Shigeo Fukuda’s “Legs”

Late Shigeo Fukuda is missed by many, as he passed away back in 2009. Still, his works continue having life of their own. They even managed to surpass the author himself. One such poster made by Shigeo are the male/female legs I posted below. In its simplicity, this transformation is simply perfect. Just try and think for a second where one set of legs ends and the other begins. I haven’t even started with the philosophical background it holds…

14 Replies to “Shigeo Fukuda’s “Legs””

  1. If you are going to mention that something has a philosophical background, then maybe you should get into the fucking philosophical background it holds. Moron.

  2. Its so hard to focus on the white leg because the black leg will disappear. And its also hard to focus on the black leg because the white leg disappears. Nevertheless, its nice!

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