The Dinosaur Project Teaser

Here’s a teaser poster for an upcoming movie titled The Dinosaur Project. It was submitted to us by regular fan of ours, who noticed that there is much more than meets the eye at first. I haven’t heard of, nor have I seen this movie before, but what I did notice is the illusion hidden inside its poster!

Seeing the original-sized print, you might miss the dinosaur head at first, while on the other hand – looking at the small thumbnail provided on your right, you might miss seeing the motive head is consisted from!

So what did you see at first? Dinosaur head, or group of people wandering through the woods? Be sure to check our #posters tag for more awesome illusory movie posters!

PS Thanks for all the support! Without all your emails, submissions and encouragement I would loose my enthusiasm for this site long time ago…

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  1. To see a few more painted illusions, check out this video from V-Sauce which refers to “combos” in the work of Tang Yau Hoong (starts at 3:45)

  2. At first I saw a swan. It’s the dinosaur head sideways. The trees can be seen in the background outlining the dinosaurs head. And what are they walking on? A fallen tree.

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