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By on July 23, 2007, with 342 Comments

Steve Speirs felt creative, and liked our Hidden Coffee Bean Man so much, that he decided to create similar illusion of his own. Below you should be able to spot the hidden face, don’t ask me – I haven’t spotted it yet. Maybe it was just a hoax, like those Ninja submission. Can anyone solve this one? Last time I had such a problem spotting the illusion, was with that baby illusion. This is what Steve wrote on his blog: “I loved the coffee bean you featured on your site last year. Decided to come up with my own version of the effect. What do you think? Is it possible to add it to your site? Thanks and keep up the good work!” Can this post beat the famous “Hidden Tiger“?

Spot The Baked Bean Man


342 Responses
  1. Anonymous says:

    i think his eye is in the middle bottom of the picture and his nose is slightly below and to the right of his eye (his nose is a bean)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Found it!!!

    Spoiler alert:
    Top left corner…come down about 2 beans and over to the right about 3 or 4 beans…the face is very faint and laying at about a 45 degree angle…

  3. Ryan says:

    I think I’ve found it, but I’ve also found a disturbing white alien shape type face too.. Every time I look at the picture, my focus is drawn to that…
    Anyway, the face I see that I think is the one we’re looking for, is in the top left quarter of the picture.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’m very nearly convinced that Steve is having a laugh at all the folks that are sitting around staring at this pile of baked beans…. I see no face, no man…. just beans.

    Someone, prove me wrong! I would have sworn there was no other tiger in the Hidden Tiger image as well, so I may very well be missing something simple – or, again, maybe Steve’s off sipping his coffee and having a bit of a laugh at my expense.

  5. Peter says:

    Found it, but only after comparing it to the original stock footage image on iStockPhoto.com. Sneaky and much less obvious than the coffee bean guy.

  6. Anonymous says:

    i think it is in a glare 3rd bean from the left its very small

  7. Neat-Nit says:

    I can’t find it. and I loved the hidden tiger one XD

  8. Finders Keepers says:

    It’s in the upper left quadrant and very faint, about 3 beans down and 3 beans over. In his blog he has a link to the pic he used, it makes it easier to find it

  9. Chrischan says:

    î cant get it :(

  10. Anonymous says:

    HAHAHAHA!! Who would think of that… that is just odd. First comment?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Where is it???

  12. Kristi says:


  13. Anonymous says:

    Umm… I’d have to say hoax on this one, or too low of a resolution. Either way I don’t see anything!

  14. Anonymous says:


  15. Chrischan says:

    got it, 4 from top 3 from left.

    the opacity is really low

  16. Paul says:

    Slightly left of center, about one bean up from the bottom, it looks like a smiling, open mouth, but no eyes in sight

  17. Anonymous says:

    No, I see nothing

    But it does make me hungry…

  18. scottie says:

    I think I see it in the top left.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I see something facey slightly to the left and up from the copyright logo but thats not like the coffee bean 1

  20. alcides says:

    It is not a hoax.

  21. Aaron says:

    I see it.. it’s faded but I see it. Good one. Kinda gross! haha

  22. Anonymous says:

    I think i see a simple smiley face, but thats it.

  23. John says:

    I spotted a man’s face in the top right corner, but wasn’t sure if it was the answer or not. So, I found the original photo (here) and compared the two, which confirmed my find.

  24. Tawn says:

    I think it’s a hoax…I can’t find anything?

  25. Mike says:

    Can anyone see this yet?

  26. Anonymous says:

    I CAN’T FIND IT!!!Can Someone please help?!I remember when the coffee bean one came out and it probably took me about 2 minutes to find the face, but this one’s impossible!!!sort of…

  27. Dennis says:

    I canne find the wee thing.

  28. Paul Dundee says:

    Took a minute but there he is… much more difficult to see than coffee bean man, as this bean man is actually one of the beans… I thought there were a few in this picture, until I found the real one…very good!!!

  29. Anonymous says:

    I think some one is yankin your bean bag!

  30. Anonymous says:

    That looks more like pork and beans than baked beans, but I didn’t see the face after about 20 seconds of looking.

  31. MICHAEL says:

    i dont get it

  32. Gabriel says:

    hay una especie de cara en el centro, a la izq…pero no se compara con el otro, que era la cara del hombre…voy a seguir buscando igual…

  33. Anonymous says:

    I don’t see it :(

  34. Rebecca says:

    I don’t see him. Anyone give me a hint?

  35. Scar says:

    Has to be bottom left

  36. Mahfoud says:

    i don’t know if i’m right or crazy but i think that’s the first bean at the left down corner, but the one that appear completely, when i look at the reflection of light i see a face but a small one at the right part of the bean. just tried if i’m wrong!

  37. trickster1978 says:

    It’s not there!

  38. Anonymous says:

    I think I see an eye in the lower left quadrant. But, otherwise don’t see anything at all…

  39. Anonymous says:

    i dont see it…

  40. Lebamom says:

    Okay I may be wrong… But if this is what I think it is…It’s ga-ross!! Anybody else see the face as I see it..?

  41. Anonymous says:

    I can’t even find it at all.

  42. Jeffrey Glover says:

    Found it, but it’s an awful photoshop job. You can BARELY see his face. Here’s the comparison between the original:


  43. Anonymous says:

    i have found it should i just say where it is or? if you’re on a laptop, try tilting the screen.

  44. Anonymous says:

    FOUND IT!!! it is nothing like the coffee bean pic. its more like terrible photoshop skills mixed with a bean. the coffee bean is really a head while this one is a bean that has a foggy face in it. huge difference but good try.

  45. Anonymous says:

    ohh yea.. its in the upper left region of the pic. looknig right at you.

  46. Anonymous says:

    looks like a hoax to me

  47. barty says:

    I don’t know, but could it be a reflection in the sauce?

