Spot The Black and White Cows!

This optical illusion picture was taken from the Little Giant Book of Optical Illusions by Keith Kay, where it was originally presented as a puzzling pattern containing hidden black and white cows. As easy it was for me to spot the one hidden cow in it (what’s with all them cow illusions?!), I was never able to see any other cows present. What do you make of it? BTW, this kind of Rorschach Test optical illusions proved quite popular in our archives, so make sure you check our spot the object category for more -they should be buried somewhere in there…

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  1. well.. i can c 2 cows.. one is the front one with its face at right side of the pictuer.. and the other 1 is right behind the first1.. or… am i missing any others????

  2. I see 2 one which is pretty much a full cow with the head top left and one just a head in the bottom right. Ita another one of those, “once you have seen it you cant not see it” pictures

    1. Clivey Walshy you have it backwards. The front cow is standing broadside with it’s head on the rigth of the viewer. The second cow is partially obscured, but the eyes, ears and upper body are visable, and there must be another cow between them, but it looks like more like a horse.

    2. JohnJ, you also have it wrong, the head on the right has a body attatched that strectches across to the left and then body of the front cow is what obsures the view of the back cow.

  3. I see two also. The splotch at the bottom, a third from the right is the tip of one’s nose.

    The furthermost left splotch at the top is another one’s right ear.

    1. Thanks John E….fouund the one in back riht off but the one in the bottom right I didn’t see until you hint and then it was there and that is all I see….but thanks

  4. I see one…. but at the same time, I’m wondering if maybe I see it because that’s what I’m told to look for?… like pictures in the clouds

  5. I see a world map.
    in the centre top, there is Europe, pushed back in the above part of the picture, but clearly Greece is sticking out. Unfortunately the UK is melted solid to the mainland of Europe.
    Below is Africa, and very near is Southern America, al the way pushed to the centre.
    Bottom right we see Australia with New Zealand. And left top is Canada cut off of the rest of America.
    In the left bottom there are some unexplainable islands, maybe you can tell me what they are!

  6. If that is the cow right dead centre face almost straight out it is a poor image and imagination helps way too much!

    Did I miss something?
    Clues please!

  7. it is relatively easy to see two cows. The one in the foreground is facing to your right with its head looking toward you. The one in the background is facing to your left. also looking at you.

  8. I see a cow, a dog, a dinosaur, and a whale spouting off at an airplane. :-D
    Cow, on the right blank space, dog on the black next to it, dino top center, and whale top left…

  9. there are 2 one in front pointing right one behind with its nose hidden pointing left the outline of the front one’s rear end is the thin white line

  10. More than 2
    My first impresion was that there is a cows face in the lower right and another cow in the upper left that is looking at the viewer and the patter of the nearest cow merges with the face/ears of the other to give the impression of a third face side on with a line through where the eye should be. Then I looked at the picture a bit harder and theres something wrong, I dont like the way the backline of the far right cow starts to deviate upward, that looks like its merging into something else and the nose area of the lower right cow has a white strip that curves but the curve actually extends beyond the nose of the cow which to me suggests there is something else going on in the foreground.

  11. It seems obvious that there are at least three cows. Two cows’ heads are visible in the top-left and bottom-right of the picture. The third cow’s hind quarter is visibly obstructing a portion of the top-left cow’s face.

    Beyond that, there may be more that I am not seeing. But there’s the case for at least three of them.

  12. Sorry for being slow but I only see one (on the bottom right (from the viewers perspective)). I kind of see one on the top left but half his head is chopped off. Where are the eyes?

  13. The entire page looking at us is one cow body of cow is to the right of the page, another one is to the left of the page sideways body to the left.Another is the head of the cow,and can’t see the body.
    I counted three, if more let me know. I love these. Happy Holidays

  14. Good image
    I can see one
    Body Left to right, with big head turned towards us, you will see his eye in the big black blotch on the right.
    But can,t see any others

  15. at first i notice 2 cows, after examining more and moving 2-3 meters away from the monitor i believe the cows are 4 or 5.
    the one clearly in front is actually 2 cows and there are 2 or 3 on the back.

  16. gosh when I finally saw the cow’s head in the bottom right, I jumped, it startled me! lol. And you guys are right about the can’t unsee thing.

  17. The large foreground cow has a white tail obscuring the jaw par of the cow behind it. (Note the black ear and eye of the ‘behind’ cow). Both these cows obscure a mass to the upper right that i haven’t figured out yet. —-anybody??¿?

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