Side-Car Optical Illusion

Back in February, I promised I’ll post another one of them marvelous animated submission E. Dubya aka elvisweathercock created. Have to admit I completely forgot about my promise, but I believe it’s never too late fixing these kind of errors! So here you go… see what Crazy Car (one we already blogged about) looks like when being in action! The illusion isn’t subtle – on the contrary! It’s immediately obvious something strange is going on with them wheels. But what I found more interesting, when observing the showcased animation, your brain has trouble realizing what your eyes immediately understood. P.S. This isn’t the only illusion present – which way do you see the car driving? Is it both?

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  1. Im sorry but this is not impressive. I see the car moving in one direction, that is in the direction the tires are pointed, and the car is sideways, as well as the passengers. I see them only moving in the direction to the right of the passengers. The only way i can remotely see an illusion is if i blur my eyes and make the wheels so out of focus that you cant tell where they are pointed. All this is, is a car with sideways wheels.

  2. I spoke too soon. please ignore my other comment. This illusion is subtle. I thought they were trying to make it look like the car was traveling the way the car is faced. Instead, depending on how you look at it, it can be going either direction of the road. Toward the left or the right. Sneaky.

    1. actually, look at the lane line that they pass. If you are to disregard the line, you can see the car traveling both ways. But adding the line causes the car to move to the right.

  3. Well the car is driving the correct way as it is a British car, assuming it is in some British territory or something. Just depends which country it is in.

  4. If I focus on the road markings, it is definitely going right. If I look anywhere else it is going either way and I can switch at will anytime.

  5. WHERE’S THE ILLUSION ? That’s just a car with wheels sideway.
    If I draw a man with a hand instead of his right ear will it be an illusion ?

  6. if you look at the cars wheels with the lines on the road the car appears to be travelling to the left of the passengers. If you look at the top of the car the raod shoulder dirt part makes it seem to be travelling right. Depending where you look you dismiss the other part be it lines or shoulder. so it goes both right and left and there for is chuck norris’s car.

  7. Crazy illusion. Reminds me of a cartoon, With cars and wheels going in all different directions! Look at it long enough the car goes backwards.I just don’t know if it was worth all the work to make it……….

  8. My brain didn’t have any trouble processing this. From an “illusion” standpoint — it is the lame and one of the worst I’ve seen in years.

  9. Looking at the brown grass or dirt along the side of the road . . . I can make it go by to the right or the left, which makes the car seem to travel to the right or the left.

  10. This is one of those illusions that really shocks your mind when you first see it. It’s something totally unexpected.

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