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By on January 19, 2009, with 355 Comments

A rather light optical illusion for you today – it’s Monday after all. So, as I received this image in my mailbox without any additional description, I wondered to myself why was it submitted in the first place. I haven’t found anything interesting about it. Then my younger brother gazed a look, and instantly saw something spooky in it. When he helped me find it myself, I felt dumb not seeing it the first time. Really nice photo, though surely must have been photoshopped. Can you see the illusion it holds? Shouldn’t be too hard. Once you spot it, you’ll have no problem seeing it over, and over again.

Spooky Undershirt Optical Illusion


355 Responses
  1. hahasew says:

    freaky.. and obviously photoshopped…

  2. Anonymous says:

    its a face on the left of the shirt, the dark spot in the middle is her eye and under that and to the right is her lips

  3. Anonymous says:

    is it that one is blowing in the wind but one isn’t?

  4. Edgar says:

    Indeed. The first time I did not see it as well. My question: Have you seen all? There are at least two.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I see 2 faces, but there might be a 3rd. Nice illusion

  6. Anonymous says:

    i don’t see it

  7. Anonymous says:

    Haha, face in the shirt. Interesting but obviously photoshopped.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Awesome! Love your stuff, keep it coming!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Awesome! Their are actually two faces. one in the front looking at you and another on the top right looking out. Very cool

  10. Anonymous says:

    what is so spooky about this?

  11. First Poster <3 says:

    Oh, I get it, ’tis a face on the right of it. Pretty awesome, but kinda obvious photoshopping

  12. Anonymous says:

    Face on the shirt :-)

  13. Amanda says:

    the face is super creepy!

  14. Anonymous says:


    no affence to your brother, but it’s quiet easy to see it. I saw it in a blink of an eye.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Only want to make sure all have seen the 2 (two) illusions in this one!!!

  16. a544jh says:

    The undershirt is stretching in an unusual way and i also see a face in it…

  17. Brenkin says:

    Actually there are two faces on the shirt. Look at the top right of it to see the profile of a guy, including a bit of hair.

  18. mrcreamy says:

    Can see 2 faces. Is there any in the shorts

  19. Anonymous says:

    I see 2 faces one on the front of the shirt and the other from the side on the right looking outwards… Why are the shorts there?

  20. Michi says:

    Oh, nice i see faces! ;-)

  21. Anonymous says:

    Can I see two faces?

  22. william says:

    I saw the face almost instantly quite cool though…

  23. jfilz says:

    How many faces do you see? I see at least 2

  24. Philman says:

    Oooh, I didn’t see it at frst and was about to go and click away from the page when I saw it out of the corner of my eye! slightly creepy! heh

  25. Anonymous says:

    Good One

  26. Anonymous says:

    theres a face!

  27. Jeff Ritzmann says:

    Yup. I see the face in the red of the shirt, but I also see the profile of a man on the right edge.


  28. Anonymous says:

    There’s a scientific explanation for this, this is caused by air moving with considerable force from an area of high pressure to an area of low pressure…

  29. Ken says:

    Is it a silhouette of a face?

  30. David Blay Pozo says:

    There is something watching youuuu (8)

  31. Anonymous says:

    lol i see it its a face on the front shirt =D

  32. Niels says:

    i dont see it

  33. Niels says:

    now i see it^^.

    now i feel stupid

  34. thymele says:

    Some times you have to face facts, if you look at something long enough you will find it. If you can’t don’t lose face, just face up to it and ask a friend. (face)

  35. Anonymous says:

    i see two distinct faces, almost a third. hmmm.

  36. Bool says:

    I see a heart

  37. lee says:

    I see it
    Well I see both :D

  38. Anonymous says:

    theres a face in it!!

  39. Bool says:

    I see a face too

  40. Freaka says:

    I actually spotted it til the 2nd time, it’s actually cool

  41. Anonymous says:

    woah, spooky
    nice :)

  42. Raymundo says:

    the face are very spooky, photoshoped!!

