Spinning Red Bricks Optical Illusion

Ah Sunday, a day of rest and reflection , and hopefully that is what you all are doing today! There is an old song from the 1980s that talks about how someone can spin someone else around like a record. Now, with today’s optical illusion, that is exactly what you get! You spin me right round baby! How do you get to spin around? Why all you have to do is stare directly into the center of this red brick optical illusion, and your eyes are going to see the tiles slowly starting to spin in a circle!

Spinning Red Bricks Optical Illusion

Pretty cool right? Now do us a big favor, if you all get dizzy from this spinning red squares optical illusion, we want you to tell us so. Please remember, we love to hear that our optical illusions are loved by all of you, and comments are the best way to do it!

Ready for a 3-D optical illusion involving a banana? This banana optical illusion is guaranteed to make your eyes get a workout, but it really is worth it! Stare hard at the center of the banana, and all will be revealed! Once you are done, post a comment below and have a great Sunday!

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