This Isn’t a Painting

Few months ago, way back in March, I showed you some incredible works by #Alexa Meade (whenever you see # in front of a word, it means it’s a tag linked to related stuff). Many of you couldn’t believe that her paintings were actually real life people, body-painted in such a way to look as an acrylic masterpiece. The illusion works best when you see the installation up-close. Just in case you don’t believe a word I’m saying, I’ve included few more photos shot from greater distance. Now wasn’t that nice of me…. ;)

AlexaMeade Body Paint Painting Optical Illusion 1
Alexa Meade Body Paint Painting Optical Illusion 2
Alexa Meade Body Paint Painting Optical Illusion 3

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  1. I am totally impressed! I did not believe it until I saw the 3rd picture, and even then I wasn’t sure what I was looking at wasn’t photo shopped. Great illusion! Keep up the great work! Thank you!!

  2. excellent! This illusion kind of reminded me of the old moillusions, the really classic ones. I don’t blame you though, one illusion daily, you’re bound to run out. Anyway, 10/10

  3. That is way too cool. It really does look like a painting. Excellent work. Definately an artist of great extenet.

    1. A Scanner Darkly was done like this. I started watching it late one night when I was really tired and my brain couldnt process Keanu Reeves and Robert Downey Jr. animated like that so I went to bed.

    2. Without a computer it would be nearly impossible to do a film. As the actors move the paint would have to constantly changed to convey the direction of light and shodow. Literaly each frame would be a repaint. imagine an animated film where each cell takes hours to paint onto a living canvas.

  4. usually i don’t take time to comment on something nice , but this one i really couldn’t resist.Its what they say Incredibly Awesome , cheers to the concept , if only matisse or vinci was alive to see this..

  5. It’s wonderful, yes, but Pageant of the Masters is a live theater event presenting this for many years….they have a live orchestra, set outside, and works of art “come to life” right before your eyes. Tix cost an arm AND a leg (painted in Rembrandt-style, of course!!), but worth every penny….Google it and you’ll get a glimpse of greatness!!

  6. I don’t think it’s very accurate to say “This is not a painting” Just as a reprint of a work of art is still a work of art, so to is a photo of a painted girl still done with paint. Sure she is a real girl in a real space but the “illusion” is done to make it look like a painting. it’s done with PAINT. This is not an illusion but a question of semantical technicality.

  7. cute idea, well executed, but not worth all the fuss, particularly because the “paintings” are not very good. Thus the “artist” has used a new technique to produce mediochre paintings . Great. To all these people here commenting on how it’s a master piece, I have one comment – get off the net and get some education and real experience in life, and until you know something, don’t comment.

  8. What is the point? We are going round full circle. Now we have a film winning Golden Globes award that mimics the old b&w soundless movies. Why prepare (great skill by the way) a real person to look like a painting?

  9. Just like they do for Laguna Beach’s “Pageant of the Masters”, which has been going on for years. You can tell that it’s a live woman if you look closely at the part in her hair. Bravo !

  10. it can be called a paiting… a painting done not necesarly on canvas or wood. but that to me is a painting… very cool thanks for sharing

    1. Kel, you just did nothing but lower your own image infront of everyone reading your comment.

      What was the point in that?

      If you think you have seen better, then why not constructively criticise instead of just trying to bring the artist down. As I said, you did nothing but bring yourself down.

  11. Wooooowwww.. I woulndn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen the last picture at the bottom attached… Amazing !!!

  12. Unpleasant subject matter, but brilliantly conceived! Would love to see it done recreating a lovely piece of Norman Rockwell-type Americana. Granted, his cleaner, more realistic style of painting might not lend itself well to this type of creation. If I hadn’t seen the wide shot of the gallery, the patron and the subject art, I might have had a hard time believing it was NOT a painting. Well done!

  13. This is so utterly pointless. Ok, the artist simulated BAD 70’s or 80’s art school paintings. Who needs more of that?

  14. Beautiful work of art. Makes you question your perception of reality and ask “what is art?”, which is what art should do.

  15. They do this every year in Laguna Beach, CA at the Pageant of the Masters in August. They put people into works of art, all sorts, from paintings, statues, fountains, and ceramics to silver bowls, painted tiles, etc. Great show! Give it a Google and see.

  16. I’ve seen this before. It shows the artist while she’s painting on the woman. It’s absolutely amazing and impressive. I have to give lots of credit to the artist.

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