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By on July 17, 2009, with 61 Comments

Hmm, apparently you weren’t as enthusiastic as I was concerning my previous post. I don’t see why, but I’m an individual, and you are the deciding jury. Those rating stars keep me informed about your likes and dislikes, handy – ayeh? Probably you won’t adore this one neither, but let me tell you that if you stop for second, and think this through the illusion you see today isn’t so bad. It’s obvious, those kiwis are sliced in a way to show a ghost triangle. Our brain is trained to automatically recognize simple objects such as: spheres, triangles and similar. This is why you aren’t really surprised when your brain recognizes the missing triangle. Well, if the brain wasn’t so developed all we would see is 3 slices of kiwi, and some missing parts on them. Think about it. BTW, I’m thrilled that more and more logo pictures appear in our comment section. Also, I found an awesome “adultish” optical illusion for tomorrow… something simmilar to this. Stay tuned!

Triangle is Only in Your Mind

Illusive Triangle Optical Illusion


61 Responses
  1. Anomynous says:

    kiwi juice anyone?

  2. Somebodyalreadytookmynamesoimusingthis says:

    I dont get it

  3. David says:

    I like this one, so simple yet afective

  4. Care Bear says:

    I don’t care if the triangle is in my mind just as long as the kiwi fruit ends up in my salad. Mmmm.

  5. Hompis says:


  6. Anonymous says:

    Better than the last one.

  7. popesantaxiv says:

    This is a bit more creative. It actually made me pause and consider…

  8. Brian says:

    First post FTW! Cool

  9. Facebook User says:

    It’s so simple, yet so interesting! It really shows how complex the human brain is. I like it!

  10. Ilusion7884 says:


  11. Saahi says:

    HELL!!!! thats awesome!!!!
    wow, im tuned for the next one =]

  12. Nick says:

    Great one today.
    I like these, simple and effective.
    It took me a few seconds to recognise the triangle but once I looked closely it came to me. (always the simple ones get me)

  13. Libiom says:

    This is classic gestalt psychology, in which the total effect of an image is greater than the sum of its parts.

  14. Facebook User says:

    Yes, Triangle is just a construction of the brain.
    By the way, kiwis too :)

  15. I love it! I actually thought there was a triangle there when I first looked at it. You’re the best! Keep up the great work!!

  16. Joanna says:

    Simplicity is good.

  17. Bodhi Alarcon says:

    Heh, that’s cool

  18. Warfreak says:

    cool! first….

  19. Shannon says:

    That’s Cool!

  20. Geebs says:

    This was a good one :].
    I’ve always liked Illusions.

  21. Alicia says:

    So great!! so true!!!

  22. Nicholas says:

    Woot 1st comment!!!!I see three pacman in there.p.s AND A TRIANGLE!!

  23. Facebook User says:

    Well I don’t believe you assumed right Vurdlak, this one has nothing to do with yesterdays. First, it is such a beautiful picture and its amazing how the first thing I always see is a triangle even knowing there really isn’t any.

  24. MS says:

    It’s obvious.

  25. Jamontre Archie says:

    cool but not one of the best illusions

  26. LuckyMcPixie says:

    That was cute I liked it although it took me a min or two. Trying to figure out a puzzle at 2am maybe not the smartest idea…

  27. Tracy Losche Harder says:

    That’s pretty clever!! I like it!

  28. I love this one and I can’t wait for tomorrow’s illusion. Wonder what it’ll be…

  29. nick says:

    nice one! like it.

  30. dant says:

    that is so COOL!!!! first to post yippe!!

  31. Flor says:

    Kiwi looks good, lots of vitamin c:)

  32. josh says:

    cool i think it’s basic but quite interesting

  33. Fradley Garner says:

    Dear Mr. Vurdiak (is that your name?) -

    Re the three kiwis — the top and right-hand ones are partly shadowed, so the triangle is reinforced. Indeed we do see (perceive) it, as we also see three individual triangles if we view the three fruit slices singly. So what’s the big deal?

    Keep up your daily good work — your viewers enjoy it!

    Fradley Garner
    Charlottenlund, Denmark

  34. Fradley Garner says:

    I just submitted a comment – did it come through?


  35. Fradley Garner says:

    Awaiting moderation? What does that mean?
    I have to moderate it? fG

  36. gennia11 says:

    its 2 simple.

  37. :) says:

    Nice illusion! Isn’t psychology cool? First?

  38. Ilusion7884 says:

    Or no…..
    It’s cut.

  39. Maxlfaxl says:

    hey this is funny, first i thought somebody has put a triangle of paper over the fruits^^

    (Sorry for my bad english…)

  40. aimi says:

    this is so cool
    YAY first post

  41. jq says:

    I know this one!!! Its one of those psychological optical illusions!!! yay me!

  42. lisa says:

    hmmm… very simple illusion

  43. Crarteg says:

    not bad, not bad. it is kinda cool

  44. Pete Hat says:

    i like it, nice n simple and obviously not photoshopped.

  45. Spider says:

    Running out of good ones, Vurdlak? LOL… no, it’s okay, it’s just too simple, my opinion.

  46. Detective Kitty says:

    On the contrary, the simplicity of this illusion makes it much worthy for us, “the Jury” to adore. If anything the first thing you noticed would be the triangle but our well developed brains would in no time figure out the solution. Still I’m rating this a four out of five…

  47. A great simple Illusion :O)

  48. Dolphin says:

    I can make the triangle appear and dissapear. :D

  49. Sherk says:

    I disagree with the validity of the illusion.
    The area within the kiwis has been clearly whitened so that it stands out ; therefore, the triangle really does exist?
    If you set this up yourself on a consistently coloured surface, it wouldn’t be quite as effective!

  50. Stupid says:

    these kiwis are floating! haha

  51. the man says:

    yes i knwo the triangel is delicious eeee….
    i mean in my mind

  52. Anonymus says:

    * sarcasism * what triangle?! i dont see a triangle?! where is the triangle?!

  53. Lio says:

    I don’t see a triangle, I see pacman shaped kiwis :D

  54. Daniel Camargo Peres says:


  55. mimiunicornfude says:

    `wow really cool proves what you see isnt always there

  56. Jenny says:

    I think these ones are really good coz they are simple but really cool
    I love this website!
    I am constantly telling my friends about all these optical illusions

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