  48. Anonymous says:

    I SEE IT I SEE IT IN YOUR FACE PPL!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOOK DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. 1st ONE

  49. Anonymous says:

    umm i dont really think there is one…

  50. erin says:

    Hidden Tiger is definitely better! i can not find the Bean Man…

  51. Luis Gerardo says:

    Oh yes, I’ve spotted it: It’s Mr. Bean! Wait, … oh no, it’s just a bean soup.

  52. Anonymous says:

    I think I see it and if I’m right the title is somewhat misleading as far as the bean part…

  53. Zack says:

    wow this is a really hard one, it is hidden well..a clue, the face is NOT as clear as in the coffee bean illusion, it’s been photoshopped to look like an actual bean, not just a clear face.(a reflection is over his nose too.)

  54. Adrian says:

    Nooo he’s there. It’s not done as clearly as the coffee bean illusion.

    You’ll have to visit his site for the solution, cmyru66.com (it’s on the picture)

  55. Anonymous says:

    I think I see a stick figure bean man. If so, his head is the bean near the top middle(a bit to the left).

  56. Anonymous says:

    I think I found it

  57. Jandals says:

    Wow, that one’s a lot harder to spot than the coffee bean illusion. It’s really not clear enough to be convincing. Even though I can see eyes, mouth and nasolabial folds it could also just be blemishes on the bean. Does that make it a poor illusion or a really good one?

  58. Anonymous says:

    Also, the more I look at that picture, the more disgusting it looks. Pork and beans is really pretty nasty when you observe it this closely.

  59. Anonymous says:

    Hmm…I think maybe I spot a face…that is if the face is laying on its side and the bean that is up and to the left of the bean above the copyright symbol is part of the lip and the really prominant bean that is on the right hand side of the pic halfway up is part of the nose and finally the bean to the left of the one that is in the upper right corner is the eye? Also pretty sure there is an ear towards the left more…mk I am hungry now ;p

  60. Anonymous says:

    I dont c it

  61. Anonymous says:

    I see it

  62. Anonymous says:


    its a thing of beans.
    big whoop
    where the heck is the face?

  63. Anonymous says:

    I’m going to assume the odd shaped bean is the dude.

  64. reach4thesky727 says:

    it’s there… i can see it. it’s kinda tilted to the left a little… not straight. it’s not really easy to see though… it leaves a lot to imagination. But i can see it anyways. it’s kinda cool… must have taken forever to arrange.

  65. Morgan says:

    I found the hidden face (I think). Very difficult illision, I had to focus on each individual bean for about 10 seconds until I found the right bean.

  66. Morgan says:

    but the one I found still doesn’t jump out at you after you find it like the coffee bean one, so maybe it is the wrong one?

  67. Anonymous says:

    I examined every bean… I just don’t see it.

  68. Anonymous says:

    pretty cool. hint- *REFLECTION*

  69. furandah says:


  70. Vivian! says:

    I can’t find it either! I don’t think this one will beat the Hidden Tiger. That one was really good.

  71. Tuck says:

    I can’t see it, but I don’t really want to keep trying. Those beans are pretty gross

  72. Anonymous says:

    I see 1/3 of a face in the lower left quadrant including a right eye. Maybe a mouth in the same quadrant but not near the eye. Maybe??

  73. Anonymous says:

    i think it is halfway to the top and 3 from the left

  74. Alexandra says:

    I see him I see him!… NOT!

  75. fairyfax says:

    whoa haha i see it…interesting

  76. spaceguyp says:

    my eyes hurt

  77. Anonymous says:

    Still can’t find it

  78. Anonymous says:

    Found You. This was hard until I looked on the original website and gave me clues where the facce was. Clue-the face is in a bean.

  79. Anonymous says:

    I found a beaky sort of face in the bottom right hand corner. Its right above the webaddress.

  80. Kristi says:

    Ok, so i did some research- and the baked bean man IS there. I just wanted to let everyone know because it is super hard (was for me anyway). But it’s there. Not a hoax. Happy finding…..

  81. Kyra says:

    Unless it’s that one bean on the far right, I give up!

  82. Anonymous says:

    He’s at the top… its a reflection of a person in one of the light spots… maybe?? i dunno…. good one if its for real!

  83. Errol says:

    its pretty different alot harder than hidden tiger, and alot harder than any of the other versions i have seen, i think i see it but im not sure…

  84. Anonymous says:

    i found it! hint, it’s near the bottom….. left.

  85. Scot Colford says:

    Nope. See nothing. Nada. Zip.

  86. Anonymous says:

    i think i see it in a light reflection. Not really optical trickery as just well-hidden detail. Still, toughest spot-the-image i’ve seen here yet.

  87. NYIslanders2121 says:

    I think the person is in the reflection on the sauce

  88. Anonymous says:

    Found it.. I had to find the original picture and compare it to this one, but I found it.

  89. Jambhala says:

    Not as obvious as the coffee bean one, but I found him none-the-less.


  90. Anonymous says:

    Oh my goodness. I only see beans! and i know it must be right infront of my eyes. maybe i should go see it from far away..

  91. Ben says:

    I found it, though it took me a while to spot. I won’t give it away incase someone else wants to fins it on thier own.

  92. Flikko McDikko says:

    You should expect the face is made out of beans; But it’s more like there is an reflection of a face in the beans (Are those eyes between the beans?)

  93. Anonymous says:

    I see it, I think.

    Two eyes, a vertical bean for the nose and a mouth.

  94. Anonymous says:

    Meh, I found it, I had to go to the guy’s blog to download the original picture he photoshopped into the bean picture to do it, but it’s in there. IMO, this is too lame to be worth any effort. The coffee bean one was great because it was like OMG, HOW DID I MISS THAT?!? This one…isn’t like that at all.

  95. Anonymous says:

    He is in the upper left corner, well near the upper left corner..lol

  96. Anonymous says:

    In upper left hand corner, gotta look close!

