Forex Scam Warning

balcony-illusion-1People are sheep. Why am I telling you this? Over the years, in periods when economy gets worse, I noticed a rising trend of forex-based-scams. These are advanced-pyramidal schemes, where so called “businessmen” convince you, you will get sky-rocket return if you invest your money in oil/gold/food/currencies.. marketplace.

But the real truth is that your money goes directly to some Panama-based crooks, and investors like you get portions of payments from other members, until new members stop pouring in.

You see how unsustainable this is? I’ve seen so many people in my surrounding that fall for this, and think someone is dealing gold, currency and money options for them to get rich. After a while these companies stop paying you your monthly return, always using excuses that involve “there is a different law in different regions“, “our system got hacked“, etc… But what is even worse, then these offshore companies close their office, leave you in debt and *wait to hear this: open a new company with similar name, and start all over again. You would be surprised how many people do it over and over again, ending up in big debts.

Why am I telling you all this? I became aware how big our audience here at Mighty Optical Illusions really is, and apart from sharing fun stuff, my responsibility should also be to transfer knowledge and education as much as I can. If not for anything else, then at least to protect you from future errors in your life. Whenever someone approaches you with these affiliate-based “investments“, alarm should be triggered in your head in no-time! What angers me, despite my knowledge and research, when I try to explain this to anyone excited about forexfinanza, forex-this, and forex-that they simply won’t listen, and end up loosing great sums of money! Don’t worry – I never fell for any of these… For today’s illusion, I think pictures speak for themselves. Which way is the man facing? Can you tell?


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  1. Greetings,
    Love the site! I trade forex myself full-time and forex itself is not a scam, it’s people in other areas that use the forex name to cover up their ponzi schemes! :) I love forex and it pays me well, keep up the great work!

  2. Yes, Jason. But the problem is you can’t directly trade goods on the open exchange market, and the intermediates (you’d be surprised that even forex dot com is shady) are the ones that redirect the funds to their pocket

    1. I think the man is facing out, and the floor is tiled on BOTH sides with no visible foundation. Or maybe the foundation is invisable?

  3. I’ve just changed my home page to and discovered your daily illusion. I now look forward to it every morning I “boot” up my system. Now that you’re sharing your knowledge along with your entertainment is even better! Thanks for being you!!


  4. Before investing any amount, with anyone, for any reason, do your own homework! Research, investigate, educate yourself about the product, the broker, and any other aspects of the investment. Spend the time before you spend your money! Like today’s illusion, these con-men can appear to be something they are not.

  5. People have themselves to blame as well. A lot of them want to make money without being prepared to work for it. They see forex as some kind of ‘get rich quick’ scheme that can solve their money problems.

    Debts + laziness + greed = easy target for scammers to take even more money off you.

  6. I agree TradingDiary.

    This illusion is awesome. BTW: AT 1st i thought it was fliptarded and yes i just came up with that lol I am not trying to offend special needs people

  7. I am sorry, I understand that you have a life outside of this blog but when you did that survey to see if people actually wanted to hear about your private life you promised you would designate a paragraph for private stuff and a paragraph for the illusion. Please stick with your promises. I really do not care about your problems with pyramid schemes.

  8. I can’t believe people are giving you a hard time for spreading good advice. Some folks will complain not matter what. Keep up the good work!

  9. If you don’t exactly understand how the money is made: Don’t invest. And never iinvest money that isn’t ypurs in the first place. It isn’t too hard.

    Furthermore, I do agree with the poeple saying tyhat your “paragraph” on the illusion itself is rather scarce today…

  10. hey anon, he could stop posting the illusions altogether, and he’s right, this one should speak for itself; ie: you should never need a paragraph for this one… Evil Troll…

    anyways, always liked this illusion, nice to see it portrayed with one human on either side this time, helps illustrate it pretty well for anyone that may of had problems seeing it in the original concept. nice irony Mike, the ad there is priceless :)

    I’ve always liked pyramid schemes, mostly because I think they’re funny, but I do guess there is nothing really that funny about them when they work… I had never suspected that anyone would actually fall for them, they’re so ludicrous, and some of the claims they make,are just too funny to believe… thousands of $$$ a day?? as if… maybe for the guy that started it.

