45 Replies to “Shades Illusion”

  1. Duh. If you stare at where the black and yellow lines meet, you will be able to notice that it’s the same shade.

    1. DUH!!! If you don’t waste too much time staring and just look at the picture, you’ll see they are orange bars – NOT YELLOW!!

  2. *cough cough cough* Yes Mr.Noticetheobvious, would you kindly point out the yellow lines in the picture? I think my eyes are failing me.

  3. There is only ONE color of green and ONE ORANGE and ONE black :p… the illusion is that it looks like the lower green is darker than the upper green…

  4. Yeh, cuz the black lines are in between the bottom greens, but if you look at both the greens together you can tell they’re the same, its good though :)

  5. the illusion isnt that good to be mean to each other yellow and orange what ever close enough caugh*** caugh**** dont mess with me

  6. Mr.Noticetheobvious if you really noticed the obvious you would notice there is no yellow in this picture, but orange

  7. cough* cough* cough* we’re not mean, it’s just that stupid Mr. Didnotnoticethemostobvious should look carefully before he says something.

  8. Tell me if I am colour blind but I think that there is only 3 colours. Orange,green and black. I SEE NO YELLOW HERE!!!!God people drink more coffee to stay awake!!!


  10. um yah if u compare one line of the bottom green to the top u then can tell that they are the same color ! mny guess is that the black makes the bottom green look darker then the top

  11. To ;) — Don’t use “color-blind” as a slur. I am partially color-blind & at times it’s hell. Many things in life are color-coded, & I have to ask strangers to help me.

  12. I see that everyone is ANGRY at the person who just said YELLOW. But, please have some forgiveness of his/her FAILures and forgive…OH WHAT THE HECK! IT’S FUCKING YELLOW FOR HEAVEN SAKE!

    1. Watch the language please!!! My four year old cousin looks on this site with me. Now he is asking me what that word means! The F****** means!!

  13. Its because the black kinda surrounds the green, so it makes the green look darker because our eyes carry over the darkness of the black into the green. Same thing with the ORANGE NOT YELLOW bars only lighter.

  14. By the way if the post here is waaaaaaayyyyyyy past,well I see how this simple illusion with three colors turned out to be large argument.

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