The Invisible Jockey

Here’s another “spot the object” card titled The Invisible Jockey. I’d explain in detail what you need to do this time, if the title weren’t so damn revealing. So, can you find him? How long did it take before you could spot the jockey? Any additional info on origins of this #vintage card are more than welcome! Happy hunting.

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  1. dude you are the best person ever im only 12 and i go to your page everday any way i couldnt see much of a jockey but i do see something in the middle

    1. Same here!
      Exept I found him. He is only a head and faceing upwards at the base of the mane next to the saddle.
      This is a pretty good illusion.

  2. i see it. the kid chasing the horse and holding the tail is actually a kid masturbating. But I see no jockey, unless you spell it juckie.

    C’mon and give the answer. This is the worst web-site ever.

  3. FINALLY ! Finally I see him ! I have known of this puzzle for many years & have NEVER been able to see it.

    Tonya; turn the picture sideways, so that the horse is facing upwards ! I can see him now without doing this, but it may make it easier. It’s so annoying when everyone can see this but you.

  4. I couldnt see him at first, i was looking everywhere for a full jockey of the correct size, but i switched my train of thought and suddently there he was, and now i cant NOT see him!! He is a oversized head only (as far as i can tell) and he is made up of the horses shoulder, mane and the saddle is his hat, he is a portly guy with big mutton chops!!

  5. Can we assume there are two faces?

    One looking up, at the right side of the saddle, and the saddle itself seems to be the men’s hat.

    The second one to the left of the saddle, sort of looking downward. Not as elaborated as the first face, but it was the first one I noticed though.

    What you think?

  6. Always love the “spot the picture” illusions, but not a fan of this one! Saying that there is a hidden jockey sort of indicates that you would see an entire person, possibly in jockey gear. But all I see is that face, which could be the face of anybody. So in conclusion, if this were titled “FACE HIDDEN IN A HORSE,” I would have no complaints. :-)

  7. There are 3 heads. Two of them earlier mentioned. The third one find you on the rigth thigh of the horse. Lay down your
    head to the left side and you’ll see it.

  8. Dave you’re right! That does work! Kinda weird. I see three faces. The two mentioned earlier and one above the horse’s right front leg. Its facing down and left and laughing :) man with the hat must be the “jockey”. The other two must be decoys.

  9. Dave, it works and I think you are the only one who is right…there is definately a face at the bottom of the mane but it does say find the ‘jockey’ after all.

  10. It took us several days to find it.. but when we saw it, we are very proud of ourselves… that was so very impressive…
    Only creative and diligent person can spot the jockey, and so we are….^^

  11. I don’t get it why u ppl referred a mere side-face as the invisible jockey? Even with the internet nowadays, wrong info are shared. There’s no correct solution to be found.
    I think the best way to solve this puzzle is to treat it like the “glowing light bulb” puzzle where we should:
    -stare at the person at the back of the horse for a long time
    -then look at the place where a jockey should be on a horse
    only then we can see the outline of an “INVISIBLE jockey”, hopefully.
    But I guess it’s better done with dark clothed jockey and a white horse.

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