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  1. Wow – cool.
    When I looked at the wall, I got a slightly pulsing after-image.
    But – when looking at the image on my monitor – if I looked at it obliquely, or via peripheal vision – the cross in the center would pulse.
    Thanks, by the way, for one of my favorite sites on the Web – and a place I visit to de-stress.


  2. when i was staring at it on the screen, it appeared to be fluctuating in diameter. that’s cooler than when i saw the negative against my white wall.

  3. Weird. The “flower” itself in the image doesn’t spin, but in the background I could see a very faint thin reddish-purplish spiral forming. And once I switched to a white background, I saw the negative for a split second, followed again by an image of a spiral or little concentric circles (again, very faint).

  4. I saw a total of 3 things actually…

    1. as I stared at the image, it seemed to turn into a tunnel or “worm hole” kind of. Very 3D-ish

    2. when I looked at a white surface without blinking, the after image appeared to be a large circle (the outer edge of the original) with the inner part of te circle sorta spinning real fast.

    3. when I blinked, the after image was made much stronger and it looked more like a sunflower (yellow reverse of the original patern).

    this is the coolest one I’ve seen so far :)

  5. It also looks like it’s ‘bending’ when you have it in the middle of your monitor and scroll up and down slightly. Pretty cool.

  6. its following me everywhere i look !!! arrrrrgh get it away !

    stare directly at the cross in the middle for a long time…. then look away anywhere….it follows you

  7. It’s a wheel with magic spokes people! Well, the afterimage that is. It consists of appearing/disappearing spokes that give out a spinning illusion. Neato!

  8. try staring at the center then moving your head back and forth to produce a movement affect…’


  9. Its weird i will stare at the image for awhile and when i look at my wall it was like the image but the image was darkish spinning

  10. Woooow, this was truly awesome. It worked for me!
    When I looked at a white paper, it looked like a vortex or something, with a hole in it that went from being a point to have almost the same diameter of the vortex!

  11. DAMN! i lookd at the paper nd it was just the same thing on the screen but now i cant get the pic out of my eyes! it was so bright!

  12. It worked :D
    if you stare at it for 30 secconds and then see at a white thing with rapidly blinking you’ll clearly see this diagram…

    wish i had something like this for Preparing my exams :P lol…

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