  43. Bander says:

    I see the profile of a face

  44. Rose Chaplin says:


  45. 123 says:

    They’re called Camis not undershirts and great illusion.

  46. Remen says:

    I see a face

  47. Mitch says:

    uh the wind is blowing against the shirt but not the shorts… definately photoshoped

  48. John says:

    Two faces.

  49. Anonymous says:

    just wanted to make sure that you saw that there are 2 faces

  50. Anonymous says:


  51. Anonymous says:

    lol,i didnt see it the first time either.
    absolutely photoshopped…but very nice indeed!

  52. K-milk says:

    There’s a face!
    Took me a few seconds to see that lol
    Not Bad

  53. Palf says:

    omg! that face is strange :P

  54. Anonymous says:

    There is a face on the right side of the shirt :)
    i like it

  55. Andreas, Cyprus says:

    it’s a face on the right shirt, looking to the right..

    Surely photoshopped though! :D

    i think we need more ‘real’ ones!

  56. Anonymous says:

    there’s 2 faces on it..

  57. John S. says:

    That is cool. I like.

  58. Bryan says:

    I see 2 so far . . .

  59. Anonymous says:

    I found the face in the shirt. Is there anything else?

  60. AmyFawkes says:

    Wow, that’s creepy! Nice illusion. :]

  61. Randy Hall says:

    I actually see two different spooky faces. Do you?

  62. Schnall says:

    Cool illusion. I won’t say what it is that’s hidden in there, but there are two of them (one front view, one side view).

  63. great snowman says:

    erm i see 2 maybe 3 faces

  64. Kevin says:

    I can see a face of some sort on the one without flowers.

  65. Anonymous says:

    i see 2 faces

  66. yummy undershirt says:

    looks photoshopped.

  67. ambiguityanon says:

    I saw only one at first but then I realized that there are two…

    that is all.

  68. Anonymous says:

    There are 2 Faces! not just one

  69. Narnia says:

    Easy as pie!!! Theres a face on the side of the shirt!! probobly photoshopped tho

  70. Wayne says:

    Nice one

  71. jinky 1967 says:

    that is so obviously photoshopped.. wouldnt call it an illusion

  72. mikej says:

    I’ve spotted 2 of it :D

  73. Anonymous says:

    which is photoshopped? the face or the background? beacause the background looks imposible for a photo.

  74. aliciacarolina1786 says:

    I saw the illusion at first time…

  75. Anonymous says:

    2 faces?

  76. Anonymous says:

    i can see 2 faces on the t shirt, a bit creepy

  77. Anonymous says:

    there is a face in the big part of the shirt then on the right side there is a profile of a face

  78. Adam says:

    It’s truly a great illusion! I saw it right away. How cool would it be if someone didn’t actually Photoshop it!?

  79. Anonymous says:

    I see a face on the front, but also a profile on the back.

  80. Anonymous says:

    ha my little brother found it to, a face in the shirt

  81. Anonymous says:

    Hehe. Found it!

  82. Debolina Mukherjee says:

    a man and a woman ?

  83. Anonymous says:

    Photoshop or not, it’s cool. You see the female face within the shirt and the male face (profile) on the side of the shirt.

  84. Anonymous says:

    Too clearly, in fact… I think they aren’t real. Photoshop, maybe…

  85. Shelob says:

    TOTALLY photoshopped. It’s cool anyway, though.

  86. Anonymous says:

    Neat! I see the man and woman (faces), but is there anything in the shorts? It seems weird to have them in the shot if not for a purpose . . .

  87. Anonymous says:

    That is very cool

  88. Anonymous says:

    that is very cool

  89. Mo says:

    I see 2 faces. One on the right side behind the strap and one on the front of the red shirt – definitely looks added. It kind of looks like a wolf face on the center of the shorts

  90. scottie2hottie says:

    So far i see 2 faces… on in the red shirt on the front, and the other on the back side of the red shirt… are there any more that i’m missing?

