they are position with relation to the train, then it is possible to tell which way is going. I know the answer but why be a party pooper and ruin the fun?!

  21. Stan says:

    It’s going away from the station… Do I get the prize?

  22. John Scriven says:

    On the London Underground, the trains always arrive from the left hand end of the platform, so the train is travelling towards the camera.

  23. Tom says:

    I’m a bit disappointed by this “illusion”.
    This is simply two images being displayed alternatively so I don’t get the illusion because there’s no real movement involved.

    For the station, the name is written on the wall (Charing Cross)

  24. @bigedd says:

    Its coming in… the people wouldnt be waiting if it was going, they’d be on the train :)

  25. Johannes P Anderson says:

    Best illusion on here for a long time!

  26. Daniel says:

    judging by the people looking to the left, the train might be running from left to right entering the station…

  27. Peter Feenstra says:

    It really does change direction when I stare long enough. Great one, original too!

  28. LIL BIT says:

    Its coming out of the tunnel

  29. Rackergen says:

    It’s coming in. You can see by the people looking that way which they only do if they wait for the train to stop.

  30. carmenski says:

    it’s going forward into the tunnel. By using the red or blue doppler effect you can tell whether the train is coming toward you or away.

  31. KT says:

    Charing Cross. It’s approaching. But that’s a technicality. Nice work.

  32. BBQ says:

    It is coming towards us. It’s the spacing of the red portion of the cars that makes them look like they are dropping away towards the tunnel…I think.

  33. Lion King says:

    Well, its obviously going both ways and for your information, its actually a bus duhhh.

  34. gvharn says:

    The train runs away from the camera.
    You can see that by the lettering below the windows.
    But is smartly done.

  35. Steve Reece says:

    Bloody long train!

  36. mike says:

    its obviously coming from the right because its on the london under ground and every train in the country arrives at a station from the right

  37. SoundMaster says:

    The reflection of the guy with black trousers is tap dancing, lol

  38. tienuien says:

    It goes back-forward-back-forward-back-forward!

  39. Ben says:

    coming in on northern line going north from embankment arriving at Charing Cross.

    yep people are waiting

    eeh I am becoming a nerd

  40. Cleo Rhea says:

    Can’t the train just be passing through? At new street a lot of trains just pass through the line without actually stopping and that is a major city station.

    Who knows for sure. Great illusion :)

  41. axebane says:

    its going towards the tunnel, i saw as the image was loading

  42. oh says:

    It’s just a gif playing over and over again.

  43. Anonymous Pagan says:

    It switches.


  45. DavidVas says:

    I can make it go both ways

  46. Paul says:

    I see this is not content created by yourselves.

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