Spot The 3 Hidden Faces

Occasionally a Photoshop contest appears, where dozen of authors submit their works in order to win a prize. One such contest was recently held, where the main theme involved optical illusions. I love it when I stumble across these, because it means bunch of fresh material for us! One of the submissions I found quite peculiar, was created by Nasir Khan and was based on a hidden girl’s face. Now, don’t be fooled like I was! The main hidden face isn’t the cloud one, nor the rock formation below what seems to be an impossible object of some sort. It’s something else instead. Closest hint I can give you is to look for the negative space. Something very similar to this one. Do you see it now?

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  1. Yeah.. Not seeing this. The other two faces and the “similar to this one” just about jumped off the screen at me, but I’m not seeing the third one….
    Anyone wanna throw me some hints here?

  2. I saw the girl’s face immediately. I only see one of the other two faces though.

    That’s not really an impossible object. It’s just a mobius strip.

  3. I actually find these hidden face illusions to be a bore. Not to be negative, they just are not really that interesting or clever…

  4. lets see.. one at the rocks.. maybe one in the clouds.. and… HEY there’s a couple people on the sailboats.. do they count? joking

    Don’t see the third yet

  5. I got the one in the clouds and the main girls face (where the gull is the eye), and I think the third is a slightly different girls silhouette in the rock face itself.

    I think the object is just a distraction.

  6. Actually, the third is pretty cool.

    The “bird’s eye” hint is a good one. If that didn’t help, then let’s say that this last face has a very fluid neckline…

  7. ooooh sneaky…. it took a long time to find it, but I see it now. Dave saying “bird’s eye view” is a good hint.

  8. ok so theres a face under the rock cliff

    there is a face in the clouds in the top right corner
    and thats all i see. does the bird have anything 2 do w/ one of the faces?

  9. I liked this one. It took a minute. The other two jumped right at you, but the hint about negative space helped…

  10. Once again, this proves that people are very good at spotting patterns, or constructing order from disorder. We are especially good at ‘recognizing’ faces. There are dozens of patterns in this photo that resemble faces, but only one that is clearly meant to be a face.

  11. Y’all missed the very faint head in the top center of the *mobius strip/impossible object thing*. I counted 4, in that case.

  12. i see the rock that looks the face and then the couple kissing in the clouds!!! very cool, the couple reminds me of my bf!! i lovve him so much, i prob tell him bout this site

  13. nvm, i see 4 people, a couple kissing in the sky, the rock, and then the outline of the rock with the bird as an eye!

  14. face in the clouds

    girl outline against the rock

    little face in the rock.

    Guy on boat making an ‘O’ face.

  15. The outline of the girl face in the close rock is part of the bird one, it’s both of their front faces and a clever way of using the outlines. Try not to concentrate on the bird to much but the outline of the rock next to the bird. I’m sure you’ll get it now if you haven’t already =D

  16. this is weird
    i can see the ‘hidden’ face and the one in the rock formation, but i cant see the one in the clouds…
    for people who cant see the hidden face, the rock formation and the hidden one look like they are kissing

  17. Took quite a while to see it for me, I think because I couldn’t get the whole picture on the one page – I needed to seriously zoom out before I saw it!

  18. i saw the rock immediately. and then the third one, which is opposite the rock really. but had a bit of problem with the clouds actually.

  19. I think I found these in a very different order than everyone else. First I saw the girl with the “bird’s eye”, then the cloud. Sadly the last one took me a while; but would it be the dark head in the rock, with the curly type hair? Still not completely confident in this…

  20. ummm, i see a face above the boat? same size as the boat, in the trees just a liiitle bit left from the boat.

    does anyone see it too?

    1. Well, it is and it isn’t a Möbius band/strip (a topological figure created by putting a single 180 degree twist in a ring — it has only one edge and one side). If you take a Möbius strip and cut it up the center of the surface all the way around it falls into a two sided two edged ring with a double twist in it (try it). The figure is similar to that but held with the cut edges in place.

      If you ignore the cut, though and just think of it as a transparent stripe then this is similar to a Möbius strip. I say “similar” because a Möbius strip has no holes in the surface (a surface of “genus 0”) but this has six holes (genus 6).

  21. where is the boat? i think i see all the people but i have no idea what everyone means by “the boat”!!!

  22. Very sneaky! The ‘birds-eye view’ had me stumped for a second, but now I see three faces :D
    I think the.. shapy thing.. whatever it is has nothing to do with the faces.
    Maybe the person who made this just got bored and added it :P

  23. There is obviously only one face. The other two just look slightly like faces…
    I don’t really like this illusion; it was too simple and a bit unoriginal.

  24. One in the rock, one in the sky.
    The third one is the negative side of the rock, therefore,m the third one is in the water.
    (hope this is correct)

  25. First i saw the negative space on the cliff side, with the seagull as an eye, then I saw the one in the clouds. I also saw the positive space of the cliff side but i was in doubt if it was intended to be the third silhouette, because it doesn’t look much like one. Does all three count?

  26. i can see the 1 on the side of the rock and if you look at it the other way from the water and the one in the sky wats with the big persons face i dont see it?????

  27. @earthling: that`s what i thought, too. i only see one face in this picture, being the “negative” one with the bird as an eye. the cloud and the rock itself (seen as a “positive”) only very vaguely resemble the idea of a face.

  28. well it is the rock formation.. either way you take it. even if you think that he formed the rock on his photoshop to make it

  29. I think there’s only supposed to be one face, just like all the other pictures that only have one hidden face. You might say there’s three, but there’s only one that resembles anything like a face. That “cloud one” is not close to a face.

    1. In the description click on the link that says, “something like this one” and you’ll see what he means.

      I had to click that link before I found out what the pic was. It’s very awesome :)

  30. tilt the screen so that it gets darker. the contrast will turn dark brown, blue, and black. then look carefully at all the faces. there a girl with a jug on her head. a boy looking ahead. and a girl’s eyes with a mask like a muslim woman. at least that is what i got from it.

  31. There are faceses every where in this picture.. its seems the entire image was made from faces. can you see what i see?

    68 on rock alone, possibly more
    8+1 perfect facial figure on cloud
    3 on mountain.
    3 on trees
    4 on imperfect shadow’ish figure on water exclude 4 just edge of rock and water alone.

    if picture are clearer there could be more.

  32. I counted 16 and since there is no answer given with this image, you can’t say I’m wrong.

    Go on, there are 16 faces here. Find them all.

    Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe there are 20 or more.

  33. i found the “birds eye view” one. but if its ment to be a girl shouldn’t she have hair? it looks more like a boy to me.

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