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By on June 18, 2013, with 78 Comments

You asked for another test for your brain so we delivered what you want! Here is another intriguing #test for only the sharp minded that can step up to the challenge. Review the reading card below, and see if you can spot the mind illusion. It’s actually a very simple test, so we don’t provide any hints. If you think you got it – check the solution and see if you were correct! By the way we’re ecstatic that you liked our previous “Single Photo Illusion“, we believe it was amazingly optical as well! If you think you’re mind is sharp enough to solve this illusion stay tuned for more daily tests, illusions, and brain teasers.

Sharp Minded Tests


78 Responses
  1. DarkChaos says:

    Noticed straight away ;)

  2. Hypersapien says:

    “the” and “you” at the end of the second and fourth lines are both repeated at the beginning of the next line.

    I got it on the first read-through.

  3. Elias says:

    Noticed already :D

  4. Gordo says:

    Noticed what was incorrect right away but from the description I was looking for an illusion so I continued to look for an (what turns out was a non existent) illusion.

  5. yimmer says:

    I didn’t notice anything in
    in the quote that was
    was unusual. Huh.

  6. Anonymous Pagan says:

    Same as DarkChaos.

    I’m a Pagan, that is true, add this to your comment if you are too!

  7. Shooter says:

    What’s the the trick?

  8. azog says:

    Had to peek at the the answer >.<

  9. Clivey Walshy says:

    seen similar before – have YOU seen this on THE internet?

  10. Beth Derrick says:

    You you may not notice simple mistakes. You was used twice.

  11. Halidom says:

    Stands out like a sore thumb. Never have figured out why sore thumbs stand out.

  12. ChrisChaos says:

    Me too Bro’

  13. sindy006681 says:

    I read it twice and
    and spotted it
    straight away!!!! :D

  14. Dave says:

    It’s like counting the letter “f” in a similar challenge.

    1. Our midns are so shrap that we mantelly corrcet misatkes without even noticing them.

    However, if we use the wrong words, it is much more noticable.

    2. Are minds our sew sharp that wee sea the incorrect use of words quickly.

    If we try to “sound out” the first sentence as a beginning reader would, it becomes difficult to understand. “Sounding out” the second sentence gives the beginning reader no problem, but the one who sees words as concepts vice sounds has to slow down and re-read it a time or two.

  15. Liz Mackinnon says:

    First illusion – paper appears to be floating. “The” x2. Also “you” ×2. Also “you” after a period, full stop, should have been uppercase.

  16. Yorg says:

    Extremely easy, it cannot be a test…

  17. nelson says:

    the-the, you-you.
    Stood out like a sore thumb!

  18. Colleen says:

    the the

  19. Josh says:

    So the solution is the image itself…?

    I think I spotted the errors, but the solution isn’t exactly helpful.

  20. Guru says:

    It has the word you 2x

  21. bfenti says:

    Gesus my mnid was not sahrp egnouh !


  23. Cleo Rhea says:

    I noticed it too, but only after re-reading it. Our brains are programmed to ignore that especially the placing of it. Cool to see anhoo :D

  24. Kiwibot says:

    I’m used to proofing artwork, so picked it up immediately.

  25. z2d4th says:

    it’s a typo error illusion.

  26. Manpreet says:

    “The” is repeated

  27. Zenbot says:

    We studeed somthing simlar to this in a language thery curse I took in witch you can steel make cents of massages like deez dspite my lack of sperling. Its not so phenomenal now that txting is so cummon.

    • Zenbot says:

      The human brain will fill in the ______ despite what our eyes see. In this case we can overlook certain repeated words because we know the repeated words don’t follow the natural rhythms of speech/writing, which are essentially muscle memory for native speakers.

  28. eric says:

    sharped minded… im drunk and stoned and i got that right away

  29. Mike says:

    I noticed it on the first read-through, but mostly because I’ve seen the joke before and knew what to expect.

  30. jennyspark says:

    Noticed as soon as i read it.

  31. Annie says:

    Er…er…I have seen variations on this one before :D

  32. Shireesh says:

    Two ‘the’s in the second sentence. Two ‘you’s in the third.

  33. kawodi says:

    simple, too simple…

  34. Janmanni says:

    That was a bit scary. I guess I have to sharpen my mind. :)

  35. Kairho says:

    Too easy … especially since this classic has been going around, almost everywhere, for years.

  36. im a genus says:

    I noticed faster than everyone i just fogot to cement write away

  37. Nosa says:

    I am defiantly sharp minded the the you you

  38. Dave Bergfelder says:

    I’ve seen enough of these kind of things to know what to watch for

  39. MM says:

    There’s 2 “the”s!

  40. Pygormus says:

    This one is is classic.

  41. Jim says:

    Well I looked at this
    this post for ages
    but couldn’t notice what
    what was going on.

  42. Paul says:

    the the
    you you

  43. Michel says:

    Double THE and YOU

  44. me says:

    noticed it

  45. Pam says:

    Before this disappears would someone please point out what my mind is too sharp to see?

  46. Unknown Hacker says:

    I wish some people would just quite stuttering,

  47. iDigit says:

    Read this aloud and imediately stopped at the double take ….

  48. gloriarr says:

    Like it it!!

  49. Martin says:

    This is why I suck at proofreading…

  50. hanna says:

    I noticed the double “you” but not the double “the”

  51. rozziewoo says:

    ha! didn’t realize at first, but the closer i looked i found it!!! sooooooooooooo cool!

  52. cal says:

    what is the the mistake

  53. STR e t C H says:

    what T H E heck is this ball about?

  54. Renee says:


  55. Time for adventure says:

    there are two “you”‘s and even the the shapest mind can be fooled. :P

  56. Time for adventure says:


  57. Booskabouter says:

    how many”did you notice?

  58. Synco says:

    “the the” and “you you”

  59. Owen Gao says:

    Their are two “the”s and two “you’s”

  60. DavidVas says:

    Same. Noticed it as soon as I started to focus on it

  61. Mr Munings says:

    the the
    and and

  62. usk15 says:

    yep, got it!

    there are double “the” and “you”

  63. timbo says:

    It’s a piece of of cake.

  64. Dave says:

    I well remember this type of illusion from 50 years ago.

  65. AnimeLover says:

    I was actually looking at the angle of the paper—I had to read it a few time to see what the illusion actually was. :p

  66. jacke18 says:

    An old one, but a good o…actually no, not even a good one.

  67. Stanley field says:

    Two yous. Two. Thes

  68. Akire says:

    Easy: Two ‘the’ two ‘you’. saw this trick before.

  69. anomynous says:

    i got it straight away…pips!!

  70. Santiago Gómez says:

    The, the and You, You are two times

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