  91. Mackenzie says:

    I See it! There is a face in the undershirt! Look closly. I noticed that the undershirt is swaying in the wind, but the shorts are not.

  92. Dan says:

    There are two faces… one in the shading of the shirt… the other in the outside formation of the shirt…

  93. Sol O. says:

    Weird – especially if it’s not photo-shopped!

  94. nerdepresso says:

    Did u mean the girl face showing off in the undershirt?

  95. Anonymous says:

    Weird. Face in he shirt. Saw it instantly.

  96. Izzy_from florida says:

    Interesting, yet creative way to add a face!

  97. Anonymous says:

    There are two faces. nice pic!

  98. mork sjokolade says:

    yeah, i see too faces. one of a woman on the shirt’s front and a man’s face on the back/side. that’s kinda cool. but yes, photoshopped. i didn’t see it at first glance either.

  99. Anonymous says:

    Wow, that is pretty neat.

  100. mike says:

    i wont spoil it, but when you see it, it can scare, or at least startle you.

    nice illusion


  101. Anonymous says:


  102. Anonymous says:

    There’s 2. A woman’s face and maybe a man’s profile along the right side.

  103. Anonymous says:

    If you can’t see it, the dark spot in the middle of the shirt is an eye…

    I found it right away, I think if it was blended a bit more it would be more difficult to see.

  104. Anonymous says:

    face in shirt?? eh… not too spooky at all

  105. Joseph says:

    I think you mean “do you see BOTH of them?”

  106. a human says:

    hmm. there is actually two faces. kool. :)

  107. Fernando says:

    there are two faces. One in the middle of the red undershirt, and another on the far right of it.

    very cool.

  108. Anonymous says:

    Yea it is a face in the undershirt.

  109. Anonymous says:

    I would definitely say a photo shopped image. There are actually two faces. The more obvious one looking at you from the fabric, and one in profile at upper right of garment.

  110. Tiaja says:

    Very interesting. I see 2 faces, are there more?

  111. Anonymous says:

    I see two faces. Even if it was “shopped” it’s still very clever.

  112. Nick says:

    Is it the two faces in the shirt?

  113. bllfrg says:

    How many faces should I find? I see only two, but suspect there can be more of them…

  114. FaQ says:

    That is one strange shirt. And there’s two of “them” in there. (Don’t wanna spoil it for everyone.)

  115. Anonymous says:

    that one is creepy

  116. Allen says:

    I can see 2 faces (front & back) on the red undershirt

  117. Anonymous says:


  118. Kevin says:

    I didn’t see it at first but saw it in a couple of sec

    Cool (freakey??? i don;t think so)

    I tink this was defintaly Photoshopped

  119. Anonymous says:

    Very nice! I see two.

  120. Anonymous says:

    omgomg i c it kool

  121. Anonymous says:

    theres a face on the right side

  122. Anonymous says:

    I see a face :P

  123. dr21 says:

    is it a profile in the side of the shirt?

  124. alex says:

    i see two of em :]

    are there more?

  125. Anonymous says:

    i see it, omg i was like omg whats in that shirt and i was kinda freaked!!
    the face is pretty cool

  126. Mandy :) says:

    Actually, this happens to be TWO illusions :) You can see a shape of the face and he outer edge of the shirt and a shadow of one on the shirt itself :)

  127. Anonymous says:

    theres a face!

  128. Darqon says:

    found it! and the first comment too. the back of the right shirt has a face

  129. Anonymous says:

    I see 2 faces

  130. John says:

    Two faces

  131. Chris says:

    I see two faces in the undershirt, but none in the pants. Help?

  132. Anonymous says:

    That is such a Trip…love ut

  133. Anonymous says:

    Spooky face. for some reason it put me in mind of IVY from batman.

  134. Anonymous says:

    theres are faces O_O i actually see two, one is a silhouette view from the side, nose clearly obtruding to the right, the other is the cheek of a woman in the fabric itself

  135. Anonymous says:

    wow! It took me a few minutes to find it but it sure is spooky! YAY! I’m also the first commenter!

