Tilted House Optical Illusion

So, how are you all enjoying the weekend? I’m telling you now that I’m absolutely loving this warm weather. It may not be a full-on summer heat wave, but I’m definitely pretty happy about it. As a matter of fact, I think I may go out later and grab myself a pina colada. Okay, I may not take things that far, but I’m still enjoying this great weather :D. How about you?

Today, I have a new optical illusion that I have to say is absolutely amazing. Someone send this in to me via e-mail and I’m more than happy to share it with the rest of you. As you’ll see in the image below, this is called the tilted house optical illusion for a reason. Apparently, these people live on a very steep incline. Check out the image below to see what I mean:

Tilted House Optical Illusion


Now, you can’t tell me that this isn’t an amazing optical illusion. I wish I had some pictures of the inside of this house. If anyone has any, you should totally submit them to me.

Are you ready for another really cool optical illusion? Check out this illusion and tell me if you think you’re looking at this woman’s eyelid or her eyeballs.

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  1. Great illusion from the picture. Look at the other rooflines and the horizon and you will realize the House is level, it is the street that slopes. The camera was merely adjusted to make the street look level.

  2. this one’s pretty easy
    the building is parallel to the horizon line — it’s the photograph that’s tilted. the clouds and the stairs on the sidewalk are the most easily visible cues.

  3. Take a look at the horizon line (where the sky meets the mountains) on the right side of the photo.

    The whole photo is tilted.

    If you orient the photo so that the horizon line is going straight across, the house is straight. The roof line is parallel to the horizon line. Therefore, If you dropped something inside the house, it would not slide down to one side of the room. Pictures of the inside of the house should not matter.

    The street is slanted. it seems as though the house was built on a steep hill.

  4. It’s interesting what a tilted camera will lead you to believe. If you look just past the shrubs, you’ll see the steps that lead you up the hill that this house in built into.

  5. immediately obvious what this is.check the horizon line on the right and the striations of the clouds. yaknowhadimean?

  6. This is just Photoshopped obviously. Plenty of houses are built on steep hills- and you cut out a level foundation so the house is still perfectly upright! There are no houses in the world that are build like the one pictured- either everything inside would be on a huge slope or the floors would have to weirdly be out of alignment with the floor and roof – which would waste space and make the windows and doors stupidly aligned.

    Also- the curtains are not hanging vertically.

  7. It’s interesting what illusions can be caused by tilting the camera. If you look just past the shrubs, you’ll see the steps in the sidewalk which lead up the hill that this house built into.

  8. House is normal, just built on a steep hill.
    Clues: shrubbery in front all lean to the left, pine tree tops behind the house on left side should go straight up, other roof and skyline on right side should be horizontal as well as the clouds, and the curtains in the window aren’t hanging vertically.

    1. I think I’d be afraid to park my car on this street. I’d always be paranoid that it would end up rolling down the hill even with the emergency brake on, lol.

  9. This is Baldwin Street and is right here in Dunedin New Zealand, it is the steepest residential street in the world.

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