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By on September 25, 2006, with 71 Comments

This one’s neat! Here’s what I want you to do: simply stare at the black cross in the center of this picture for 30 seconds or more. Then quickly look at some white surface like pice of paper, your wall or something else. Try blinking while starring and you’ll get even stronger effect! What did you see?

Wheel Of Fortune


71 Responses
  1. Mike b says:

    wow… maybe the best one yet!

  2. Anne says:

    Very Cool, the middle spins around. Awesome :)

  3. mary says:


  4. Max91 says:

    if i did it right then its cool if not i dont get ir

  5. fab says:

    nothing much….. the same thing in colour i think
    but while staring at it it looked pretty cool: kinda 3D

  6. Haywood Jablome says:

    Vanna White??

  7. Lea says:

    wow, you don’t even have to look at paper, you can just close your eyes, it looks kind of like an eye burned into my vision.

  8. RKC says:

    Wow – cool.
    When I looked at the wall, I got a slightly pulsing after-image.
    But – when looking at the image on my monitor – if I looked at it obliquely, or via peripheal vision – the cross in the center would pulse.
    Thanks, by the way, for one of my favorite sites on the Web – and a place I visit to de-stress.


  9. Ted says:

    A sunflower….

  10. jjones says:

    I don’t get it
    I see a shadow-ish image of the same shape … what should I see?

  11. moi says:

    i think i c a japanese flag

  12. emily says:

    i got nothing

  13. ahmed says:

    when i was staring at it on the screen, it appeared to be fluctuating in diameter. that’s cooler than when i saw the negative against my white wall.

  14. wow.... says:

    um…. I saw a roulette wheel. And it was spinning.

  15. Pandas says:

    it was spinning?

  16. killer bees says:

    i agree with ahmed it was cooler on the screen when i was just staring at it

  17. The dark lord says:

    I saw the face of satan instructing me to eradicate his enemies systematically. weird.

  18. want 2 know says:

    wow! cool!but……………how does it work?

  19. -J- says:

    I interpreted it as a sunflower. “After Image” illusions are my favorite. Cheers!


  20. iamme says:

    Weird. The “flower” itself in the image doesn’t spin, but in the background I could see a very faint thin reddish-purplish spiral forming. And once I switched to a white background, I saw the negative for a split second, followed again by an image of a spiral or little concentric circles (again, very faint).

  21. Vlasdorian says:

    I saw a total of 3 things actually…

    1. as I stared at the image, it seemed to turn into a tunnel or “worm hole” kind of. Very 3D-ish

    2. when I looked at a white surface without blinking, the after image appeared to be a large circle (the outer edge of the original) with the inner part of te circle sorta spinning real fast.

    3. when I blinked, the after image was made much stronger and it looked more like a sunflower (yellow reverse of the original patern).

    this is the coolest one I’ve seen so far :)

  22. NotTellingYou says:

    Accually it looks kind of cool if you move your haed back from the screen: it looks like it moves or changes sizes.

  23. BillyB says:

    It also looks like it’s ‘bending’ when you have it in the middle of your monitor and scroll up and down slightly. Pretty cool.

  24. Merlijn says:

    Also, before you stared at it, if you move your head closer to the screen, it will grow.

  25. no likey name says:

    response guy, i posted replies on alot of these but they dont get on rrr

  26. Anonymous says:

    I saw it spinning at a very high rate of speed when I closed my eyes and concentrated.

  27. Frito(Ashley) says:

    i sawed a snowflake : – )

  28. bob says:

    it spins very fast

  29. Anonymous says:

    its well buzzin :)

  30. reeding says:

    i saw the flag of japan

  31. LIHAM says:

    OMG! It is so scary i can see the scarlec pit off of star wars!!

  32. Anonymous says:


  33. Anonymous says:

    i don’t get it. mabe im just 2 blonde.

  34. Alex says:

    I noticed that the white outer part disappeared when looked at long enough.

  35. Shru says:

    I looked at it, looked at a wall leaned my head back close my eyes and I saw Mona Lisa staring at me! Weird!

  36. Cal says:

    its following me everywhere i look !!! arrrrrgh get it away !

    stare directly at the cross in the middle for a long time…. then look away anywhere….it follows you

  37. Anonymous says:

    that is soooo cool, i can still see the image while im typing this comment!!!!!!

  38. Cornelius says:

    It’s a wheel with magic spokes people! Well, the afterimage that is. It consists of appearing/disappearing spokes that give out a spinning illusion. Neato!

  39. Anonymous says:

    Holy crap I won’t do that again I feel so sick I almost barfed.

  40. Anonymous says:

    i just like staring at it!

  41. Anonymous says:

    try staring at the center then moving your head back and forth to produce a movement affect…’


  42. Me, Myself, and iPod says:

    i did it for a minute… sooooooooooooo kewl!

  43. Anonymous says:

    it kinda looks like an eye

  44. MOO_MOO_123 says:

    i saw the RAF sign or a bow and arrow target lol

  45. Hubert lupalopagus says:

    I find it cool when you stare at it but scroll the page up and down quickly. :)

  46. My Mouth says:

    When you look at it for 30 seconds and SLIGHTLY move your eyes around the center the cross folows your eyes o_o

  47. niesa says:

    it is like , wow ,

  48. Marie says:

    also stupid, it does absolutly nothing, i tryed 3 times T_T

  49. Amy says:

    Its weird i will stare at the image for awhile and when i look at my wall it was like the image but the image was darkish spinning

  50. rachel says:

    didnt work for me :(

  51. Vanth says:

    …a white dot :-)

  52. Vanth says:

    a white dot inside a square, inside the dot a ray pattern.

  53. Kelly says:

    Woooow, this was truly awesome. It worked for me!
    When I looked at a white paper, it looked like a vortex or something, with a hole in it that went from being a point to have almost the same diameter of the vortex!

  54. Captain Pasty says:

    Starts as a donut, then does the weird vortex in the middle, then becomes a spikey donut…

  55. jacinda says:


  56. Simp says:

    It looks like an eye for me! Nice one

  57. happydoodle says:

    OMG idk if i was supposed 2 c this but i saw the wheel of fortune frum the show!

  58. gir says:

    I saw a circle and when I blinked I saw the spike pattern!

  59. bob says:

    i saw the same thing i was staring at… is that what i was supposed to see?

  60. LuvyLu-Lu says:

    DAMN! i lookd at the paper nd it was just the same thing on the screen but now i cant get the pic out of my eyes! it was so bright!

  61. funki says:

    wooooooo! thats cool, nd it took ages for it to go away :D

  62. Grace says:

    It became inverted when I looked at it but nothing happened when I looked at paper…

  63. Win Dee says:

    i saw the same pic i was staring at..cant get it off my eyes

  64. Kara says:

    It started spinning. Blinking just revealed the spikes.

  65. Christine D says:

    circle in a squaer with a giant asterisk in the circle like a cart wheel

  66. Christine D says:

    i still see it and its gettin bigger lol wtf

  67. Bladladladlisaword says:

    A snowflake…

  68. Aqash says:

    It worked :D
    if you stare at it for 30 secconds and then see at a white thing with rapidly blinking you’ll clearly see this diagram…

    wish i had something like this for Preparing my exams :P lol…

  69. ChunkyMonkey says:

    -. Wow that was cool

  70. Moonlight says:

    I Think My Life Just Flashed Through My Eyes… I Saw A Bright Moving Light Coming Towards Me! This Is Genius.

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