Transparent Arm Tattoo

Can’t decide if this should go to transparent screens or body art category, but what I am sure, is that this is one of the coolest arm tattoo’s I’ve ever seen. Not the best illusion, but the tattoo idea is great! Don’t believe I would paint this on my hand, though… It was submitted by Aaron Leon Christopher Sanders (cool name dude!), and Aaron wrote: “Not so much an illusion, but I think it works. I came across it checking out tattoo designs”. Also check: body paint illusion, as well as painted faces. I just found out this artwork was done by Greg Grease Lehman, webmaster of Tattoo’s from Grease.

35 Replies to “Transparent Arm Tattoo”

  1. I agree with Kalev who is going to keep there arm up like that all day? btw kalev means dog in hebrew idk if u know that or not but thats cool.

  2. It isn’t meant that you would hold up your arm all day.
    The point is that he has an instant masque to be Charles Manson on occasion…

  3. i think its really stupid tho. yah, the idea is cool. but his came out really bad. sry, but thats one of the worst on the site

  4. What a waste of money gettin that tattoo….must be a bit of a weirdo to have Mansons’ eyes inked on his fore-arm

  5. Funny CareBear and I agree with T something. In my opinion, don’t get tattoos…. when you’re in your 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 100s, you won’t want that stupid tattoo that you got when you were 20.

  6. Kalev
    November 15, 2006 at 10:16 pm
    Nice but how often are you going to hold your arm up like that

    With a tat like that i can bet its more than too often. :P

  7. What a waste of money having that tattooed on you, unless you plan to walk around like that-it must look ridiculous the rest of the time.

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