Warped Wallpapers Optical Illusion

Hola people! Before we start, be sure to get new “Optical Illusion of The Day” Vista Gadget (version 7.0). This one loads new illusions more quickly and runs much smoother. Ok, now that you downloaded it (and hopefully rated it with 5 stars :), let’s check the new illusion of the day. Had these warped photos in my draft for a very long time, and almost forgot to share them with you. A new addition to our 3D Chalk Drawings, thank you very much. German artist Tom Hanke of Surrealien.de created some awesome-looking wallpapers, specifically designed for your room. By taking into an account the exact placement of the door, light switches and electrical outlets, he can create a custom “warped” look for your interior. That is pretty cool if you ask me, yet I’m not the biggest fond of wallpapers – they always reminded me of socialism.

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  1. I bet he charges a fortune! bot to mention you could never move your furniture or pictures around after! gow does wallpaper remind you of socialism??? i cannot see the connection

  2. Guaranteed to freak out your tripping friends!! Just think of all the hippies this would scare. “The Room Is Melting!! AHHH!!!”

  3. I pretty much want something like this in my McMansion one day! It would trip people out and parties would be that much more interesting.

  4. wow im impressed ^^ i wouldnt mind walls like tat :P just wondering Vurdlak why do wallpapers remind u of socialism? sorry if i seem ignorant

  5. very cool, however, I don’t know if I could ever live in a room like that, i would probably end up vomiting at some point. too busy.

  6. Ugh, that orange one is both hideous and nauseating. The red one is very cool, though; I’d like to have wallpaper like this, but probably only in one small room.

  7. LOL! SOCIALISM! The first 4 pictures give me too an air of socilism. But the others look moderts.

    Nice picture! keep up the good work!

  8. Makes it look like the objects have been pushed through the walls! They are cool, but not for my house I dont think. Maybe a teenage boy would like them in his room

  9. i like the orange and yellow circles one. it looks awesome, but kind of pointless. i don’t exactly see how this is considered an optical illusion. All it really is is a bit of cool paintwork.

  10. woha, that’s amazing! it looks like you can stick you hand in and the wall will move for you :P the only problem is that if you get another painting or something, the wallpaper would have to be re-done or something to fit the scheme.

  11. weird. i really like the red/black one with the shades. However, it would be an inconvenience never to be able to move any photos on your wall around or any furniture. Otherwise, awesome!

  12. Wierd and wonderful, but not exactly illusions! And please keep political opinions out of the blog… some of us are socialists!

  13. If you got that wallpaper how would you replace a clock with another clock if you didn’t like the first one. Pretty cool anyway.

  14. Hate to say this, but I don’t get it either. It’s not real is it. I mean it looks fake, like it was photoshopped. the first 2 are the same wall — different wallpaper. Oh well, thanks anyhow, just my observation.

  15. I absolutely love these! I wish I kept things in one place long enough to coordinate my wallpaper to the furnishings! I like change too much, though… These are inspiring.

  16. I’m not sure I’d be comfortable with such a wallpaper in one of my rooms… can’t be sure but I believe one could grow tired quite easily of it, and have problems concentrating.

    Nice effect, though.

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