Twins Optical Illusion

How’s everyone doing out there today? I can tell you now that I certainly got lucky over the weekend. The rain held out long enough to allow me to take advantage of the weekend, but Monday it started to rain really hard. I was seriously worried that there may be a power outage in my area, but I was lucky and a power outage didn’t occur. Today, it doesn’t look like much is going to be different and it’s going to continue to rain quite a bit. I just hope mother nature gets it out of her system and graces me with another beautiful weekend to take advantage of this week.

I was checking out our Facebook page yesterday and I was going over the comments and messages that some of you have sent me. That’s when I found that one of our awesome readers had submitted an optical illusion to me to see if I would include it on the site. Of course, I’m always happy to receive user submitted illusions, so I’ve decided to put it up today. So, thanks to that user for submitting this illusion! You know who you are :).

Twins Optical Illusion


What did you think about this illusion? I definitely think it’s a cool effect and I’m glad a viewer took the time out of their day to submit an illusion to the site.

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12 Replies to “Twins Optical Illusion”

    1. If you look at the illusion in a different way, you’ll see that the girl on the left appears to be sitting sideways and she’s just looking over her own shoulder… Like, resting her head on her shoulder. At first glance, that’s what it looks like. Upon further inspection, you’ll see that the arm actually belongs to the girl in the middle and the girl on the left is actually sitting normally.

      Still have problems?

      Do this: Place your index finger on your computer screen between the two girls heads (the girls in the middle and on the left). Do this and you’ll see the illusion.

  1. Hmmm. I don’t see anything either. Is the illusion that they are not really twins? JK.

    But really sometimes it would be nice if you would post the answer the next day or something, because I do not think this is a real illusion. But if the answer were pointed out maybe I would be amazed.

  2. wait so the girl in the middle is leaning back on the girl who looks like she’s on the left. and the arm on the right is not the arm of the girl in the middle??? someone explain the limbs!!!

  3. I don’t think the illusion has anything to do with the arm. It doesn’t look at all like the arm belongs to the girl on the left to me.

    Overlay the two faces to see the real illusion.

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