Spiders On a Roof

There’s a great chance you’ve already seen this somewhere, but it would be a shame if we missed covering the newest illusion featuring spiders! Science artist Marlin Peterson recently created astonishing 3d chalk drawing (trompe l’oeil painting) of harvestmen spiders. These daddy longlegs, as some like to call them were paintedĀ atop the Seattle Center Armory, which is located right underneath Seattle’s Space Needle. I’m just curious will these be visible on Google Maps, once they update their satellite imagery?

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  1. Cool pic :) But to correct you on one thing, while they are Arachnids, harvestmen are order Opiliones, not spiders, which are members of the order Araneae.

  2. Vurdlac, those are not spiders. Daddy long legs (harvestmen) are in the order Opiliones; therefore they are not spiders, which are members of the order Araneae.

    1. To increase the confusion: daddy longlegs are not harvestmen, but spiders of the order Pholcidae. The animals shown are harvestmen or opiliones.

  3. Those aren’t daddy long legs, daddy long legs have wings don’t they?

    Nice illusion though, even if only helicopters can see it…

    1. You’re probably thinking of what we call ‘Mosquito Hawks’ or ‘Crane Flies’ not to be confused with the other similar insect called a ‘Crane Fly’ as well.
      And these arachnids painted here are called daddy longlegs here and aren’t spiders, but there is a spider species also called a ‘harvestman’ or ‘daddy longlegs’.
      That’s the problem with common names for species, names of things change depending on where you live. ;P

  4. OMG! I live in seattle and have been atop the space needle, but thought those were just models. I think it’s just amazing to draw attention like that.

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