The Shining Optical Illusion

I just found an optical illusion that actually threw me off a little bit. I stared ¬†at this image, wondering what the optical illusion was and I came close to closing out of it and dragging it to the recycle bin, but I decided to post it. I was a bit shocked when I realized what happened. Stop reading this text right now, scroll down and patiently watch this optical illusion and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about. No cheating, go look right now!

The Shining Optical Illusion

Now, this is a pretty cool picture and it’s taken from a movie that I really enjoy: The Shining. You see, I’m a pretty big fan of horror movies and this is definitely a creepy movie. If you’re a fan of horror movies, you’ll know that this is a classic one. Even though I liked this image, I didn’t know if it would work well on the site, but then I remembered that this is actually an optical illusion. You see, these are called cinemagraph optical illusions. If you like this image, you should use it on a message board or anywhere you’re active online. It will definitely catch people off-guard and they will love it.

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15 Replies to “The Shining Optical Illusion”

  1. I wouldn’t call it an illusion,but really cool,
    if his face turned into something else,it would
    have been better,cool and creepy at the same

  2. I am not quite what you wouod call a big Steohen King or Jack Niclkeson fan, so to me it just came across as Creepy…

  3. I can’t see how this is an illusion either. A touch creepy, but that’s it. Aside from that, oddly, I’m also very tired of this:

    “Do you like this optical illusion? If you do, you should leave a rating or a comment below to let us know.”

    Why did that have to start? Annoyingly solicitous.

  4. Basically the moment you look away, you see movement in your peripheral vision, but it might be back to normal by the time you focus on it, which throws of a few people.

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