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By on September 17, 2006, with 62 Comments

Paul Parkus, author of these two images, submitted them yesterday. Funny part is that when I received them, I thought to my self “Well, nice pictures Paul, but how in the wolrd are they illusions? The first one is only nice looking oil painting and the other is, well, impressive photoshop work”. Later that day Paul replyed with an explanation, and only then I was amazed! To give you a hint, try tilting your head to the right when looking the paintng below. Do you see it? For the other one (inside this post), you see it for yourself! Thanks Paul for this amazing submission! If you like this author’s work, be sure to visit parkus.com!

Surreal World by Paul Parkus
Surreal World by Paul Parkus


62 Responses
  1. ryan the child says:

    i dont see it. help!

  2. endboss says:

    I don’t get the second one…
    the first one is cool though!

  3. Coll kat says:

    That was cool

  4. me says:

    the first one is a face but i dont get the second one

  5. little cipelic says:

    i dont get the second picture!..and about the first, i saw the face first and than the people in the boat…but its a very dark picture…

  6. cb says:

    Whose the guy in the first painting?

  7. BB says:

    i dont get it either

  8. Neel says:

    WOW that was cool. I had to rotate the whole picture before I got it. I dont get the second one though.

  9. katie says:

    hmmm all i see in the first one is a face, even before i tilt my head… what else is it supposed to be. and then the second one, its an amazing picture but whats the illusion??

  10. Skyjersey says:

    its… a man’s head stuck on a wall… lol

  11. Andantonius says:

    I don’t get it at all, can somebody help me?

  12. Andantonius says:

    I can’t see anything. How do I do it??

  13. Eshita says:

    Need explanation. What is it?

  14. A Person That You Don't Know says:

    Ok, so are we just supposed to see the one weird things in the second picture or is there actually something hidden?

  15. Kai says:

    The first one is cool! If you look at it straight, you see what looks to be a boat with people in it. The man on he right looks he is playing a sax or smoking a pipe. Then if you tilt your head to the right (I had to do it all the way), then you see a face. Amazing!

    The second picture looks like a play on water. In the cube, on the left, you see the head going into the water. On the right, you see the part thats in the water. On the outside, you see hands going under water with their reflections from the surface. The child is reflected al over the place. Interesting pic, but not as god as the first IMHO.

  16. RandomGuy says:

    the second one is a kind of mirrored world where if i take the hand at the top as and example, you can see both the inside and outside of them. the face and chest on the right middle are the back and shoulders of the guy on the left middle. hope that clears it up. i think it looks awesome, dont get the point of the little fairy things tho?!

  17. The Big Lebowski says:

    To Andantonius regarding “how to do it”

    First, you find a willing female, take her to dinner, then perhaps a show. Next, take her to a secluded romantic setting… undress (be sure to use protection) then refer to the Karma Sutra for further instructions on “how you do it”

    Hope this helps!!

  18. Mike says:

    For the first one. Back away from the screen, tilt your head to the right and squint. Yo should see the face that takes up the whole middle of the screen.

    When somebody fihures out the second one let everyone know. I printed it out. Tried to rotate it, look at it from an angle, etc. Nothing!

  19. Robb says:

    The first one is cool. The second one is views from above and below a pool of water that he’s putting his face and hands in. It’s neat, but I don’t understand the whole cherub pattern. Perhaps it is the design of a fountain.

  20. Lilive says:

    Nothing to see with the second one !!!

  21. bob says:

    for those hu dnt see nefng n da frst pic. wht u do right click on th picture then clck on save picture as..then save it afta that right clck on the picture agn nd dis tym clck on go to my pictures. then rught clck on the pic nd clck on preview nd try rotating the pic dere. it sound lng bt its alt easier wen u do it…..wlll u cn o dat or u can jus rotate u r monitor……..nd abt da the second it ain an illusion its MEANT TO BE a cool picture!!!!!

  22. Andantonius says:

    I still can’t see anything? *sniff* :*( Could anyone maybe outline the area the face is in to help?

  23. Frappo says:

    Wow, bob. That was the hardest to read and most retarded paragraph I’ve read in months.

  24. The Big Lebowski says:

    Hey Frappo… Regarding bobs’ inability to communicate beyond that of a 3rd grader…
    we shouldn’t make fun of the mentally challanged. Instead, lets refer him to some helpful literature. I recommend the following:

    Where’s Waldo, versions 1, 3 and 5. 2 and 4 are a bit advanced.
    The Cat in The Hat
    The Adventures of Jack and Jill
    Baby’s first book of ABC’s

    This should get him off to a great start.

    What do ya think?

  25. dave says:

    the boat in the first picture is a dark outline on the face. there are two people… one is the shadow under the eye, one is the shadow under the nose. the mouth is a ladder

  26. NotTellingYou says:

    Ok, let’s see if this helps:
    The first picture is supposed to be people rowing a boat arcross the water. The person at the prow of the boat forms the eye. The other person sitting farther back forms the nose (look at it tilted 90 degrees to the left).

    The second picture isn’t a true iluusion. The second picture only represents a surreal world. Don’t try too hard to see an ilusion in it.

