Six Pillars Optical Illusion

Merlijn S.V.P. was kind enough to submit us this simple, yet effective illusion. Can you count how many columns (pillars) this building has? Which ones are infront, and which are behind? It’s hard to decide, right? This work was obviously inspired be M.C. Escher, maybe even done by him, as far as I know. Did you like this one? Don’t forget to submit any real life illusions you might have on your computer, so we can share them with our community. Thanks – Vurdlak.

six pillars

Click Here for a RANDOM Optical Illusion

23 Replies to “Six Pillars Optical Illusion”

  1. 6 pillars but b/c they are criss cross it is hard to tell wether they are in front or in back. Would enjoy seeing this in real life.

  2. i really like this one. only noticed the pillars switched directions when I looked in the middle of the monument thing…

  3. The pillars on the far left and right are normal. The 2 pillars with the base in the back could be tilted towards the camera and slightly wider at the bottom and thinner at the top giving it the appearance of the same size and vice versa for the ones tilted away.

    However, being a drawing, it can be whatever the artist wanted it to be.

  4. It’s very simple but for those with problems, to put it simply 6 pillars the are not going straight vertically they are going across it from one side to the other “diagonally”

  5. I think it’s a combination of lighting and shading effects to make this image look perplexing. The key is to look at the bottom of either of the two middle pillars and follow to the top, keeping in mind the position of the pillar’s base and the pillar’s top. ^^

  6. there are six columns but the ones that are touching the top at the back are touching the bottom at the front and the same with the others so they are going criss cross which makes it hard to count.
    But there is six altogether.
    It is very simple if you think about it. bye;)

  7. The columns are not in front or back, they are actually on an angle which gives the illusion they are at the front and the back simultaneously

  8. There is a peacock at the bottom right of the picture, only if you stare at the leaves. Am I the only one that sees the peacock? Answer please if not

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