Where is The Third?

I was just counting all the recent zebra optical illusions. Can you believe there were more than dozen? If you don’t believe me, use the search box in the sidebar. It’s amazing how our archive has grown in the past 4 years. You only realize this when you think of an uncommon animal like zebra for example, and realize that only this particular animal has appeared more than few times on this site. I’m scared to even make a humble guess how often we mentioned more traditional animals; like dogs, wolves and horses. Enough babbling, your newest assignment should be more than easy – all you have to do is spot the third in this optical illusion image below. Don’t check the following link if you want to do it on your own. If you still have problems seeing it, get a hint over here.

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  1. That is just evil! I had to read all comments in that tiger one to figure out what exactly I had to look for.

  2. I love zebras!!!! And I too can’t believe how many times they’ve been used. The illusion is cool.

    also first :)

  3. I found the third optical illusion! (literally)
    That was quick, I got it in four seconds

    think “hidden tiger”

  4. Ah so your playing it tricky are ya?
    Well i can see it.


    all is not what it seems…….

    P.S. in first five?

  5. The first one you can see clearly. it’s closest to you. The second one, is probably bending down for the grass so you cant see it’s head. the third one is off at a distance walking to the camera.

  6. OMG that was awesome! I loved it! also liked the tiger. i couldn’t find it and then BAM i see it. i showed it to my sister and she couldn’t find it so i showed her and she smiled. Love ur website (first?)

  7. lol nice!!!!
    i don’t think i could have figured it out without looking at the hint though.

    but the third is in the zebra stripes lol
    i love this site btw

    first comment???

  8. It looks as though it might be hidden within the zebra in the foreground, that zebra is a little long. however, I cannot find the division line from the two of them nor can I find the third set of legs. I think this is the first time ever that I might be FIRST!!!

  9. Wow, I wasn’t expecting that. I was looking all around the trees until I realized where it was! The wording in your paragraph can be taken either way, too.

  10. Wow when I knew what I was looking for I finally saw it. I sat here for 5 minutes and even looked at other pictures to see if they could help me. And the last time I got back to the picture it just jumped off the page at me!!! Excellent Illusion I love this site I have it as an App on my home page so I check it out everyday. Thank you and keep up the good work.

  11. The head in the middle is looking very straight. So there cannot be a lump on its neck which is visible. so if you see the lump as the third zebra, you might even see an eye there.
    However, I am not sure about this. Can anyone confirm?

  12. the third zebra is not the tumor looking thing on the back of the second zebras neck nor are either of them pregnat look for hidden messages and what are usuallly on a message…

  13. ha! i tried looking at the tiger one first and couldn’t get it. was really winding me up. then i looked back at the zebra and found the third. looked back at the tiger and got it right away. i feel stupid for not noticing it before!

  14. oooh now I see it! cool^^
    is not pregnant! for those who r struggling, hint: maybe you r looking for the wrong thing, remember u r looking for the third.

  15. the hint is harder to find that this lol but its just like james said the second zebra is looking to the trees in the background and then the head belong to the third one

  16. it is not pregnant and there are two zebras there. that last sentence will tell you if you are right AND it gave you a major hint.

  17. i get it. had to look at the hint and was confused over that one forever, then… boom… got them both. i like the challenging clever ones like this. anyone stuck, think outside the box.

  18. Good one, but I had to look at THE HIDDEN TIGER pic first….which took me FOREVER to see. I was to busy looking for something I thought I SHOULD see rather then seeing the obvious. Keep them comeing I have your site on my homepage and checkout the new pics everyday!!

  19. Look for what you are told to look for. Carefully read what is written :)
    Thanks for all the illusions! I show them to my 5-8 grade art students and they LOVE them!

  20. OMG that took me SOO long lol even after looking at the HINT i still couldnt find it but then i realised what it meant lol….i srsly took about 10 minutes on that one XD lol

  21. ha ha,
    “Third” thats all i could read!

    so if thats the zebra in front is marked as third, then where are the first and second ;)

  22. It took me a while but I got it.
    ******Spoiler allert******
    You are not looking for a third zebra, but the word THIRD. It is in the stripes of the foremost zebra.

  23. I don’t want to spoil it for people but here’s a clue, your not looking for a zebra…that’s all and read the title of the article again if you still have trouble…lol…I couldn’t figure it out at first…

  24. haha i had been looking for over 2 hours and i still couldn’t find it after that i gave up and i remembered a task to do on the Zebra so i printed it out and i was just gluing it when i saw the third i can’t believe how easy it was

  25. Lol but there`s a part green at the neck of the back zebra….i thougt the second is leaning his head down behind the body of the first and you just see the head of the third one….but thats also an solution…xD

  26. ok, i mite b spoiling it, but do u notice how the little blurb at the top just says, “the third”????

  27. Ha I’ve stared at the answer for ages not seeing it but seeing 1 letter but mis-interpriting it as the saying goes the eye sees what the mind wants it to see. I wanted to see one thing and couldn’t see the truth staring me in the eye because I didnt expect to see it :)

  28. oh… awsome. im gonna see if my friends get it
    LOLZ! i got slow friends! they wont be able to find it.
    but i’ll see how long it takes them to figure it out!

  29. Wow, I feel really stupid- I looked at this one right after the hidden tiger one, so it should have been easy. =.= I’m such an idiot.

    Pretty good, though :)

  30. This reminds me of a XKCD comic where they say “communicating badly then acting smug when you’re misunderstood is not cleaverness.”

    Found it, it’s “Words that end in GRY”, 169.

    For those that haven’t got it. The word “third” is written on the front / right zebra’s stripes along it’s neck.

    I personally thought of a pregnant zebra, which would have been at least more sensible.

  31. ohhhhhhh, i had to get help from the comments so i was looking for third wriiten as 3rd when i looked at the tiger one i relized how blonde i am. lol XD

  32. I get it now. I was looking so hard for the zebra. I stared for like 10 minutes. Then I looked at the pattern of the stripes and was like, well I feel kinda dumb. XD

  33. This is a riddle not an optical illusion. It is simple word play. Calling it an optical illusion is very misleading and untrue thus rendering it a waste of time. Thus saith The Brain.

    1. If it’s such a waste of time, perhaps you shouldn’t reply. It would just waste more of your precious time. However, it’s not such a waste, as you probably have no life outside of the computer.

      Ass wipe.

  34. It is not so much as a riddle or a optical illusion so much as just looking for the meaning of the word in the title (if you want to find it for yourself don’t read on) the strips on the zebra says third like it says where is the third not a third zebra but the word

  35. I thought that the second zebra’s head was actually BEHIND the first one, and the farther zebra head was the third zebra’s…

  36. Doh! This reminds me of the man in the coffee bean one (if you haven’t seen it, google it!) I thought that one was some sort of trick with the graphics file, but apparently not – can’t say the same for this one! Fave comment above: the one about the ‘thirds’ all over the grass (!)

    1. hey you dumbasses that say its in the bushes you are blind look at the zebras neck tell me if you see the word “third” or not. sheesh

  37. When it said Where is the third they literally meant the “Third” Like the word Third is in the zebra facing left.

  38. One is behind the zebra, it looks like it’s the head of the other zebra, but look closely, the head behind the big zebra is the third zebra.

  39. Not really favoring this type of “word trick illusion”, it’s like using twins in a detective novel without letting readers aware of it in the beginnig — unfair illusion…

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