  97. AcidRain64 says:

    i think i’ve found it..!

  98. Kyle says:

    twizzzzy i think i foudn it

  99. Anonymous says:

    Okay, I see two possibilities. One is slightly to the right of the middle or one of the beans on the left that looks slightly like a skull.

  100. Anonymous says:

    not very fair since he photoshopped it so that his face was VERY very faint.

  101. a ha says:

    finally found him
    if you go to his website, he has a the picture of himself that he used to put in the baked bean photo.
    took me a few minutes even after i looked at his pic, but he’s in there

  102. Anonymous says:

    Aha found ya! This one was hard, but if you go to the original link you can see the face better.

  103. Anonymous says:

    This is a real stumper.Any help?How can you post an illusion on your site if you don’t even know it is one?

  104. Matthew says:

    it’s a hoax, the only perplexing thing about this is why theres no wieners with the beans :P lol

  105. Lost says:

    I think it might be a stereo gram. (I’m not good with stereograms lol)

  106. Anonymous says:

    is it like the shadow/burn marke on the most lower left bean it kind of looks like a person in a cowboy hat?

  107. Anonymous says:

    dude….i can only see beans??? is there actually something to be seen????

  108. Anonymous says:

    the bean man is riding a bike in the middle going uphill

  109. Anonymous says:

    I don’t see anything…..or do I?! There it is!

  110. Shadow Legends says:

    cant see it… yay first comment

  111. Anonymous says:

    I can’t even smell anything!

  112. Anonymous says:

    Found it, but it’s not as good as coffee bean illusion, that has actual face there, this is only a shadow of the face

  113. Ad says:

    It’s not a hoax, I found the face. Take a look in the moist of the beans in the below right corner. Two eyes are looking over a bean while the rest of the face is hidden behind the bean. I had to zoom in 400% to find it but it is there. Succes!

  114. Anonymous says:

    ummm…just beans…

  115. Snowman25 says:

    I think I found him!!

  116. Anonymous says:

    first comment!! ;)

    but.. I don´t see the face… :(

  117. addid says:

    first comment!! ;)

    but.. I don´t see the face.. :(

  118. Anonymous says:

    My goodness – not many willing to leave a comment on this one…
    Well, I don’t see a face, but I think I see the word MAN…but maybe I’m just hoping…

  119. Roxanne says:

    This makes me think of Ann Margaret.

  120. Anonymous says:

    1st comment?

    I looked for ages and couldn’t see anything. Maybe its a hoax or maybe I’m just inobservant.

    P.S. cool website!!!

  121. michael says:

    beanz meanz ?

  122. Kevin says:

    I say it’s a hoax.. no baked-beanman here..

  123. Anonymous says:

    weird im first

  124. Fred says:

    Mmm Yummy!
    Once you’ve spotted the face,
    spot the british breakfast

  125. Anonymous says:

    i think i spoted it

    hint:its not a full face (i think

  126. Anabell says:

    I think I have found it out…. It was very hard!!!!

  127. Anonymous says:

    HELP! I can’t see it! It is a hoax?

  128. danyboy says:

    J’arrive vraiment pas à le trouver ! C’est peut-être un hoax, non ?

  129. Anonymous says:


  130. Julie says:

    I don’t see the baked bean man! I’ve stared at it, came back to it, and still don’t see it. So don’t worry–you’re not alone.

    It is a cool pic, though!

  131. The Gremlin says:

    Haha lol found it. Little bit silly but it took me a while. Thanks!

  132. Andrew says:

    There’s a possible eye and mouth in the bottom-left corner – the black swirl and a dot about 2cm to its upper left. Doesn’t particularly jump out and resolve itself though, so could just be personal pareidolia…

  133. Fetch says:

    I think I have found it. If I am right then it is very very subtle. Would it be fair to say the man is in motion?

  134. Anonymous says:

    Meh… I can’t see it.

  135. dark raven says:

    mmm….I like baked beans. Don’t see any signs of a face.

  136. Anonymous says:

    i think it’s half “baked”, & you never know where it’s “Bean”

  137. Anonymous says:

    It’a a saucy little picture…
    If someone else goes first, i’ll Ketchup…

  138. RichardAtHome says:

    Nope, don’t see it myself.

  139. NatureBoy says:

    It’s not a hoax but it’s barely visible. This drove me crazy for so long that I cheated. I went on iStockPhoto and found the original image, then I used Photoshop to overlay the original on top of this one in “difference” mode and I found where it is. Interestingly enough, I found what appeared to be a human eye in this picture that was in the original also.

  140. harleygm says:

    Esse num ta facil não!

  141. Anonymous says:

    Found him, hard to spot. Had to go on his website to see who I was looking for.

  142. Anonymous says:

    can’t see it. First post.

  143. Michael says:

    I finally found him, but I was a little disappointed.
    He’s not well hidden, rather just very hard to see.

  144. Woolf says:

    One? man? There are hunderts of beans, man!

  145. Anonymous says:

    very hard
    still cant find him

  146. Anonymous says:

    I can see it!
    Yay im soo Cool!

  147. Anonymous says:

    -Had to go back and look at the coffee bean man before I got it! But now I got it…neat one.

  148. Sean says:

    I’ve been looking at the position of the beans and trying to make out a face but I can see so many possibilities.

    Is the face hidden in the position of the beans, or is it like the coffee bean illusion where an actual human face replaces the position of a bean?

    Great illusion Steve!
    Good work!

  149. Anonymous says:

    I stared at it for like a minute and now i feel sick….

    good job though! ….Coz i can’t find anything…. :)

    maybe it is a faux!!!

  150. Dennis says:

    I still canne see the damn wee thing!

  151. Anonymous says:

    top left, about 2cm from the top, 2 cm form the left!

    This one isn’t half as good as the coffee bean one!