  136. Ferrari says:

    I feel dumb too xD
    I only found one little strange thing but thats no illusion or anything like that…
    I have to say it´s one of the worse illusions or I´m just to stupid to see!!! xD

  137. Anonymous says:

    Oh yes, i see it.
    Took a little bit of searching though.

  138. Nick says:

    And its not just one… I saw two spooky things at the first instant I saw this…cheers, nick

  139. Jo says:

    you mean the face?
    yeah it’s definetely photoshoped..

  140. Anonymous says:

    there is actually more than one…illusion in there.

  141. Simon says:

    Pretty cool image, clearly photoshopped…

  142. Ice says:

    yeah! i can see TWO faces:the more obvious one formed with outline of clothing (profile/silhouette)
    and i hope im not hallucinating the second one

  143. JustMe says:

    Illusion? Illusions; I see two similar ‘objects’ in it. On the other hand, it can be just me…

  144. Armando says:

    I say Photoshop, although I didn’t see it at first either.

  145. teresitabinladen says:

    Actually u cans see 2 faces… So silly.

  146. Anonymous says:

    I can see two faces, are there any more?

  147. Raeshan says:

    Mmm, doesn’t seem too hard to spot.

  148. Jinx says:

    Omg and there i was thinking it would be someone IN the dress.
    Awesome illusion
    Hint: Look on the dress

  149. Anonymous says:

    There’s a face on the red blouse

  150. Johann says:

    two things to be found ;)

  151. LinziW says:

    She looks sad…

  152. Anonymous says:

    There are at least two of them…

  153. Anonymous says:

    holy tileto a face :0

  154. paperclippe says:

    Yeah, must be shopped, but it’s still pretty cool. I was staring at it on my widget all day trying to figure out what the illusion was. XD

  155. Awesomeness says:

    That’s really cool. I looked and looked and looked some more but then I found it.

    P.S. First comment?

  156. Person says:

    OMG its a depressed Satan

  157. Anonymous says:

    2 heads are better than one?

  158. Chris says:

    I would think that was Photoshoped too. Still cool though.

  159. Mathias says:

    Oh, I see it. It’s not THAT spooky though. But yeah almost definitely a photoshop…

  160. Anonymous says:

    That is scary

  161. Anonymous says:

    i see it yayyy, yes it does look like a photoshop.

  162. Anonymous says:

    wow that is kinda weird.

  163. Chris says:

    Really cool? Was this an ad for something? Are there others like this?

  164. Bernard says:

    each clothes pin is bigger than the previous one?

  165. Anonymous says:

    I see a face in the shirt.

  166. Anonymous says:

    i found two faces… are there any more?

  167. Anonymous says:

    interesting– i like subtle illusions like this.
    they make you do a double take, kind of.

  168. Tripudelops says:

    im pretty sure i see it. thats pretty cool. it tok me at leat 10 mins to find it. nice illusion.

  169. Anonymous says:

    Wow! I didn’t notice it at first, then I looked again and BOOM! Lol. I agree, though. Probably photoshopped.

  170. jmfranco says:

    I hope this is not an spoiler to others, but here goes nothing…

    At first glance I didn’t see anything unusual but after looking for a while I discovered a ‘face’ in the fabric of the swimsuit.

    Later, when I did a new visit to MOI, I could see another ‘face’ in the same swimsuit…


  171. Catsrmything says:

    Ooooh I see it! Thats funny took me about 30 secs to find it. Thats pretty cool, not really spooky though.

  172. maxxx says:

    I see two faces – are there more?

  173. Anonymous says:

    It’s a face on the undershirt, near the bottom left of the undershirt

  174. Anonymous says:

    I see BOTH illusions… one on the back egde and the other on the flat front of the shirt.

  175. Anonymous says:

    i see 2 faces one on the right of the under shirt and one in the middle this is definetly photoshopped

  176. Wim says:

    Easy to see, but photoshopped for sure

  177. Anonymous says:


    I see 2 faces in the shirt, 1 actually in it, and the outline of one to the right of it.

