Tiger Body Paint Optical Illusion

I’m glad to see you’re all starting up another week with MoIllusions. It’s Monday, we’re all getting back to work and I have no doubt that some of you out there may be a little bit bored. That’s okay, because I’m going to help the day go by just a little bit faster by posting up a new optical illusion.

Today’s optical illusion is a body paint optical illusion that is absolutely amazing. As you all know, I’m a pretty big fan of artistic illusions like body paint illusions, 3D chalk drawings, sketches, etc… Today, this one involves an amazing artist and multiple subjects. Are you ready to check it out and have your socks blown off by this amazing piece of art? If so, you can scroll down right now to check it out.

Tiger Body Art Optical Illusion

I don’t think anyone could argue that this is an amazing optical illusion. If I was the guy who did this, whom I’m assuming is the bald-headed gentleman looking over the girls, I would be so proud of myself. What an amazing piece of art!

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  1. He’s a great airbrush artist to be sure — but let’s hear it for the girls who have to hold that position for as long as it takes him to execute and photograph the project!

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