  152. Kate says:

    I found him! :) I’m so proud of myself.

  153. Kitty cat says:

    Um… Ithink i found 1 in the bottom, and i think that he’s wearing glasses. and if you look in the bottom right, you will see something that looks like a ninja or something, like he’s wearing something on his face and only his eyes appear.

    I KITTIES! :D ;)

  154. Anabell says:

    I think I have found him out…. It was very hard.

  155. Anonymous says:

    I think there is a white spot bottom right. It has two black dots (eyes?). But I am not confinced

  156. rom1 says:

    must be hoax, anyone spotted it let me know… please, not like coffee beans ill. anyways…

  157. ecuador says:

    I think I see somthing, in the second one counting from down to up almost in the middle of the picture, it looks like a alien headed face, at the bottom of that bean you see some shadows that look like te face with a huge alien like forehead…

  158. cameramanmatt says:

    I think I’ve spotted him but its not very clear from the size of the picture. I’d be interested to know if other people agree as I am having to use a fair it of imagination with it.

  159. CEMENTHEAD says:


  160. Dr. Evil says:

    one can clearly see the face of Jesus. as usual. theres a couple of ninjas lying around there also. and a face in the top left corner.


    PS: this is not meant to be taken seriously

  161. Anonymous says:

    This one is impossible.. It gets me hungry :-)

    Anyhow – tomorrow you need to show what we have been looking for all day. Like the tiger I am not letting this one go. Please draw a cirkel around it/him..

    Rikke DK

  162. Slashcat says:

    I think that looks like a sea of very sun tanned bald headed people as seen from above!!!! LOL!

  163. Juuso says:

    I think it’s like this!


    Now, try to see the face without my drawing..

    Anyone get it??

  164. Anonymous says:

    his face is ON the bean, this pic is kinda low quality, look near the top left corner, slightly slanted

  165. oscar says:

    Lacks a bit of work. Try a little harder next time, Steve. Dropping three invisible eye-melting shadows over there is less than the photoshopping you are capable of. You can do better, carry on!

  166. Laura says:

    Sort of center on the top. There is a face that is upside down.

  167. toadie says:

    i saw it like in 2 seconds

  168. Joey says:

    comparing this from the original ive seen where hes made the face but it really still looks like a bean but with a few sort of opaque blotches like the face on the moon. doesn’t represent a face well enough. whoever couldnt do the hidden tiger illusion is slow!

  169. Anonymous says:

    I FOUND IT!!! It’s on the bottom left. You need to zoom in to see it properly.

  170. miserylovescompany says:

    it’s reallllly faint you have to strech your imagination a bit. GO to the top left corner, two beans down then 3 beans across.

  171. Anonymous says:

    dis was sucha a waste of my time and i cant blieve i spent this much time staring at beans! i could have eaten a can of beans in all this time!

  172. MangoGirl101 says:

    i c cylops ;D

  173. Anonymous says:

    I like the face, bottom right corner, third up, right hand half of bean looks like a small face hair and all, mouth open like a circle.

  174. Anonymous says:

    i see NOTHING. zip zero nada i need help please!!!!!

  175. dark raven says:

    found it. I think. If I didn’t I have a very vivid imagination. Go to the very top left where there are no beans. Go down two beans, and two beans to the left. There is a bean with a white glare that is the mans nose.

  176. Anonymous says:

    I don’t see it. But don’t you love the idea of hundreds of thousands of Internet users staring for hours at baked beans!?

  177. Shane says:

    i think if you look at anything long enough, you will see something, even if it isn’t the same face as someone else. to me, this is like lookin at the clouds and making out things from them, they can be whatever the heck you want them to be.

    in any case, these illusions always seem to be pointless cause it isn’t like there is a real intricate solution to any of them.

  178. art says:

    i saw it right away :D

  179. Joy Chavez says:

    No, I don’t think this can beat the Hidden Tiger one. That one is clever. This one is just weird, and not very good. (I did find it, after much hunting.)

  180. Anonymous says:

    Could someone show me exactly where the face is please?

  181. Anonymous says:

    I’VE SEEN IT!!! for the people who cant find it and have given up, read this…

    from the bean on the top left hand corner of the picture, move down diagonally exactly 2 beans from it.
    you’ll find the face on the second bean.

    It took me a while to find it but it’s there :D hope that helps

  182. Anonymous says:

    its like a face the bean man is crying, the face takes up the whole picture

  183. Tuomo says:


  184. Allornone says:

    I see it. It’s VERY faint, almost looks like a shadow or a dirty bean. I can appreciate what this guy was trying to do, a kudos for the attempt, but the difficulty of this illusion isn’t in its creativity, it’s simply in its faintness. it’s hard to find because you can barely see it. that’s not clever or fun, it’s just feels like cheating. oh well.

    spoiler alert: from the left corner, it’s two beans down and the third bean over. his head is the bean, rotated at a 45 degree angle

  185. Anonymous says:

    I think i see it. there are a lot of things it could be. hint: top left, his nose is a glare

  186. Anonymous says:

    i see a beautiful crane… ok i got nothing!

  187. Anonymous says:

    I found it. You really need to visit his page for this one.

  188. Michelle says:

    *SIGH* im going to be having nightmares of beans tonight…..

    anyway i think i found him.
    b/c i took the two pictures (the one posted earlier from istock) and the one from here and overlapped them in photoshop, changed the colors so i knew which one i was looking at, at the time, this “illusion” is so hard to see it almost makes it impossible

    but the only difference i found the pictures is right where the istock photo camera symbol is makes his eye, you have to kindof tilt your head to the left to see a proper face, the whole thing isnt there either which makes it even harder to see

    i still prefer the 4 ninjas, at least that one was obviously fake

  189. Morgan says:

    I see at least 3 other beans that could be more easily convinced they are a face than the one that is supposadly it. this is a horrible illusion and unless you knew that particular bean had been altered you could never be convinced it is a face. coffee bean man was at least fun when you found it. This one doesn’t deserve to be on this site.