    I don’t see anything in the boxers though…

  178. paddy says:

    2 womans faces, one on the back at the botton left of the top, and one pointed out from the front of the top.

  179. Anonymous says:

    There is a face in the undershirt
    but thats it right?


  180. Anonymous says:

    theres a face in the shirt, OMG lol

  181. Dan says:

    cool is it real?

  182. FixitDave says:

    There are two faces in the red top, I assume both have been Photoshopped

  183. Anonymous says:

    omg that is kinda spooky the illussion is in the right shirt

  184. Shauzia says:

    Definately photoshopped. I can’t believe how long it actually took me to see it :-D

  185. Anonymous says:

    wow. that’s wierd.
    could it be photoshopped in?

  186. Anonymous says:

    That is definately photoshop but pretty cool none the less.

  187. Anonymous says:

    nice easy to see and photoshoped but still a nice one

  188. Marilyn manson says:

    what are we seeing?

  189. trekbaby says:

    I see two faces. One on the lower section and the other a silhouette close to the strap. Excellent work!

  190. meow says:

    theres 2 faces :D
    one on the inside of the shirt and at the outside if that makes sense.. FIRST!

  191. Anonymous says:

    i see 2 faces, r there any more?

  192. Anonymous says:

    looks photoshopped

  193. Zach says:

    how many faces are there? I see 2

  194. Anonymous says:

    that’s really cool.

  195. Anonymous says:

    A Face!

  196. Anonymous says:

    There is another face in profile along the ruffles of the closest strap. There is a curl in the hair of the profile face.

  197. Anonymous says:

    The shirt in the foreground has 2 faces in it and the flowered shorts have at least one

  198. Bobo says:

    lol nice
    for ppl whocan’t see it top right of the shirt near the string

  199. Anonymous says:

    wow no comments on this! i dont blame em on this one.. i agree must be photoshopped. its too perfect.

  200. Tsaukpaetra says:

    Yeah, I wonder who that is…
    Just a freaky gust of wind, no photoshopping necessary! :)

  201. Justin says:

    i see a face

  202. chris says:

    (= Not to sure if id call a face spooky…however I think I see 2 of them

    One on the upper back of the shirt its a side view of a face then the one on the lower part that is the front

  203. Anonymous says:

    it’s two faces… a woman’s face is on the stomach of the suit and a man’s face is on the back of the suit’s left shoulder strap…

  204. AlloX says:

    Yeah, I can see two faces !

  205. w!ck3dkl0wn says:

    can you say PHOTOSHOP?!?! OMG !!

  206. Richard Brice says:

    Yeah, definitely doctored. The bit where the strap becomes hair doesn’t make sense. And even if one of the faces was genuine, what’s the chances of another appearing? Hmmm, don’t think so.

  207. ace technologie says:

    Indeed i see too faces in the T-shirt :) i can’t be sur if there is no others !

  208. Anonymous says:

    the face in the shirt

  209. Heather says:

    that so cool!! it took me a while to finally get it!! but that soo cool!! lok first comment!!! yeah!!

  210. Heath says:

    The face in the shadow on the back? Meh, pretty ok but definitely not the best.

  211. Tripman says:

    Not too shabby, two faces?

  212. Anonymous says:

    There are at least two faces in the picture. One on the flat and one the side out line on the edge facing the right.

  213. Tristan says:

    Not too shabby, two faces?

  214. Jesse says:

    I only saw one face at first..then noticed a second one looking out of the back of the shirt.

  215. TheCookieMaker says:

    I don’t know if it is spooky but it is an interesting effect

  216. Anonymous says:

    a face ^^

  217. Elizabeth says:

    I like it! Even if it is PhotoShopped, it is pretty awsum!

  218. Anonymous says:

    is it just the face?

  219. Priscila says:

    i can’t see..

  220. Kath says:

    i c lady’s face on the red top..

