Two Headed Cheetah Optical Illusion

When it comes to optical illusions, you never know what you are going to find.  Regardless of whether you are looking at pictures of animals, people or far off locations, the chance to see something amazing might be closer than you think.  For instance, the cheetah optical illusion picture below will have you looking at it twice to figure out what really is going on with the picture.  Upon first glance, you might wonder how the image is even possible.  Take a moment and see what you think about this ambiguous cheetahs illusion before we provide you with the solution.

How many heads do you see?  Does this one cheetah really have two heads?  Are these cheetahs conjoined?  Can you see how something so simple as a picture of natural wildlife can be so stunning and amazing at the same time? Cheetahs aren’t the only ones who can pull off an illusion like this.  The Panda Optical Illusion offers the same mind-blowing tricks that you see here, with a little different spin on things of course.

leopard optical illusion

Behind this endangered species is a beautiful picture that is waiting for you to figure out what really is going on with these two cheetahs.  Upon first glance, I thought the cheetah optical illusion was really a cheetah that had two heads for one body.  It looked like the one head was growing out the side of its neck.  Talk about freaky.  When you truly think about it, is that even possible?  In a world of mystery and illusion, anything is possible.

Not that I would ever want to meet up with a cheetah with two heads, but it could happen, right?  Who knows?  After sitting back and really looking at the picture, I determined that it was a matter of being in the right place at the right time that made this cheetah optical illusion possible.  Even though it might be a little difficult to tell at first, you can begin to determine where the cheetahs heads and bodies connect.

You can see that the one has its head turned to the side and the one that looks like it should be with the one sitting is the one whose head belongs to the one standing.  Pay close attention to the way the back fur is on the one and you will quickly identify where the cheetahs line up.  It takes a minute at first, but the intricate details in this stunning picture help bring it all together into one magnificent illusion.  Do you see where the individual cheetahs are?

It’s amazing how something as simple as timing and positioning can make something appear surreal.  For those who love animal optical illusions, make sure to check out some of the other amazing pieces we have.  Beyond this intricate cheetah optical illusion, you will find pandas, horses and many other creatures.  You never know what might be lurking in a picture or image that you look at, so make sure and look carefully to see what you might uncover.



3 Replies to “Two Headed Cheetah Optical Illusion”

  1. the one sitting has its head turned to the right the one standing has its head looking back. Is that correct? There is no 2 headed cheetah in this picture.

  2. Two headed cheetah? – that means one cheetah body would have no head doesn’t it?!
    It’s difficult to tell which head belongs to which body.

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