  190. fez says:

    found it. it is above the bottom right bean

  191. azrdraco says:

    Ok, Is it “Find the Baked Bean Man” Or “Find the baked bean, Man” Cause i see no actual face, just the reflection of someone taking the picture in the shiny bean juice, for lack of a better term. he’s right in the middle, i can even kinda see his arm where he’s holding the camera.

  192. Anonymous says:

    this is wack…. there’s much better stuff on this site than this dumbass baked bean man.

  193. Natasha says:

    I don’t do photoshop but I’m sure mine is better than that!

  194. Anonymous says:

    Yep, i found it. I examined the original picture and what i thought was the face and the image had been altered there!

    Hint: the face is looking at you and is NOT at a angle

  195. Anonymous says:

    I think this guy is a bean! a rotten bean!


  196. Anonymous says:

    I think that anyone seeing a face
    is “full of beans”.

  197. 4Rx Discount Pharmacy says:

    The one is see looks kinda like Mario on Nintendo. Lower right corner go up about three beans, he is on the right half of that bean.

  198. Lebamom says:

    Might I add, that every time I see the Illusion of the Day gadet on iGoogle, even though I have seen it for the last 2 days, I keep thinking the caption says, “naked bean man”. It is almost as disturbing as the face I see–which is the same as “anonymous” said in the very fist post. It looks like there’s an actual human face looking up from underneath the beans. Ew.

  199. Khebab says:

    I think anyone who’s “spotting” the face with their naked eyes is hallucinating… I know it’s no fun, but I also got the original photo, used photoshop to compute the difference between the two pictures. And even then the face wasn’t visible. I still had to boost the brightness in order to get something which resembles a face to appear…

  200. Anonymous says:


    well after that it´s obvious…

  201. Jens, Laurs, Morten og Niels says:

    yay, found it… its very neat once you find it.

  202. Anonymous says:

    what a load of crap!!

  203. Green says:

    I found it,

    It’s in my tum!!!

    Ha lol

  204. amikemike says:

    Could you just change it already.
    It isn’t an illusion it’s just a pile of beans …like when Pat Robertson tried to show “death related items” in alcohol ads ( ice cubes that looked like sharks and the devil)…human imagination is very rich and needs little help but this thing has been here for days and it isn’t even interesting.

  205. Tina says:

    Post #2 with the “Spoiler Alert” tells you exactly where it is…if you don’t want the anser stop now. It is a faint face in ONE bean just like the coffee one. Count down 3 beans from the top left…he’s next to the 3rd bean down. He’s tilted 45 degrees to the right, his eyes and mouth are dark shadows (very faint) and his nose is a white reflection. The first thing that grabbed me about this pic was what looked like a human hand in the white reflection on a bean in the middle of the screen bottom row…nobody has commented on that one though. Have Fun!

  206. Anonymous says:

    “He’s not well hidden, rather just very hard to see.”

    Exactly, which makes it rather pathetic. Coffee bean man was difficult to find, but he was easy to see once you’d found him. That’s difficult to achieve. Anyone can put a really vague face on a baked bean.

  207. Anonymous says:

    I’m just right here at work, staring at some tasty looking baked beans on my computer. The only bad part is that anytime anyone passes by asking me what am I doing staring at some baked beans for a long while.

    What is the answer? I’m looking crazy here at work.

    I think I’m the baked bean man because I’m getting fried on this.

  208. Anonymous says:

    I think the beans are waving at you because you are the one baked!

  209. Anonymous says:

    I see him, his arms are made out of beans so are his legs and head.

  210. Jacob says:


    If you really want to get the hole thing ruined for you or if you are really mad at the illusion Go to…


    It’s Just something I whipped up

  211. Anonymous says:

    The only face I see is a small face reflecting in the sauce just above the bean that lies just above the end of the copyright name on the picture.

  212. Anonymous says:

    Lots of people here found it- this one i found helpful, but it was in Spanish- Anyway here is the translation of “Gabriel”‘s answer.

    TRANSLATION: “there is a species of face in the center, to izq… but it is not compared with the other, that was the face of the man… I am going to continue looking for equal.”

    Thought that may help.

    -THE OFFICIAL (Hopefully soon) TRANSLATOR,


  213. Anonymous says:

    dont see it, but now I have gas…

  214. Anonymous says:


  215. Anonymous says:

    its in the top left corner im positive dont listen to other people unless they agree with me
    its staring right at you starting on the bean in the corner count 1 down and 2 over

  216. Anonymous says:


    Look in the exact middle. Now look in the middle bottom. Now go up one bean, and 1-2 beans to the left. See it?

  217. Sally says:

    The man face is there. It’s down at the bottom. It’s really small and it’s almost under the bean. From the left count five beans over. Very cool almost didn’t see it.

  218. Anonymous says:

    Come on it’s a reflection of a man in the beans upper left corner look outside the box and you can usually see what you are looking for,

  219. Anonymous says:

    Spoiler!: the eyes are at the top left corner two beans down and one bean right. The eyes are in between a very small bean and the nose is just under. The overall face is like a guy with an open mouth.

  220. Lebamom says:

    Not to be mean, but, why is it the third day in a row of baked/naked bean man..?

  221. Anonymous says:

    Found it!!

    1) Take a look of this pic: http://lh5.google.com/steve.speirs/RoAPdfUjQnI/AAAAAAAAArU/5_UxxSGO7j4/IMG_0723.JPG?imgmax=512

    2) Find the face faded over the center bean on the IV cuadrant (upper, left)

    3) Other way to locate the bean is starting from the upper left corner, go down until the first bean; the go right to the third bean. That´s the one with a right-tilted face. A shine is over the nose.

