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By on May 16, 2006, with 18 Comments

I was honored to receive an email from true artist such as David Dory, who creates amazing drawings like these. David sent us these wonderfull examples of his art. I’m thrilled and don’t know what to say, except thanks a bunch! These are just a drop in an ocean of his whole collection. Be sure to visit David’s Galleries for more!

Surreal Illusions by David Dory

Title: “Exit”
Prints Hand Signed By David Dory

Surreal Illusions by David Dory

Title: “Fire Escape”
Prints Hand Signed By David Dory

Surreal Illusions by David Dory

Title: “Over and Under”
Prints Hand Signed By David Dory


18 Responses
  1. lestud says:

    Love the clean illustration style, this guy is great, old illusions with new concepts…

  2. Dataceptionist says:

    Sort of reminds you of lemmings!

  3. Raphas says:

    Very nice and clean I love it !
    Your site rocks I hope you keep on coming up with new illusions

  4. Annerz says:

    its so cool how he has all these ideas in his mind

  5. Hai says:

    these pictures make my head hurt

  6. Nachos Yummy says:

    AWSOME! i like this david guy!

  7. Pandas says:

    that is just so confusing

  8. meeow =^_^= says:

    wicked nice

  9. MMM says:

    ok… that’s weird…
    (i like the little guys)

  10. gebk ghsvkuip says:

    azvsucmiq zvocge hkzxb mkbe yvtdcwaom mcvjhud hvnyzgmc

  11. loser says:

    i love the little men!!!!
    they’er sooo cute!!!!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Yes I love the clean illustration style too. The little men are soo cute!

  13. Erin says:

    have u guys ever looked at these wen ur wasted or stoned. i never have but i wonder what it would look like. anyway, im 2 tired to understand these. bye peeps

  14. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Dory, you are one great artist!

  15. i only get da 3rd 1…….

  16. sebasaristi says:

    C’mon! Does any of you just read??? M.C. Escher!!! Google it… Long Time Ago!

  17. hannah says:

    i dont get them..they seem brilliant though :s

  18. Jennifer says:

    To think I’ve had prints of these hanging on my bedroom wall for years. I love my daddy’s work :D

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