  11. I did not get it at first at all….but then when i went to the gallerie it seemes that any side could be a balcony….good job i loved this one and i agree lets not have any finger ones it did trick me and i did not get but i let it go because it was boring but this illusion today was awesome….and lets see more

  12. Just a final comment: Vurdlak has provided a much observed and enjoyed form of entertainment. Those who follow his blog do so because they enjoy the material he provides. Having so many readers worldwide following his work, it’s difficult not to take a moment to express strongly held beliefs, and warnings of potential danger to his audience. For those who do not want Vurdlak’s advice/opinion, simply ignore it or don’t read it. However, to the man who feels the need warn others about pending dangers, please do so! If more people would do the best that they can to protect their fellow man, what a better world we would have. Illusions are interesting and entertaining, but they also provide a little insight into the way the human mind works. We often see only what we want to see, and ignore the obvious right in front of us. Once the illusion is revealed, it becomes harder to fool the eye and the mind with the same “trick”. In this manner, I thank Mr Vurdlak for revealing the real life illusions in the investing field which have already fooled so many with tragic results.

  13. There is a new scam I heard from a friend at work. He got a call from some number in Pennsylvania. It is some man calling to say you owe a debt and you have to pay it immediately. But they way he wants payment is by you getting a visa gift card (like from wal-mart) with a couple of hundred dollars then give him that cards number over the phone. He threatened my friend for several minuets because he said he was a fraud. The man is very rude and threatens the police will take you away and that he will kill you and your family. Many people have fallen for this. Don’t be a victim. No one can threaten you like this, if it is true demand paper work be sent to your house.

  14. While your intent is good, be carful about wanting to “transfer knowledge and education” to your audience. On most topics, you don’t know as much as you think. Many in the audience may be real experts on a given topic. Advice given with good intent but half-baked knowledge can be bad, harmful, or at least annoying. People come here to see optical illusions. You don’t need to educate them with all the information that you may have picked up here and there. Especially stay away from religion and politics related issues.

  15. I lost $3500 to a similar scheme 2 years ago. My own fault. I was 18, broke and going to college. A friend at the time convinced me of this grand plan that would double my money within weeks. I put the $3500 on my VISA thinking it would sit there for maybe at most 3 months. I fell for their stupid speech, and plan. I didn’t do my homework and I let my own greed get the best of me. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS QUICK AND EASY MONEY (legally). Don’t fall for stupid shit like this. I wish I knew more about the law and whatnot and see if maybe I could get even a portion of the money back as the company is still up and operating in Canada to this day. Company is called BIM Corporation for those interested. Its probably the one thing I regret the most over the last few years. As it has limited me on a lot of the purchases I could have had by now if this large amount of debt hadn’t of been put on my credit card

  16. I saw a different optical illusion!
    I see the man’s backside, but is he leaning on a huge platform or matress? Or is he looking down into a deep abyss?

  17. I agree with Manja. When i first saw the shadow image, i could see 4 diffrent images!

    1. Man leaning on a counter or something.
    2. Man looking down from floor above.
    3. Camera looking at man from below, with man on the other side of railings.
    4. Camera looking at man from below, with man about to jump – probably commit suicide! lol.

    Does anyone else see what i see?

  18. This is a person’s blog, so he has the pleasure to write whatever he wishes. Of course he wants to keep his audience, but you can’t please them all. I agree with Mr. G, this is For Your Entertainment-enterainment is the operative word here.

  19. The man is standing on the black square and looking away. You can tell because you can see his feet. Looking at the other picture of him facing you, he has no feet. Good illusion.

  20. Love the illusions…personal blog idea is OK – not a fan of the Forex scam warning. There are enough places online and in real life to immerse ourselves in all the bad news/stuff out there. Nice to have a site I can just go to and have fun without all that…

  21. For the first time in this blog I really don’t know what’s going on. Why are people so angry about the Vurdlak’s introductory text? Why did some of folks here get offended with some knowledge and advices? Someone tell me, please.

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