  222. Anonymous says:

    okay, bottom left corner
    go up to the second bean then over three beans. It’s a “reflection” of a guy in the sauce.

    Blue t-shirt, short brown hair.

    It’s an actual person…not the shape of a face IN the beans.

  223. Joy Chavez says:

    Not clever at all. I liked the coffee beans one, and the Hidden Tiger was just awesome. Can we move on now? I’m tired of baked beans on my Google page.

  224. Anonymous says:

    It’s only your imagination. There is no perfect face there, even partly hidden. Imperfect faces, there are many. Unless you have a specific challenge here, I feel this is a waste of time.

  225. Anonymous says:

    Found It! Top Right, Really Hard To See

  226. Anonymous says:

    Doh! He reminds me of Homer Simpson.

  227. Anonymous says:

    Wow this is dumb…half the people say its bottom left…others say its top right…i think everybody is imagining things…there’s like 20 different possibilities and somebodies having a good laugh at all of us staring at a pile of baked beans for 20 minutes…

  228. labrown_eyez says:

    hmmm…. ok the bean man is there! its 2 beans down from the left and 3 beans in from the upper left hand corner its one bean for the head one for the body and four other for the arms and legs! and yes its is at an angle!! that was a hard one but only cause i was looking for a face! not a stick person made of beans!!

  229. noodle says:

    I found two. The second one I found is one or two beans up from the one shown on the comparison two the original photo.

  230. pipsar6 says:

    I see a running or dancing man…top half slap bang in the middle.
    Try moving back from your monitor…

  231. Anonymous says:

    I think you are all looking in the wrong place. You are all looking for a face made out of beans.
    If you look way down the bottom…half way accross…one bean up…just to the left of that bean there is a tiny image of a real man submerged in the sauce. His head and shoulders are visible. He is very small. Anyone see him??

  232. Anonymous says:

    I don’t fink it is in the top left corner. It is just texture of bean.

  233. Nathan says:

    2 eyes and a nose in the bottom right.

  234. Anonymous says:

    His face IS one of the beans. It has a slight glare on it. It’s in the top left corner. the sight that helped me find it was… http://www.jeffglover.com/lj/beans/jpg THIS SITE HELPS!!!!!!

  235. Anonymous says:


    no matter how i stare at this i just can’t see a face. =/

    i’m impatient. =/

  236. Anonymous says:

    im getting a headache looking at this ilusion! i mean where is that baked bean dude??! people say hes in the left corner others say hes in the midle, some say hes in the sauce and then others say the bean itself is him! oh god… can someone just show where it is? im getting impatient! … and kinda hung… mmm beans :P

  237. Anonymous says:

    I see faint faces on almost all the beans, the bean man is the one taking the picture. The flash from the camera reflects off the bean juice and acts like tiny mirrors.

  238. Anonymous says:

    this one is really awful.there are mixed thoughts about which is the bean man.i see like five different things !

  239. Anonymous says:

    #165 nailed it! That’s what I found after about 3 minutes of staring at this glop.

  240. Anonymous says:

    it’s just NOT there! If it is, it’s nothing like the Coffee Bean Guy. Him you could really see!

  241. Anonymous says:

    we have found the hidden face in the bake bean man.

  242. roses says:

    Ok, this may sound dumb, but is he hiding under the beans? Oh, but in the bottom left corner, it looks like a face there, but it looks like there’s about 4-5 heads in the picture.

  243. Anonymous says:

    Not sure I see it. All I know for sure is that I am REALLY wanting baked beans now!

  244. Alice says:

    Ewwwee! A fingernail!

  245. Anonymous says:

    It is not a bean, you can see an eye in the bean juice in the lower left quarter!! it’s blended in to the picture like its inder the beans

  246. Anonymous says:

    …i’m hungry

  247. Anonymous says:

    I think I found it… but then again I see lots of things that could be faces.

  248. Anonymous says:

    I don’t now why but if you see de original pic post by his artist yo can see de face more clear.. This is the URL:


  249. Anonymous says:

    I think I see the Virgin Mary. I wonder what I can sell it for on E-Bay?

  250. Anonymous says:

    I have found a weird baby looking face.. Is that it?


  251. Karen says:

    BOTTOM RIGHT count in 3 beans from the edge (along the bottom)To the left of the triangular patch of reflected light I see 3 faces. The mouth of one of the faces runs parallel to the left side of the triangular light patch (turn your head 45 degrees toward your left shoulder to see it more clearly) and looks slightly transparent. The 2nd is just eyes and a nose (with possibly a shoulder)but is opaque with dark eyes and is connected to the first face diagonally upwards and on the left. The 3rd is above the bottom right hand bean and is touching the side of the picture, although this one does look a little distorted – maybe I’ve just BEAN looking at it for too long (!)

  252. Anonymous says:

    Think i found it!
    bottom left corner – that bean has a mans face in the right of the bean. Really good one took me aaaaages! x

  253. Anonymous says:

    i think its 5th from top right corner very bad resolution he looks like hes laughing lol

  254. Anonymous says:

    Found it. Bad photoshop job. Biggest bean near top left corner. The whole face is a bean and the nose is a reflection. The whole face is looking straight out of the picture and is slant at 45 angle.

  255. Anonymous says:

    werd it go? arghhhh dis is sooooo annoyin i cant c anyfing


  256. Anonymous says:

    right of center. you can see the left eye. The upper left bean is not it. the eyer looks like a small bubble.

  257. Anonymous says:

    Found it. Wasn’t too hard. His face is on the bean that’s ’bout 2 beans to the right and 3.5 beans down.

  258. Anonymous says:

    Without trying to blame someone:
    This is the worst illusion I’ve ever seen!
    Nothing amazing behind it – after half an hour staring I’m very disappointed.
    I photoshoped the picture and even after relighting it the face is not visible. After getting the source picture from iStockPhoto.com and substracting the two images some you can see some strange colors over the bean, described by you all. The colors seen there are different from the colors that form by the substraction of an original and an compressed image.
    Boooorign ^^. I hate the fact that I have spend so much time on that -.- .

