Vampire’s Mistress Illusion

I’ve just noticed that last few days, most of the illusions depict beautiful ladies or cute girls. Must be the heat. I can’t function normally when there’s such a warm weather outside. Anyhow, I had this piece of art in my collection for ages, but I just couldn’t find out who the original author is. Anyone recognizes the masterpiece attached to this post?

Those that came here via our Optical Illusion of The Day widget, probably saw the face of a vampire first. But if you look more closely, you’ll quickly realize what we have here is a buttoned-up mistress sitting beside the window ledge.

If you like them #fantasy illusions, I suggest you head over to the Dragon Lady illusion we posted few months ago. Enjoy your stay on Mighty Optical Illusions, and don’t forget there’s a handy little button at the end of each post which brings you to the next “Random Illusion”!

47 Replies to “Vampire’s Mistress Illusion”

  1. I see the face in the eye an the legs sticking out the bottom but I don’t understand what is around her face or the rest of her… Is she bundled up in a blanket or something?

  2. it was actually really hard to find the lady. she is in a fluffy fur coat to the right.
    her face is the vampires right eye

  3. Octavio Ocampo is the artist (who still lives and works by the way). He is one of my favorite artists of all time.

  4. That is really cool, I love it!!! I’m a big fan of vampires and stuff anyway but i seem to struggle to see the lady, i can see her but like i said i struggle to see her. anyway great picture and brilliant site. love it!!!

  5. This illusion was really difficult.I don’t know why, but it took me a long time to find the “buttoned-up” misstress. But as always, the obvious becomes obvious. Again, a good optical illusion.

  6. It took me forever to find the lady, and yet I still can’t see her that clearly. The face keeps getting in the way. Great illusion though.

  7. I don’t get it. I see something like a pair of legs at the bottom of the image but nothing else. I see a face in the eye I guess but that isn’t connected to the legs. Too small/far away.

  8. Illusions are all about assumptions, I think.
    The lady is a bit hard to see as a whole, but that is not my concern.

    I ask you all, thinking about assumptions, what is it that this face is called a vampire?

  9. Wow an awesome again–I can see the lady sitting there huh–cool—now Im also working on doing an optical illusion paintting hope that I will succeed ^_^

  10. While the art is beautiful, this is a stretch. To say the least. It feels like it’s an instance of just plain trying too hard.

  11. Sorry, first one I absolutely don’t get. I see the face in the eye, of course, and am guessing the left two fingers should be the legs, but can’t make out anything that looks a a body. Guess I need to plug in my imagination for a recharge.
    Keep ’em coming…..

  12. It took awhile but this is really cool if you look into the right eye you see a face and the everything kind of opens up from there

  13. Thank you Jimmy Lopez for the links, I could not really see this illusion,it must be the colouring on this page. Check out the “” version of the picture – all becomes very clear. Great illusion.

  14. Nice – actually have to concentrate to see it for the first time, the window in the background was the sticking point, once you see that, boom, it’s blatant.

  15. The woman on the window sill is a bit surrealistic. You were right, the widget looks entirely like a sinister woman’s face. Having seen it as a widget in the first place makes it difficult to see it the other way even when zoomed in to full screen.

  16. Although I can see the mistress the vampires face is far more dominant so I find it difficult to see her properly,still a good illusion though.

  17. I love illusions like this. This one is beautifully down.

    The woman sitting on the ledge is all wrapped up in fur. Might be easier to see if you just blocked off the left side of the illusion…

  18. I can see her legs and face and that fur coat but what’s the mouth of the vampire? I can’t see her body very well either.

  19. @NeeL
    I was about to say the same thing.
    There’s no reason that I can think of that makes this face a vampire. It’s just a face.

    And to repeat the obvious: how can that nose be an arm? And what can the lips possibly represent for the woman?

    Not a very good illusion in my opinion. Good painting, nice art, but not good as far as illusions go…

    1. @Rogier van der Helm
      The nose is not an arm, the nose is a part of her scarf.
      And the lips represent the woman´s purse.
      Not very perceptive of you, sweetheart.
      Maybe you had something else on your mind that day?
      I think it´s a very good illusion. You´re just too blind to see it.

  20. I see the vampire face clearly, but the mistress is harder. I do see her legs and her face with some fur underneath it, but it doesn’t make out a whole picture for me.

  21. the lady is wearing fur jacket with a hat,and skirt. the other eye however took me while to figure out that it was a trunk

  22. she is sitting in front of a doorway, her head is the vampires eye, and her legs are easy. Thank you for not using “chicks” this time.

  23. @Rogier van der Helm
    The nose is not an arm, the nose is a part of her fur scarf.
    And the lips represent the woman´s purse.
    Not very perceptive of you, sweetheart.
    Maybe you had something else on your mind that day?
    I think it´s a very good illusion. You´re just too blind to see it.

  24. It’s not a vampire, it’s Octavio Ocampo’s take on a famous picture of Marlene Dietrich. I can’t find the link to the exact photo, but her IMDB has a couple of pictures that are very close to it. I think they were taken at the same time.

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