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By on October 22, 2010, with 17 Comments

Warped and Bent Illusion VideoWe haven’t had a nifty video illusion for a while, so I decided to share another fabulous creation by greeenpro2009. As you will see shortly, it’s nothing we haven’t already seen, but what greeenpro did, he combined two old school illusions into one, and posted a video clip of his work. I think this should be the final example/proof for Seemingly Bent category. As the author himself explained, it took FOREVER to create and set this up.

You should check the Checker Board video, and some other works by greeenpro2009 if you already haven’t – I promise you loads of professionally created content and interesting selection of illusions showcased.


17 Responses
  1. GearRunr says:

    The horizontal lines are not all parallel. The paper is shifted on some. You can download a pixel ruler and see they are not. I get the idea, but it would be cooler if they were actually parallel.

  2. fossda says:

    1st comment! sorry about last time

    very good – with that it’s proved that they really are straight

  3. ZL123 says:

    Totally cool! That’s proof!

  4. ray says:

    This one is amazing.

  5. Annishia says:

    yay i am first!!!! ( i think)

    that is soo cool… although ppl have tried to explain stuff like that to me, i never get it!!! im so ashamed of myself even my 7 year old brother understands it… we then again, he’s pretty much a boy genius, he takes grade 6 math… anyway… I NEED HELP!!!!! i dont get the principles behind the illusion!!! vurdlak… next time explain illusions like this, like why do we see that!!!!

  6. shardson says:


  7. max says:

    cool… dont trust your brain…

    and people are ready to pay 20k for an illusion of Saint Mary or whatever else…

  8. Sometimes it’s great what one can do with a couple of sheets of paper and imagination; great illusion.

  9. Annishia says:

    oh right,,, great help everybody!!!! my brother whos 7 gets it and what dont you ppl understand in I NEED HELP???????? help me!!!! plzz i need sooo much help in getting that…

  10. Elliot says:

    That’s way too cool.

  11. Care Bear says:

    Now there are some straight lines a drunk driver might be able to walk.

  12. fossda says:

    what the…

    how did someone else put their comment in front of mine?

  13. bduga says:

    website is cool, but lacking lately

  14. Rads says:

    @Annishia: Strips of identical black and white squares are placed such that squares of the same colour aren’t completely lined up. The vertical boundary lines are zig-zagged, making the horizontal lines between the strips appear to be tilted…

    Now, what *I* don’t understand is your and fossda’s and many other people’s obsession with being the ‘first commenter’. :-/

    @Richard: Totally! Simple but elegant! I feel like trying it out.

  15. PKnWing says:

    Fantastic! The mind needs a little rethinking every once in a while. It only proves, once again, that things aren’t always as one’s perception leads them to believe!

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