  259. Anonymous says:

    Without trying to blame someone:
    This is the worst illusion I’ve ever seen!
    Nothing amazing behind it – after half an hour staring I’m very disappointed.
    I photoshoped the picture and even after relighting it the face is not visible. After getting the source picture from iStockPhoto.com and substracting the two images some you can see some strange colors over the bean, described by you all. The colors seen there are different from the colors that form by the substraction of an original and an compressed image.
    Boooorign ^^. I hate the fact that I have spend so much time on that -.- .

  260. Anonymous says:

    OOOOHHHH!!! saw it!!! muz see it in a bigger image then can find. >_<

    face damn faint.

  261. Anonymous says:

    I think it’s a reflection of his face from the glare. It’s about 5 beans from the left, and two beans from the bottom.

  262. Anonymous says:

    Top left corner

  263. shadow sight says:

    start at the top left bean, and move south-east three beans. there’ll be a shiny thing for a nose and a black thing on ethier side for an eye.

  264. Anonymous says:

    I am Sure that there is at least 4 faint faces…look again…

  265. Anonymous says:

    oh i see the one bean everyones talking about near top left, but before that i saw a face of several beans with that one as its left eye (it has lopsided eyes, a huge fat cheek, and fat lips)

    i also see a single been kinda like the one everyone is talking about… its in the bottom left and its upside down… looks like he is blindfolded

    the coffee one was so much easier

  266. Spencer Whalen says:

    Although theirs loads of faint faces that I think are just beans the best one I could find is go to the centre bottom bean, go up a bean, and at the bottom of that bean appears to be a little face looking up at you!
    Bit like in a mirror!

    That’s the best I can do!

  267. Anonymous says:

    I think you guys are wrong, look in th bottom right corner, not at the beans but the white glare, it looks like a freaky face to me!

  268. Ca says:

    I think I found it;
    The bean in the bottom left corner, has what looks like a face on the right side of the bean. Comparing the light on that reflection with the light on the other reflections it’s not the same shine to it. And since there actually is another bean laying against it there shouldn’t be a reflection at all.

    But I have to say, with some imagenation there could be a face in serveral different places.

  269. ash says:

    i found it! it takes up almost the whole thing its to do with the way the light shines on it. its head is tilting to the sky slightly. the big dark patch…

  270. Anonymous says:

    You guyz r all getting it wrong. I found it and it is confirmed.Its very thin.its in the center bottom part of picture. The shining part is his nose

  271. ASIM says:

    Guys found it its in the bottom center.

  272. Huvber says:

    Ifound it but only comparing with the original

  273. Marc says:

    I compared the photo with the not altered original. And found the “Face”! But sorry, in my opinion this is not worth a post. It is made so bad. Some artifacts of the jpeg-image are more intense than “the face”. You better post nothing than things like this …


  274. Anonymous says:

    OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!! anonymous number 4 are u completely STUPID??????
    ITS THE @$*!%&# TIGERS STRIPES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S…number 2… nice spotting! ;)

  275. Anonymous says:

    P.P.S… is the person who is the baked bean on drugs? His face is freeky!!it so gross! Xb

  276. Anonymous says:

    I saw it in 5 seconds. Easy peasy.

  277. Anonymous says:

    u r all wrong look one bean above the cymru66.com sign in that open space its not even a bean and it has no mouth

  278. death 2 all says:

    top right lol

  279. Gabyy says:

    Its not a face.
    It looks more like a fetus.

  280. pivot1 says:

    i see it!!! top left corner,two beans down,two beans right, theres a man with a construction hat or something make sure you have high quailty look or something

  281. Anonymous says:

    It looks like a fetus with barely formed facial features…Hidden tiger still rules

  282. Anonymous says:

    top left corner, two beans down two beans right. a white glare spot is his nose. eyes and mouth are on the same bean(very faint). the one bean is all there is.

  283. Anonymous says:

    i saw more than 1 smilyfaces

  284. artist 101 says:

    I can;t see the man. sorry.

  285. Rosie says:

    I feel so silly. My four year old son found the face and showed it to me after I sat here examining each and every bean over and over. He came over to see what I was looking at. I asked him if he saw a face in the beans. It took him about 10 seconds.

  286. I_luv_hoses says:

    could you posibly post us a picture of the bean with the face on?

  287. bipbedu says:

    it is ccccccccccccccccooooooooooooooooooooollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  288. bipbedu says:

    it is cool but not strong

  289. bipbedu says:

    i can see it one of its eyes are slightly to the left of the centre the other eye is centre right well if you see both the eyes you will see the mouth

  290. bipbedu says:

    and it also looks retarted

  291. obviously_ says:

    I see a penguin, does dat count?

  292. Jon says:

    its the whole picture every bean is part of the face (duh)

  293. unknown says:

    i don’t see anything, and i don’t think there are any real faces in here. unlike the coffee bean one

  294. ming says:

    top right corner..i`m pretty sure it`s that one:)

  295. Stone says:

    everyone tells me to look in a different corner! make up your minds

  296. bipbedu says:

    its a smiley in the middle

  297. annie says:


  298. Darren says:

    Possibly directly above the ‘cymru66.com’ about 3 beans up and there is a horizontal bean which looks like a face??

  299. Jennifer says:

    I found it. Clicked on the jpg itself to open in a new window then used ctrl-+ on my keyboard to enlarge the photo. Once I got it pretty big it was obvious. I made a screen capture, I will email it in, and maybe the post can be updated with it.

    • T Bhattacharya says:

      Dear Jeniffar,

      I recently came accross this website http://www.moillusions.com. and going through the illusions – some of which are undoubtedly, brillinat.

