Volkswagen’s Caddy Campaign

Can’t say I expected that many of you BEING WRONG regarding our previous post! It seems only a fraction of our visitors managed to isolate the correct answer. Anyway, to conclude the test I posted the solution, and now can officially say that the correct answer was: circle no.3.

But let’s quickly share the newest billboard set, one that has been circulating the net lately. As it seems, people behind Volkswagen’s ad campaigns have actually listened to our advice, and heavily implemented optical illusions into their ads! I have always been firm believer that there aren’t much better ways to capture viewer’s attention in marketing, other than using optical illusions (naked girls being an exception). Btw, I know I promised we won’t repeat the Ebbinghaus effect, but I’m aiming at broader idea here…

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  1. All clever optical illusions aside, VW may be risking a lawsuit from the original “Caddy” for hijacking the vehicle’s name!

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