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By on October 7, 2011, with 60 Comments

The world stopped for a moment when Apple announced the passing of their beloved co-founder and chairman of the board, Steve Jobs. Perfectionist we all know Steve was, he’ll surely be missed by many – including myself. This sad event triggered an unstoppable flow of tributes coming from all corners of the world. One such touching tribute, simply named Thanks, Steve was created by Jonathan Mak Long, a 19-year-old designer from Hong Kong. Simple as is, Jonathan’s altered corporate logo depicts Jobs’ face replacing apple-bite (byte ;D) present in Apple’s logo. What do you think of it? I loved the simplicity and atmosphere Jonathan managed to transfer via his tribute to the man who enriched our lives in one way or the other.

Steve Jobs Inside Apple Logo


60 Responses
  1. Julie says:

    Hurray!!! Good for Johnathon Mak Long!!! I think it’s such a tribute. Maybe he (Mr. Mak Long) could submit it to the CEO’s of Apple. I’m sure it is a great honor to represent Steve Jobs in such a PERFECT way. Such like you would give “an apple to the teacher!” Am I dating myself there? Anyway.. Hurray!

  2. Eon.Vain says:

    1st one!

  3. ♫♫♫♫♪♫♫♫♫ says:


  4. Care Bear says:

    Will an Apple a day keep Steve Jobs away?

  5. FeatherlightBlu says:

    I never knew him, nor did I ever purchase any of his products. But soon, his Mac products will help make my Audio Engineering/Producing career that much better. So first, praise God for his contributions, and finally, thank You Mr. Jobs for your lifetime of commitment.

  6. Timothy Collins says:

    Great tribute to a great man.

  7. from Germany says:

    Rest in Peace, Steve

  8. Melody says:

    so cool!
    R.I.P Steve Jobs.

  9. Dave Westende says:

    This should become the new Apple Logo

    • jim Cowan says:

      My thoughts exactly… just one of the ways to say “thanks for a “job” well done”. No pun intended… sorry. He contributed so much to the world of communication and computer technology. God bless you Steve Jobs. Praying for your family remaining here.

    • jim Cowan says:

      Don’t know where those links came from… it sure wasn’t me that placed them.

  10. Christian Rawyler says:

    As a macintosh (happy) user since 1984, I must say it’s the best hommage to Steve I saw these days. Once again, a picture is worth zillions of words! And thanks to you for your excellent site…

  11. James Larrian says:

    He was a truly great man… I know for a fact that he will truly be missed by all people, not just the people who made use of the inventions he made that so greatly benefited us…

  12. moi says:

    RIP, genius.

  13. Dan says:

    I was VERY sad when I was watching the news and suddenly I see an interview with a friend of Steve Jobs. I saw a little caption that read:

    STEVE JOBS 1955-2011

    That’s what I remember. What a wonderful illusion!

    Steven Paul Jobs — February 24, 1955 – October 5, 2011

  14. PromiseMe says:

    R.I.P. Steve

  15. Singer1047 says:

    I heard they are comparing him from albert einstein!!!

    I am sad because he came up with almost everything we use at home. example: iphone ipod ect.

  16. LOLCAT says:

    aw….R.I.P….Steve Jobs 1955-2011

  17. Ron says:

    Love it. Simple, yet elegant.

  18. t says:

    Magnificent, clean and ‘to the point’. Just like Steve would have liked it. Fitting for a man who knew how to take a bite out of the apple.

  19. Bob Kausen says:

    They always say less is more and so it goes with this. Arguably one of the very best tributes to steve. I bring’s back a memory, not long after Dale Earnhardt was killed I pulled up behind a chevy pickup lowered and a beautiful Red. In the rear window was a large Silver 3 and under
    It were the words “Thanks for the ride “.

  20. endlessfire says:

    It’s a perfect tribute.

  21. ferzam says:

    that’s great design just like first idea that cropped up in my mind when i saw the first “black apple” with jobs’ head at the bottom needing a tweak… lesson? never let things come to pass if you can do it right here and now! RIP Steve!

  22. eee efff geee says:

    great illusion…..it is sad how Steve Jobs died……1st comment?

  23. Alain says:

    Simple, but fitting tribute to the man. RIP Steve

  24. breandan says:

    what an eloquint way to say goodbye

  25. popesantaxiv says:

    It’s lovely.

  26. Mary Jo Rawleigh says:

    The moment I saw “Steve Jobs inside the Apple”, I was touched. How simply elegant. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then I think this one is worth a million words.

  27. I think this is a lovely tribute to STEVE JOBS, it brought a tear to my eye just looking at it!

  28. quack yup quack says:

    R.I.P Steve Jobs
    P.s thanks for the I phone lolz but um no lolz u will be remembered every time we see an apple lolz again but seriously R.I.P

  29. Jerome says:

    It’s ingenious!

  30. nicola says:

    wow i see his face its amazing is that the real logo?

  31. Harold Insignares says:

    Jonathan Mak Long has created an outstanding and significant tribute logo. Simplicity will always reign and he has managed to convey a beautiful message. Fantastic Jonathan!

  32. debbie says:

    I first came across this on Facebook soon after the news of Steve’s passing. I have shared it with my friends and them with theirs….it is an iconic image. In the circumstances no words are needed. RIP

  33. Devam says:

    RIP Steve Jobs :((

  34. . says:

    i hope they make this into the real logo :) xxxxx RIP S.J.

  35. naomi says:

    This should replace the old logo. Very well done!

  36. kevin says:

    Clever. I just saw it as a more detailed apple bite at first glance, but then I saw it was a man’s head.

  37. Sapphire says:

    The title gave a way the illusion though…:( still cool….

  38. JGD says:

    very app-ealing

  39. Oron says:


  40. Dan says:

    Most people are saying the picture should become the new official logo of Apple. I would be happy if that happened. I look at the Apple logo on my iPod Touch, and I see the face of the iPod’s creator! It will make me feel good that Steve Jobs has gone to a better place! HE WAS THE AWESOME OF ALL AWESOME!!!!!!!! He made the Mac, IPhone*, iPod, and more!

    *iPhone 4s is headed for stores on October 14th!

  41. David Blair says:

    May You Rest In Peace Mr. Steve Jobs! :-( Your Legacy Will Live On, FOREVER!!!!!!! You Sir, Are A True Genius And Will Always Be Remembered As Such!!!!!!!

  42. Yibeltal Gudeta says:

    World missed a powered ever man

  43. Pete says:

    simple, yet brilliant
    the best tribute one could imagine
    rest in peace, steve

  44. Anonymus says:

    it looks like someone painted his head black and rammed him into the Apple logo. ( P.S. this is gonna be the new Apple logo when i grow up and work at Apple! ) RIP Steve Jobs,

    Great Job done! ( lol.. )

  45. Lumumba Kamguia says:

    personally i think it would be awesome if Apple made this there permanent logo.

  46. Mejuez says:

    Nice illusion Steve Jobs! >_<

  47. Phunkmonster says:

    Sorry, but this logo was originally designed by Chris Thornley (@raid71) and has been for sale on his site since the beginning of the year. In fact, there was much Tweeter traffic about it.

  48. Oh, help, society is nuts says:

    Am i strange if i have never used an apple product?

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