      Regarding this “Baked Bean man”,I see you promised to send the screen shot which may help in identifying the man. Will you please send it to me? I could not see the face.


      Chennai, India

  300. Bean says:


    it is something 1/5 from left and 1/4 from top. Looks like a head right inside a bean.

  301. orangeoz says:

    i think its the 3rd bean from the left and the 4th bean from the top, it’s just his face…

  302. Hars says:

    i can see it clearly..its all over the creen from top to bottom and in middle if assuming from right to left..but i cant explain the position..sorry..but i can see him ;)

  303. Chris says:

    I see it, it starts with the bean in the bottom left hand corner and goes around to the top and curves back down in a face outline.

  304. A:) says:

    I only see this little guy in a light blue tshirt waving.i think that it. he is a the middle at the top. keep going down until you see a little slightly blue shape. (it will help to enlarge it)
    :) *

  305. Anonymous says:

    I did see the man in the t-shirt, but I also saw two other possible faces. If you zoom in on the picture and go to the very top left corner, then go over to the first bean, and down 4 or 5 beans, there is a bubble that looks like an eye, and something beneath the bean that looks like a forehead. The next is near the cymru66, over to the first bean, then up a little. There is a shiny spot that looks like a sad Jason face.

  306. jax says:

    im pretty sure all the glares on the beans are people.

  307. Keisha Winn says:

    If you look very closely it somewhat resembles Dr. Phil.

  308. Tlc says:

    Top left corner, count the two down and the third one from the left (positioned “/”). I am sure. If you check the creator’s site (http://www.cymru66.com/funny/find-the-face-the-sequel/) you can see the picture of the face he used, which somewhat resembles the transparent face

  309. Dave says:

    See it but it’s not that good. Draw a line from the left top to the bottom right. Following that line it’s the third bean from the top left. A reflection on that bean somewhat obscures his face.

  310. 111 says:

    woah! it isn’t any of the beans and just a face in between.

  311. james pecker says:

    botton center left you can see the eye and sorta face of what looks like a barbie dolls head

  312. MSSTLove says:

    found it but it wasnt that easy

  313. David says:

    Took another look at this and spotted it almost immediately!? Bottom left – the lowest first whole bean from the left.

  314. Sean says:

    is this some kinda joke??

  315. Phil says:

    The shiny area to the bottom right. It’s a guy lying on his back as if dead, with his head tilted back and his arms outstretched as if lying in ‘water’ splayed over some ‘rocks’.

  316. Matthew says:

    I saw a face with a white shirt.

  317. CookiesRUs says:

    This One Was Quite Tricky, But I Found Him! From The 3rd Bean to The Left, You Can See A Little Blue Man Waving… Cute!

  318. Maddy says:

    I SEE IT!

    • molz says:

      where is it i saw it a few weeks ago but now cant find someone plz tell me i no it IS a bean HELP!!!! :( :’(

  319. Jeannette says:

    I can’t find it! Well, actually, I did find something, but I don’t know if what I’m looking at is the real “baked bean man”.

  320. Laurie Jordan says:

    3 beans at the very bottom that are touching in the middle of picture… over the first bean of the three on the left.. Is a a bean with a half face peaking out from under it… I can’t find any of the other stuff people have posted about… This one is tough.. Showing my son when hr gets home… He can see a fly a mile away…LoL Will re-post if he finds something else..

  321. T says:

    His face is in a bean. He is looking through the translucent skin of the bean.

  322. Saeed Yaqoob says:

    I think its from top left third horizontally and forth vertically if u count the small bean too.. the face is not so clear, but i think that is the one.

  323. Aurora says:

    If you look half way up the page above the letter ‘m’ in ‘Cymru66.com’ you’ll see a face in the bean.

  324. E says:

    at the bottom, there are 2 beans that are really close(legs), then, there are 2 halves of abean that are touching(body) then above is the head, then arms are visible once you see the structure…………………..i think that is right…….’:/

    • Paul says:

      Lmao, ur supposed to see a face. Thats something u want to happen, putting beans together to create a whole body. The description says u see a face. The face is on a little bean that is partially under the sauce. On the bottom right u will see 4 beans grouped together. To the left of the top bean, it is the little bean with a partial glare on it

  325. Tucker says:

    I see a muscle dude sitting with a huge erect beanis. Boy, do I hope it’s not my imagination.

  326. Kaitlyn says:

    There’s a bean that looks like a tooth and then if you look it’s a face..

  327. dale d says:

    no man no face- stupid. start giving more clues or i’m done with your site

  328. Lucaz says:

    Spoiler warning!

    Aww lol! I just realized after seeing the first face, that there are ALOT faces in the whole picture! Almost all the white in it are faces.

  329. liezl says:

    I thought its Voldemort.

  330. liezl says:

    I thought its Voldemort. Haha.

  331. Girgir159 says:

    I see it!! The middle oh the image is the body. If you look at the top-center you can see the face! :D I feel so proud of myself that I found it!

  332. Rose Barlow says:

    I’m not sure, but I see two circles of beans that would be eyes, a straight vertical line i the center going down that would be a nose, and a curve of beans that would be a smile. That’s the only thing I can see here lol.

  333. Cesar Perez says:

    Clear face: Top left you will see the first 2 beans in a diagonal shape = to / the forward slash is the direction of those 2 beans.

    Count starting from that bottom bean of the same 2 and it is the 3rd bean that looks like a pic from an ultra sound. Is very simple.

    bean layout looks like this /_

  334. Jemima duck says:

    I find it funny how we all are looking at a computer screen looking at a load of beans. THERE ARE LOADS OF FACES IN THERE!!! Gosh. Lol. I’m just thinking about, like, how we have a faces ipad to the screen…and someone walks in. “What are you doing?” Your mum says. “Looking for a face in the beans…..” You reply. “Oh….well…that’s normal.” She answers and slowly back out of your room. Awkward…..


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