  221. Andrew says:

    I can see two; one in profile and one detailed in two third

  222. Kates says:

    I see it! That’s pretty cool, even if it is photoshopped.

  223. Renatus says:

    Great illusion, Excellent website! I enjoy it everyday.

  224. Front says:


  225. Bini says:

    ooo spooky face on the shirt @_@; found it

  226. Anonymous says:

    thre are two faces… very nice. Ilike it

  227. Anushika says:

    Is it the face in the shirt?

  228. Czr says:

    nice designs =P

  229. Anonymous says:

    Cool – There’s 2 faces.

  230. Anonymous says:

    I see two faces (one on the fabric, the other a profile on the edge). Interesting but not “spooky”. Did I miss one?

  231. ray says:

    Outline of a face?

  232. Anonymous says:

    OoOoo thats kinda creepy.. I dont like that..lol

  233. Anonymous says:

    there are more than one of said illusion in this one

  234. Ankh Goddess says:

    Awesome! It had to have been CGI, but still, awesome!

  235. Anonymous says:

    beautiful picture, lovely face :)

  236. Anonymous says:

    two faces right?

  237. Anonymous says:

    I see three faces… the obvious one protruding from the shirt, then a drawing on the shirt, and lastly it looks kind of like a face on the shorts where the zipper would be. Amazing!

  238. Laura says:

    I see it… wasn’t that hard to find. And yea I think it was photoshopped for sure lol! But still kinda neat.

  239. Anonymous says:

    I see two faces, one on the right edge of the blouse and one next to the fold near the bottom. Are there any more?

  240. Anonymous says:

    I see two faces in the red bathing suit, and nothing on the trousers….I wouldn’t really classify this as spooky per say….

  241. Anonymous says:

    theres two faces one in the bottom left of the shirt and another on the top right outline of the shirt

  242. Ryan says:

    Took some time but now i can see2 faces.

  243. sean says:

    I see 2 faces. One front on the back of the shirt and one in profile on the upper right edge.

  244. JosueTijuana says:

    you meant the face sticking into the shirt ??

    that isint spooky >.<

  245. Anonymous says:

    at first i thought this was pretty worthless, then i seen the face! kind of cool

  246. Casper en Cindy says:

    I see two faces! Both in the under shirt. The first is on the right as a silhouette. The second one is in the middle of the shirt, you can see an eye, mouth, nostril and a cheek.
    gr. Casper

  247. d says:

    Very nice! The face right?

  248. Alba says:

    Yeah! I see two faces…nice

  249. Anonymous says:

    Nice. A female face and a male silhouette on the top. I see nothing special on the shorts.

  250. Anonymous says:

    Nice! There’s at least two faces there that I can see: One at the right-edge of the top, outlined against the blue; one at the center of the top, nearer the left hand side, partially covered by the way the top is folded.

  251. pavi says:

    oh thats my face haha, at the right of the cloth

  252. Basioh says:

    is it the face on the right?

  253. Anonymous says:

    screw people who say first comment.

    hehe. ok ok… i have no idea what I’m looking at.

  254. Markus says:

    Really looks photoshopped.

    Though not really that exciting.

  255. Anonymous says:

    Scary face!

  256. Frank says:

    Really Cool. Like the face in the shirt.

  257. Anonymous says:

    I see two faces! One just under the right strap and the other just to the left of center. I think there must be atleast a little more to it though. It’s nice to have a small, simple illusion every now and then; you must work hard always trying to find so many illusions! Good job though, keep it up.

  258. Anonymous says:

    I can see two faces (man & woman) should I see anything else?

  259. Anonymous says:

    I see the womans face and I also see a mans profile on the right string upper top. Photo shop…

  260. Greg says:

    Like this one! I’m seeing a woman’s face on the front of the shirt, and a guy’s face at the side of the shirt. Anyone got anything in the shorts?

  261. Anonymous says:

    I see two faces in the first undershirt … There is something else to see ?

  262. Max says:

    actually, i spotted 2 faces in that pic. Are there more?

