Stereo Banana Optical Illusion

By now, you’re probably aware that I need to approve your comments first, in order for them to appear live on – I usually do this once a day. This is probably the sole reason why you see dozen of similar comments, trying to explain the illusion in similar manner, posted one next to another – which is good! I was just scrolling through what you’ve said about the Monkey’s Paw illusion, and boy you did more than great! My intention was to simply integrate the LEGO block on-top of the Fringe hand, to distract you from immediately noticing there are six fingers present. But as it turns out, I wasn’t aware there are bunch more interesting facts concerning my creation! Can’t believe the coincidence where I used some jumbled Chinese character to integrate the LEGO (remember, I don’t speak Chinese). As it turned out, the random sign I used means illusion/mystery. Spooky! Also, some of our visitors noticed there are faces hidden inside of each finger, and that you can get fingers to disappear if you concentrate on the central LEGO block strong enough! Oh, and the illusion: what is hidden inside this stereogram-banana below? This one was created by Gene Levine!

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  1. I THINK it says “Banana” but cannot see the BA at the beginning. I love stereogrames but they are a little hard to see for me. It takes a while for my eyes to get focused right and they tend to “slip” out of the right focus needed to see the images.

  2. Honestly this is too small for me to see anything and everything else on my screen is distracting- is it possible that when you click on it you can give us a bigger version? All mine looks like when you click on it is a pick of the same size now stuck at the top of he browser. makes it worse not better.

  3. i just see a bunch of random dots, can someone xplain IN DETAILS for ppl who just can’t see it??? like where does it start, etc.

  4. In real life I can always figure out these kind of puzzles. But on a screen, it doesn’t seem to work for me! Too bad!
    But I’m not missing a great deal of fun, if it only says ‘the banana’ :) At least no cool monkey scene ;)

  5. I wonder how you guys can see the hidden words quickly ! I have been struggling with my eyes crossed but I just saw the image’s shadow -___- How can you see it ?

  6. The “T” is difficult to make out, but it is most definitely “THE BANANA” (which banana? Why, *THE* banana and no other, of course).

    1. PleonReally love the picture. It’s good to know all of this inoramftion about the fruits and their benefits to our healths ka. Please continue writing about this na ka. Looking forward for the next article ka. :)

  7. ok so i took this pic i took not knowing how it looked. when i downloaded it to my computer i realized how confused my brain got when i looked at it. so the only reason this picture works is because i balanced the chair perfectly on two legs, i took a pic with my camera at its angle not knowing creating this illusion
    i hope you like it and i also hope you post it :)
    the link to the pic i took (i had to make a website to be able to show you) is…… thanks for your time

  8. It says ME BANANA as in the Harry Belafonte “Banana Boat” song. “Come, Mr. Tallyman, tally me banana. Daylight come and me want to go home. Day-o! Me say Day-O!” He is from the Caribbean which is why he says “me banana” and not “my bananas”. .

    If you are having trouble seeing it, try this technique: Put your face right up against the monitor and look at the banana. Then very slowly move your face away from the monitor, stopping when the words come into focus. When you start seeing the words, keep your eyes still until it comes clearly into focus, then you can make your eyes scan the length of the banana. On this one, I think it is easiest to see the middle and right side of the banana.

    Another technique: Have you ever looked out a window or windshield when it’s raining? You can adjust your focus to look at the raindrops on the surface of the window (near) or you look past the raindrops at something outside the window (far). When you look at something far, you don’t really see the raindrops. In a stereogram, the scrambled design is the raindrops. You have to look through the design and past it. Imagine that you are focusing on the wall behind your computer monitor. That’s where the image is. I think this technique is harder.

    Stereograms work because your eye picks up subtle irregularities in the scrambled design. The design doesn’t match up exactly, and this forms the border that is the outline of the words.

    Be patient when trying to view these. It’s worth the wait!

  9. It says “ME BANANA”

    I was trying to figure out if the word “TALLY” was hidden in the picture some other way that I hadn’t caught.

  10. oh wa oh…… i see a banana.. nothing else :/ real stupid optical illution… gee well pce stay golden all you motha fuckas haha lol

    1. Jesus better be lovin you a whole lot due to your foul mouth (in this case, fingers)!! WOW!

      Some people’s children eh?

      As for the OI, I don’t see it. I tried all the suggestions and nada works. Oh well at least I did try. :-/ (<–disgruntled look–)

  11. The Gene Levine link confirms that it is “ME BANANA”.

    And thanks, Natalie, for the tip about starting too close and then backing away until it comes into focus. Works great.

  12. OK I tried the close/far thing,windshield/raindrops -also unfocusing,blinking,and clicking my heels together…. Are U sure its not 500 pix of Elvis?

  13. i think that looking at these too much is bad for your eyes…never klook at these inside a car it makes you reeeeeaally dizzy.

  14. My whole extended family can’t see these. My father’s opinion is that most people can see them because they can focus on the whole image, which is how they work. However, for some people, their brains just wo’t let them do this and just lets them focus on one little section of pattern. Which, on this, looks like a meercat.

    Which, is wierd, because i get all other illusions instantly.

  15. This reproduction is hard to read because it is so reduced in size. However, it says “ME BANANA” from the Banana Boat song by Harry Belafonte. Dayo

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