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By on November 2, 2012, with 33 Comments

Imagine waking up, doing your morning hygiene, and while still being groggy going after your first morning cup of coffee. Just as you prepare to dunk your face right into the cup, going after that first morning zip – you see this! Whoaaa! I guess it would be the last thing you expected… even though there is some kind of connection. We’ve already seen coffee-bean owls before, but this one’s a first! I’m not exactly sure how the artist managed to pull it off, so if any of you could add more background info, feel free to do so!

Theres an Owl in My Coffee!


33 Responses
  1. cool guy says:

    EPIC ;-b

  2. bunnyface says:

    Its cool but I dont get the eyes
    what in coffie do you get that looks like
    eyes, sweetner?? NO
    then what???!!!

  3. Lindsey says:

    It’s photoshopped.

  4. Marie Mayer says:

    This is simple photo manipulation. If I had to guess, they started with the coffee and over-layed the owl onto the foam on top. There are functions in photoshop that allow you to blend the edges into each other rather easily.

    Impressive, yes.
    Hard, no.

  5. RobH says:

    Two Cheerios I think

  6. Annie says:

    It’s probably quite simple; they dropped the eyes into the coffee and took the photo very quickly :) I like this one !

  7. Wakener says:

    I work with Photoshop a lot in my own work, and while the artist *could* have used it, I’m not so hasty to jump on the “it’s photoshopped” train, particularly since part of the fun for some photoartists is NOT using the program for their special effects. I like the Cheerios theory, but I also thought it looked like some kind of hollow pasta stood on end with raisins stuffed in the centers, weighted down or glued to the bottom of the cup. The downy feathers could be caused by any number of things–a spot of cream, a flake of an Alka-seltzer tablet, what have you. And then, before shooting the photo, touching the corner of a paper towel that had been rubbed on some soap to the spots just above the pasta could clear the foam away for the eyes.

  8. z2d4th says:

    like…. the other said it’s photo manipulation.

  9. Shannon says:

    it’s tough but the eyes look like something was dropped on them the photo was taken

  10. voom04 says:

    It`s a cat looking into the cup

  11. voom04 says:

    possilbly upside down?

  12. voom04 says:

    Hey that`s cool, i just looked at it upsidedown (lol)

  13. 2*64 plc splitter says:

    Its cool but I dont get the eyes
    what in coffie do you get that looks like

  14. Beverly says:

    It looks to me like hot coffee with cream swirled in it and 2 cheerios for eyes. To the left of the right eye and up about 1/2 inch is a babies head. In the pupil of the right eye it looks like a person with a hat on.

  15. Beverly says:

    I ment pupil of the left eye looks like a person with a hat on.

  16. Phil says:

    I saw the photo a while ago, someone dropped 2 hula hoops into a cup of coffee and took a picture quickly as the hoops made a gap in the bubbles on the surface.

    (I don’t know if you hula hoops in other countries, but they are little tube shaped crisps from the UK: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hula_Hoops )

  17. Amy says:

    it’s called photoshop…

  18. jumba says:

    whats the yellow color on these eyes ?

  19. R M Booker says:

    however, this is a very good one – but, as I love owls above all other birds, it would certainly stop me drinking my coffee!

  20. Bert says:

    Have you never made a pair of vortices by swiftly stirring across the centre of the mug?

  21. Catie says:

    I’ve done something quite similar before. The face was made with cream/sweetener, and the eyes are edible straws. I have made a cat before haha.

  22. hannah says:

    It is definitely two Hula Hoops. The image was in the UK press a few weeks ago, and the artist explained the image. It is beautiful.

  23. STRETCH97 says:

    F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C!!!!!!! IT’S A GREAT ONE…

  24. erin8ball says:

    i like it!

  25. Hashim says:

    very cool, it luks like an owl sitting in the cup……….. brilliant work………. what ever or however done, its well-done……..

  26. Gilly T says:

    I saw this in my daily newspaper & the guy who did it said that he had dropped his sugar into the coffee and it left two holes in the froth so he took a photo of it and added the eyes himself to make it look like an owl…excellent :-)

  27. rabbit says:

    all you do is get a pic of coffee and a pic of an owl and there is a way of getting the images to blend with the photoshop tech.

  28. Creole says:

    I love this photo.Owls are my favorite

  29. Alyx says:

    Not cheerios, those are much thicker. I think they’re plastic animal eyes that you can get at the craft store. The foam is just a coffee/cream foam. I think the photographer arranged the foam into the owl shape, dropped in the plastic animal eyes, and snapped the picture just as they floated back up to the surface. Likely was tricky, took him a few tries, and careful timing. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that coffee might be cold, haha.

    • Abisso says:

      I totally agree… it looks pretty incredible that this effect took place by chance. To the point I don’t think it did. Maybe those are really snacks, but the photo is almost certainly been staged.

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