  263. Anonymous says:

    Nice one… I see two faces in the front shirt. Is there something on the other one, too?

  264. Nick says:

    This thing screams photoshop to me. Nice illusion though. Love the site by the way, I have the iGoogle app installed :D

  265. Anonymous says:

    I found 2 faces

  266. Anonymous says:

    Hmmm i see 2 faces!

  267. Paco Ramírez says:

    Hi. Yes, I can see two faces.

  268. Anonymous says:


    At first i didn’t see it, but now i can’t look passed it..

  269. bec says:

    oh yeah i can see two faces! awesome
    yeah ur right. light.

  270. emilskydsgaard says:

    no doubt, fixed – bad

  271. Rosa Nguyen says:

    I see two faces. D:

  272. Paradoxal says:

    yes, it took me about 10 seconds… =D

  273. Heijru says:

    I like it ^_^

  274. Anonymous says:

    i can see at least three faces, is there more than that?

  275. Pando says:

    i can actually see 2 faces, 1 is the outline and the other is on the shirt

  276. Tony says:

    Suddenly I see two ‘surprises’ in the orange shirt, but what about the red shorts…? Do I miss something?

  277. Anonymous says:

    oh…i c it…at first i didnt get it and because u said ‘spooky’ i was kinda scared that something was going to pop up…i finally found wat i was looking for though…ur right, i do feel kinda dumb for not seeing such an obvious illusion at first glance…u cant even believe that u missed the first time round…

  278. newnoob says:

    a face is formed on the right. right?

  279. Anonymous says:

    Two faces… But no doubt photoshopped!

  280. Ciaran says:

    The face at the back I assume?

  281. Anonymous says:

    Two faces, and indeed photoshopped

  282. Anonymous says:

    ooooh theres a face!!!

    i like it!

  283. cronic_005 says:

    the face looks nice,,,indeed it looks like its been photoshopped,,
    anyway good luck with your site, i think its awesome,,everyday i browse through your illusions,,

    much respect from holland

  284. draigbiker says:

    2 faces, must be photoshopped.

  285. Anonymous says:

    Nice one…I like it…found 2 faces…anything else?

  286. Michelle says:

    I don’t know about you all, but when the piture was small, I only saw 1, but when the picture was enlarged….OMG I saw the 2nd one! AWSOME

  287. Ann says:

    I see a woman’s face in the shirt and a man’s face facing out in the top right.

  288. Christian says:

    think there are two illusions

  289. Batman says:

    Photoshopped… twice :)

  290. Kaare Bertelsen Dantoft says:

    ahh, nice faces :-) Had it only been the one on the right it could have been natural, but the woman seems realy fake. But nice picture in deed

  291. Basioh says:

    o, and there’s one on the left too! :P

  292. Anonymous says:

    I see 2 faces !!!! :|

  293. Anonymous says:

    Thats a spooky face on it but a good one all the same

  294. Anonymous says:

    How many illusions should this picture hold? I spoted two. If someone can find more please comment and i’ll take another look at this.

    -metsän peikko-

  295. Anonymous says:

    Face isn’t it? Spotted it almost immediately.

  296. jldandrea says:

    There’s a man’s face looking to the right.

  297. YEA says:

    pretty cool:) i used about 5 sek to see it.

  298. vbarata says:

    Hmm… There are at least two faces hidden in the larger one… Couldn’t find anything else. Seems photoshop alright.

  299. Anonymous says:

    I see a face on the caraco and the contour of caraco we can see a different face

  300. Anonymous says:


  301. Maik says:

    There are faces in the red skirt

  302. Arta says:

    A person’s face?Woman’s??RIGHT?:D Cool

  303. . :: RazoR :: . says:

    I can see 2 faces, maybe there are more

  304. lou says:

    nice but obviously photoshopped!!

  305. Zerlinda R says:

    super creepy

  306. Anonymous says:

    Woah I so didn’t see that coming. At first I thought it was just an undershirt and some shorts, but wow.

