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  1. I think the second illusion is too obvious, I don’t really manage to sea a cup in it, so I think the first one is better, although I hate horror.

  2. heh, took me a while to see that vampire one but I get it now! cleverly done. The LAst Crusade one was a bit more obvious though, however still enjoyable.

  3. i like the true blood one most…cause i am on a vampire trip^^ at the moment i saw the heads first:P…really nice!

  4. There’s actually another illusion in here. In the Idiana one (middle) the two guys’s faces seemingly move closer and closer giving the illusion that there about to kiss…

  5. If you, like me, had trouble finding the vampire, click on my name. It’s the same pic but with the vampire outlined in green.

  6. ok i normally get these… but i cant for the life of me see the vampire nor the old lady… clearly it is a blood stain but were is the vamp/old lady???

  7. Brilliant and much appreciated!

    Now,re: Anonymous #8-your opening remarks were quite nice- but you descended into snarkiness. I have no doubt that President Obama would thoroughly enjoy this site, ESPECIALLY the fact that it is created and maintained by a young man in Zagreb, Croatia. I wonder how good your proofreading skills would be in Croatian, hmmmm?

    To “looks like a waste of time painting Obama”, that statement is not relevant to the image; this is not a political forum.

    And to “While I do not agree with Obama’s politics” your expression is even-handed and fair, with appropriate praise for the art.

  8. I really loved these!!! but the first one for me was the best of them! i love vampires! xD
    love this site!!!

  9. when i first saw this, i immediately saw all those faces xD and before reading the info i was thinking ” what are we suppose to fund here ? all i can see is those two faces ( in picture one ) . am i suppose to see something else ? ” lol xD hahah
    i love the indiana jones one :)

  10. excelent! I love the True Blood one! I saw something at first and thought that was it, but it wasn’t. then I saw the vampire, then I found the girl, and I’m like “awesome!!”

  11. That second one is pointless BTW
    Call me sentamntal but i thougtht
    you had to find the illusions not just look at it and find it straight away i like the first one thougth its really SHARP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. OMG Vurdlak !!!!!! Hahaha it took me..15 min to get the vampire and the ladyy…i feel sort of stupid right now…i really really really i mean really loved it,,,i ike the difficult ones, it takes me time from my homework lol. Btw, are u taking the pills for focusing u talked about. Hope ur studyn hard.
    THANK YOU,you just made my day.

    Pia, from Long Island

  13. wow i like the vampire one best. i seen all the others right away but really had to look…. still couldnt find the people, then i backed up some and saw it right away.

  14. it’s actually almost impossible for me to focus on thge pic as a blood spatter first thing I saw was the girl and vamp I have to concentrate to see the blood lol

  15. Wow, at first I could only see the vampire and the lady. Also, did you notice? Turn the image sideways. (to the left) It’s another person!

  16. o my god i feel so stupid i was like “i dont see anything wtf!?
    then i saw that you had to rotate a couple things and then i saw it

  17. I was like, what the heck??!! I turned my laptop upside down and still couldn’t see it but finally I saw it lol!
    There are two faces, one is a vampire and the second is a woman. the blood spill separates the two faces. the thinnest part is around the vampires neck.

  18. Hey, i just noticed, the indianna jones one is an illusion if you look at the centre, it moves in and outi f you ‘wiggle’ your eyes.

  19. I found 3 faces In the first Image. Ones kissing the lady (made out of the blood) and the vampire as you stated is going to bite her neck :) very cool image :D

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