Veja Magazine Ad Campagin

Roberto Fernandez illustarted these cool “celebreties” for a Veja Magazine campaign. As you noticed, he used interesting thenique, where he combined words to make images! Words disappear as they form a picture, and is somehow hard to beleive they are still present! Just concentrate, and read what they say, but also try to figure out who are the bone-heads below?!

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  1. 1- OSAMA, text – dead Alive.
    2- Bush, text- peace war.
    3- Saddam Hussien, text- threat pretext.
    4- who is he??, text- tirany freedom

  2. Veja is a brazilian magazine, and is in english form just because of the awards. Originally, the words are shown in portuguese

  3. the first poster, Ramesh, wrote out what it all said…look at the eyes of the last one! It has OR in them…making it “tiranny or freedom”.

    totally love these…amazing…

  4. If it was translated to English later… wouldn’t the pictures not look right in the original language? I think these pics are super spiffy

  5. 1st one: Dead

    2nd one (Bush): Peace

    3rd one: Threat
    (How do those to realate or oppose in any way at all?

    4th one: Tirany
    (“Or” is made up of the guys eyes)

    GET IT?

    also, Vurdlak, I like your random illusion and thumbnails!

    –The freelance writer hidden

  6. @Hello Doggy
    Yes, but 1: Veja is a brazilian right wing magazine. And 2: He was still a dictator.

    BTW, the original portuguese versions were better and tighter. These adapted ones looks weird in my opinion.

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