  307. Kay says:

    Thats defently photoshopped. But quiet good. But i can only see the tho faces in the shirt in the foregraund.

  308. hydrohead says:

    What bugs me the most about this one, is why are shorts even there? Are they there just to make it look more like cloths hanging out to dry, or is something hidden in them as well?

  309. Kevin says:

    I saw the one on the left first

  310. Anonymous says:

    wow right when i scrolled down to look i already saw it its not really spooky.

  311. lisa p :] says:

    i looked at this yesterday and i just saw the woman’s face on the left.
    but i looked at some of the comments and i cant believe i missed the man’s silhouette on the right! wow!
    hahah congrats on 323 comments! or 324 as of now? thats amazing! haha


  312. Anonymouse says:

    There’s a face in the middle of the undershirt. Also look at the right side of it; you will see something familiar. :-)

  313. Groupe says:

    Most of you see one face, i can see 2 faces ! Maybe there are 3 ?

  314. Anonymous says:

    I see two faces, freaky!

  315. Anonymous says:

    there are also faces in the blue clips!

  316. Anonymous says:

    i see two faces…on the red t-shirt…its not scary….to me

  317. Meester Prikkebeen says:

    There are two faces on the shirt AND there is a girl ‘hanging’ on the shorts, just in the middle. Her head seems to be the knot in the middle at the top. She is holding a little black handbag in her hand. She looks like she is walking away.

    vr gr mr Prik

  318. Funkay says:

    AHHHHH! FACES! FACES!!!!!!!! 2

  319. Anonymous says:

    2 easy! saw 2 faces right away.

  320. the unkown says:

    hey i could see 2 faces in the right shirt
    and 1 face in the left short

    if only i could show u guys ull know what i min

  321. lolsxD says:

    oohh i see the face on the short!
    its near the last blue clip

  322. MistyStar says:

    I saw four faces! Two on the shorts and two on the shirt. On the shorts they look like childrens faces!

  323. Frank says:

    Yes theres a face, but theres also a penis on the panties… lol.

  324. jonathon says:

    it is photoshopped

  325. Edward says:

    Everyone keeps saying that this is photoshopped, but I think the image is actually a painting.

  326. Umbreon985 says:

    cool! don’t you think its kinda spooky that it was turned in with no additional description? maybe I just have a mind that works like that, but still…

  327. Someone says:

    I see a Face and a person

  328. sizwe says:

    the face in in the shirt

  329. unknown says:

    i don’t find it spooky but it’s nice

  330. iamino617 says:

    *wide eyes* Theyre watching us. *dissapears into thin air*

  331. kitty says:


    the faces on the shorts look like dog faces. if they’r there at all =P

  332. tacos says:


  333. Shaleha says:


  334. DaEgg says:

    Saw the face! I originally thought it was that the swim suite was blowing in the wind, but not the shorts, then saw a face.

  335. Gman says:

    EZ I saw it as soon as I scrolled down.

  336. Gman says:

    Yo there r faces on the clips 2. LMAO. lol.

  337. person says:

    i can see 2

  338. haclo says:

    there is two faces, one in the shirt and one on the side

  339. asianpearlkeeper says:

    there are 2 faces in the singlet.Definitely photoshopped but cool.

  340. u bum says:

    wats so bad about it

  341. Axel says:

    55 peope saw a face, 29 run to hide under the bed and 1 woman got her laundry famous

  342. mrscorcher1 says:

    two faces

  343. KLB says:

    i see a skull

  344. Meg says:

    That is so kewl. didnt take me to long to see it.lol :D

  345. kat says:

    2 faces so easy!

  346. cool froggy says:

    that was scary! didnt see it at first lol :]

  347. Harper says:

    There is a silhouette of a man’s face near the top right side of the shirt…There is a woman’s face in the belly of the shirt…There is a mans face at an angle on the shorts…if you pay attention to the draw strings you can see the one eye to the rt one in the middle of the strings and a nose in the fold…I guess you could even say the clips have faces…lol

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