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By on September 5, 2011, with 40 Comments

I see some you have asked whether I have resigned from maintaining this blog, and whether Jill has been assigned as new editor in chief. Whether you like it or not I’m here to stay! It’s just that I was too busy over the last few days organizing a sport tournament, so didn’t have much time to work on new posts. This was only temporarily and this is why Jill’s work has dominated over the last couple of days. Everything should return to normal from now on, as my vacation is over and I’m back to business :D What could be better to start my shift with, other than new works of Milan-based artist Guido Daniele. Guido has created some gorgeous and fresh trompe l’oeil hand art! You’ve probably seen some of his early work on this site before, as well as ad campaigns he worked on! Hope you’ll enjoy these… For more samples, be sure to visit Guido’s official homepage.

The Hand Art of Guido Daniele
The Hand Art of Guido Daniele
The Hand Art of Guido Daniele
The Hand Art of Guido Daniele
The Hand Art of Guido Daniele
The Hand Art of Guido Daniele
The Hand Art of Guido Daniele
The Hand Art of Guido Daniele


40 Responses
  1. josephine says:


  2. wii dvd says:

    WOW, Nice artwork, I could never paint at school, amazing

  3. JMAN12 says:

    The antelope one freaked me out!! ;(

  4. cameron m says:


  5. Danielle says:

    This is unbelievably awesome.

  6. wertyuiop says:

    this is awesome

  7. wertyuiop says:


  8. me123987645 says:


  9. eee efff geee says:

    amazing the deer one is crazy and i like the fish

  10. imnottellingyoumyname says:

    cool! first two i could tell were hands because i saw fingernails, but the others, SOOO REALISTIC!

  11. Stanley says:

    That’s like too cool. Loved it.

  12. Becki says:

    Takes some imagination to make hands look like animals. And they are SO realistic!

  13. a self says:

    took several second looks.

  14. Rick says:

    those r freakin cool !

  15. brad says:

    Hah, omg, that’s all really cool! =D

  16. Wendy says:

    Awesome :)!!!!

  17. Becky says:

    Y cant my hand be like that

  18. jack bowden says:

    th best i’ve seen in a while

  19. Moogambiga says:

    this is unbelievable,mind blowing …………………………

  20. Cool Knives says:

    wow wow wow, these pictures of Guido Daniele’s painted hands are truely amazing, vivid and creative!

  21. SomeRandomPerson says:


  22. Anonymus says:

    what happened to his arm hair?? is he supposed to have arm hair? LOL

  23. Whydoyouwanttoknowmyname says:

    That takes skills…

  24. eee efff geee says:

    :This Comment was DELETED because The user couldn’t Express HIS(or)HER feelings about this Illusion.

  25. LD says:

    Man, those are awesome!

  26. Maakus says:

    This is “Body-painting” at it´s best. Great work.

  27. me123987645 says:

    i really really like this

  28. Dan says:

    Amazing! Do you think anybody could do it better?

  29. annaj:) says:

    whoa!!!!!!! that is so SWEETNESS!!!!!!! i luv it luv it luv it!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Wole says:

    Amazing….!Perfect attention to detail.:-)

  31. miracle albario says:

    that was so amazing!!! cool!!!!

  32. Shem says:

    Totally blew my mind!
    I Love It!
    Cool Artworks!

  33. Niru Sasha says:

    superb outstanding work :)

  34. artsy girl says:

    the cheetah and the puma are best.

  35. Sarcasm says:

    It’s a MOOSE people, trust me, I read an article about these pictures in a magazine. (It took a lot of fingers to make the grass.)

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