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By on December 28, 2012, with 8 Comments

Let me tell you a little secret, one I already hinted in my earlier article – I wrote this post on Christmas where I also attached a timer to it, so that it auto-publishes while I’m still away enjoying my vacation. I always considered this similar to cheating, so to ease my guilt let me at least say it out loud. I just hope you’ll find the attached vintage card illusory enough to tolerate what I just did ;) So, have you found the circle below “squarish” enough to see it as some sort of heavily rounded-rectangle? Supposedly the inner squares make it appear this way…

The Square Circle Optical IllusionHow about if we remove both squares from within the circle – does the circle appear perfect this time round? I think it does. Wouldn’t you agree?

The Square Circle Optical Illusion


8 Responses
  1. Marissa T. says:

    I think that it sucks!!!! And you people need to get a life!!!!

  2. Petraller says:

    It looks perfect both ways :P

  3. John says:

    Actually, from cutting and pasting and comparing to the an actual circle, it IS slightly ‘square’. Very subtle, but where the square connects with the circle, the “circle” is about 1 to 2 px inside an actual circle. It’s most obvious at the very top where it dips just a little. Sure, it looks more squarish than it really is, but it’s also not really round either.

    • Craig says:

      Wow, did people wake up on wrong side of the bed this week?
      So what if it is one or two PIXELS off, It is a scanned image of an OLD poatcard.

      If you notice.. a ROUND item or cutout was placed on or removed to prove the point.

      PLEASE start your new year off on a better more POSITIVE and less critical foot.
      Thanks and have a Safe and Happy NEW YEAR.

  4. The Doctor says:

    does the circle appear perfect this time “round”? hahaha, Vurdlack, you’re so funny!

  5. Juan Luis says:

    This is the originak source of this illusion: http://www.flickr.com/photos/museo_ilusionario/6072891161/in/set-72157627384434757

    Please, write the link of the source! Regards.

  6. Red says:

    The circle still looks kinda ovalish, making me think that it’s been that way… So…. It’s either my eyes are screwed up or something….. LOL… It’s been a squarish circle, but in your mind (just guessing) it’s a circle. Your mind does a lot of strange things.

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