Smoke? No thanks, I hate fish!

Got this photo from Laura Hales, and wanted to share it with you. I believe this time the photo was manipulated, but never the less it’s freaking awesome! Maybe it would be even cooler if the smoke took form of a cancer (crab). Line that goes with this illusion should be: “Don’t smoke, or you’ll die.. from Fish Attack!” Yeah, I know my line is incredibly cheesy and pathetic, but I made it up in a sec. You people can think of much better line for this photo. Please do, and be sure to share your idea through comments! Also, check previous awesome smokin’ illusion.

Btw, when I asked for brainstorming in my previous post, I never thought your ideas could be so professional and helpful (shame on me)! Alicia, Sara, Tysss, Strawberry, Csieuchand and especially Shawn had some really quality ideas. As you see Shawn, I have immediately integrated your idea in my “Featured Post”, and Alicia, I have already contacted the person you recommended to me. All of you that still believe I don’t read all comments, I hope I proved you wrong :P If you have a website, please check the website widget from featured post above (but it can also be found in the sidebar). If you decide to test it, be sure to send me your link and screenshot, so we can show others how you successfully integrated the gadget (and send you additional traffic ;)

Click Here for a RANDOM Optical Illusion

35 Replies to “Smoke? No thanks, I hate fish!”

  1. this only took me a sec too but how about smoking – hooked like a fish, and has potential with being reeled in and taken out

  2. That’s the winner of a Worth1000 contest called “Eyes get in your smoke” or something. They probably cropped it to get rid of the logo.

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