Slim-Fast Optical Illusion

My last post started a really meaningful discussion, which I’m glad it did. I’m also very proud of you for keeping the discussion at civilised level, refraining yourselves from throwing insults at those not sharing same views.

As a reward, let me share this interesting illusion friend of mine found on Instagram. Since this is all the information I have on it, there isn’t much to say – except perhaps we can discuss what it could represent? Do you think it was intended as and ad for some sort of diet product? An art exhibition piece, perhaps? What do you think? BTW, I always have difficulty coming up with titles for these kind of general illusions. What do you think would be a perfect line for this? Spill your ideas! We can use the best one, and replace our current “Slim-Fast” headline with it.

42 Replies to “Slim-Fast Optical Illusion”

  1. Nice to see it’s not just the bone thin models that are body painted. Although it’s ironic that she was painted to be thin O_o

    As for a title I’m not even going there as yours is the most appropriate without offending :P

  2. Body paint for a title….

    For what it is worth, when we were in Mexico several years ago, they were selling “bathing suit cover-ups” with “model” figures printed on the fronts and backs, lining up so your own head came through at the appropriate place… The cover-up was like, a big rectangle of fabric joined at the shoulders and sides with arm and head holes.

  3. What is the extra mat she is laying on for? Its it how big sshe used to be? She has a BAR coaster in front of the sun glasses.I dont beleive she got the slim fast from there.I dont know what I would call this post.Maybe it dont belong with optical illusions.

    1. Beverly, she is not on an extra mat. That extra is the parts of her body they painted to look ike mat to camoflage it. Oh & that’s not a coaster but rather the top of her drink in her cocktail glass.

  4. Heh I like, I always like the body art pieces you post on here.

    Judging by the smile on her face and the tone of the picture I would guess it was an advertising pic for a dieting product, but it could easily be interpreted as a more meaningful picture saying people can be beautiful inside no matter their external body shape.

  5. I cannot believe I was in love with her agasht she really is not real. I mean to say she is not as ig as I have begun to make out. What is my mummy going to do with all the wedding presents

  6. In reply to Janet does the model pay extra for the amount of bodily fluid she gives off. OMG I cannot believe I was going to marry a body painting. Anyway I still think she looks alluring in that body paint. Lets not be hurtfull this woman for the sake of putting her five kids through Primary School has sacrificed her dignity to allow all of us silly people to wallow in her misfortune.
    Well she is really

  7. They should have tried harder to make everything aligned properly. Unless I am very far away or have my glasses off, the fact that she is painted is plain as day.

  8. To me it represents how all of us overweight people feel. It’s all in personal perception and if you’re able to look past your extras and feel good about yourself, then good for you.

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