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  1. Wow, I was sure that it was some weird monitor-aspect-ratio-trick thing, but I got a ruler out, and measured it, on the monitor, and they’re the same (within 1/16th of an inch)

  2. Wow i printe dit and it actually came out right, i love all the pictures you’ve placed on your website it makes you think what is real out there and i love the way it really plays with your mind.

  3. Just WOW… I can usually see right through this sort of illusion, but this one has me beat. I can’t believe it…

    I can just barely see it if I start covering the legs, but it still looks as if they’re different.

  4. It would be considerate of you to credit the people whose hard work you copy here on this site. In this instance, the person is Roger Shepard of Stanford University, who first published this illusion in 1981 in his chapter in the book, “Perceptual Organization.”

  5. Can’t believe this little gem has not been commented n in nearly 2 years…
    What other gems does the internet hold I wonder??
    Great collection BTW
    Class certainly stands the tests of time |)

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