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By on April 7, 2006, with 17 Comments

What’s the illusion here? The girl leaning her back and risking her life, or are the stairs simply done horizontally having no purpose except the artistic one? Do not take me for granted, but I favour the second solution.


17 Responses
  1. Me! says:

    You can tell its horizontal, cause her hair is nomal.

  2. cenic says:

    it looks like a set of artistic tables

  3. jkf says:

    If someone is going through the troulbe of holding her so she doesn’t fall, there is a good chance they also thought about securing her hair so it wouldn’t fall back behind her.

  4. Aronos says:

    I say painting. Think of it as a desk for a receptionist at an office. The “Staircase” that blocks your view of her waist and below is the top and front of the desk (which is painted of course). then just paint the wall around the desk and the one behind her.

  5. Kevin says:

    she want’s to suicide and she is ready to jump…….

  6. pioneer says:

    this is by far my favorit alusion! yup no dout about it!

  7. akshat says:

    clear morphing, u can tell by her hair.

  8. a nonny moose says:

    I say hair spray

  9. medin says:

    erm.. she wants to commit suicide?

  10. krazy77 says:

    i think that they used mirrors, to make it look really deep, but its actually only one wall, because all the shadows are the same

  11. vitamin lover says:

    the picture is quite small, so it’s really hard to find out the true. But i think the picture was modified.

  12. Anonymous says:

    part of windows for walls.

  13. Anonymous says:

    It does just look like a receptionists desk, but put in some mirrors.

  14. Simon says:

    actually its none of the above. if you look at her position and the floor of the stairs she is on the wrong side. it seems to me that she isnt standing on stairs to get it to look like that because it seems she is resting her arms on the ‘desk’ as people are seeing it. yet wouldnt the photo have to be taken from the bottom for her to be able to do that. unless she is on a ladder or such on the stairs going out over the edge.

  15. Stuart says:

    Hey your link to the image is broken, at least on my machine

  16. Mootsie says:

    That I dont know how u understand thatttt!!!!!!!!

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