    Ok, hope it helps. Oh, and love this website.

  27. me says:

    The first pic is also a landscape if you rotate it 180deg. You see a tree on top of the hill and some clouds on the far left.

    But i cant get that face now out of my head. Arg,,,

  28. Tiny says:

    With the first one, what you see straight away is people in a boat. Then, turn your head to the right and you will see a face. Finally, turn the picture, (or yuor head) upside down and you will see another landscape with some hills and some sort of animal.

  29. person says:

    i dont get tha 2nd 1

  30. Manda says:

    wow there is just somethin about them that makes them simply beautiful

  31. Tori says:

    wow i thought that the first pic was a guy rowing and if you turned it, it was a island over water.

  32. tayba says:

    Why’s everyone taking the piss out of bob? Lol, he tried his best to be non-dyslexic with the keyboard but it didn’t pay off…
    Anyway, back to the pic – they’re both cool. First one (if you look straight ahead at it) is a boat with people on it, but if you tilt your head 180~ degrees to the right, its a face.
    The second one is portraying the face of a man who has dipped his face into water, and the hands are the reflection including the little child at the top.
    And you would’ve never guessed that I’m only 15! Hehe i love saying this bit! Lol visit my site! leave a comment

  33. Anonymous says:

    On the right side of the cube, you can see the man’s nose and mouth portraying outward. Since on the left, his whole face was emerging into the cube.

  34. Anonymous says:

    if u turn it upside down it looks like a hill i could only see it cause i turned my laptop upside-down.
    (theres a cool lil cow on the hil too lmao)

  35. fcvuitr9684y7ger89054085hytodjef says:

    How do some peoples not under stand this??? It’s so easy! I found it in about 3 minutes! The first one is a face a the second is people in water!

  36. Teh_Pwn4Ge says:

    I don’t understand the first one. All I see is a sideways face. Is that supposed to be the illusion part?

  37. bliblabla says:


  38. Anonymous says:

    in da second dere is a tree next to da face

  39. Anonymous says:

    Da second one looks a bit like somebody reading a book in da water. Can u see da head over da cube? Think about it and u might see wat i see. But i dunno watr these babies doing all over da pic….

  40. underrated says:

    don’t know about the 2nd pic, but the first pic’s made up of several illusions. there’s that saxophone guy, forming part of the eye of the “face”. the “teeth” of the “face” is pretty creepy. evil lady?

  41. underrated says:

    ooh, now i get the 2nd one. had to take a few mins to figure it out. the pics made of mirror illusions of the guy, baby and hand right?

  42. Anonymous says:

    the first one still scares me after looking at it fer like a hundred times
    i wonder why the guy look so mad
    i love the whole boat thing though
    when i got the face out of the picture, it freaked me out
    and then when i found out where the hair was
    it freaked me out even more
    the second one’s pretty cool
    i wonder if there’s any meaning to that
    i love the man sinking his face in the water
    and what’s up with the baby?
    what’s it mean?
    again, the first one freaks me outtt!

  43. Anonymous says:

    Ohhh I get it cool!! Lol soz peoples but Kai explained it the best =P
    Thanks Kai =)
    The Face in the First illusion is kinda scary tho…. well to me it is =/

  44. Anonymous says:

    I got the 2nd one finally!
    Look at the side of the box. There is a head of some african-looking kid straight there, even though part of his face goes into the box.
    Was I the 1st one to see it? :)

  45. Nimfoodle says:

    your all silly billys! the last one is surrealism! you arent supposed to get it! its just amazing to look at!

  46. cunger2@live.com says:

    it looks like a mermen and like atlantis from far away

  47. Anonymous says:

    thx kai…now i see it too ^^ in BOTH pictures!

  48. Anonymous says:

    the first one is some ppl coming out of a canoe i dun get the second one…

  49. jose says:

    at first there is someone standing on the nose of the face near the right eye with a trumpet or something like !………… and two more people behind the Trumpeter, a virgin and a shadow of someone !

  50. Anonymous says:

    The 2nd picture is a guy submerging his head into the water and then next to it is a picture of it from under the water!!! =D

  51. Westley says:

    The first oil painting on the mans face turn into two people sitting on a canoe boat, with another person playing the Saxaphone.

  52. cuiling says:

    the first is quite scary..

  53. Deb says:

    Is the second supposed to be an illusion or is it just a surreal design?

  54. Whitney says:

    i dont get it

  55. Dhesyca says:

    The first is a face when you tilt your head to the right, just like Westley said. The second one, according to the blogger, IS an illusion but I’m still trying to figure it out.

  56. juukkee says:

    i dont get da shit either

  57. mike says:

    i see it in the second picture he is putting his face in a block but in the first picture its showing his face through the cave wall

  58. Suor de Sapo says:

    In the first I saw the face before the boat. Was supposed to be in that order? Wouldn’t be better show the picture as a face rotating 90 degrees left in first place?

  59. green penguins says:

    the first one scares meh

  60. STRETCH97 says:


  61. Elisha says:

    I see the people in the first photo when I tilt my head but the second one is a little more interesting!

  62. Dedge says:

    Pondering to thy self… This is “what will” happen if I burst my baby bubble!

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