“See No Evil” Afterimage Billboards

Amnesty International, whose clever ideas we’ve already posted on this site before (dozen of times), released another brave campaign under the title: “See no Evil”. Billboards they printed, show afterimage optical illusions. When you first look at the seemingly unrelated black shape, you probably won’t recognize anything interesting. But if you know how afterimages work, then you’ll immediately see some of the worlds most notorious villains. Concentrate at the red cross at the center of each image, and after a minute, move your eyes and look at some white surface (wall, paper, ceiling… ). After few seconds you’ll be able to see negative of the black shape, which will form face of the very familiar “celebrity”. There are 5 different posters inside this article, can you recognize all the villains they picture? This campaign greatly reminds me of Veja Magazine’s promotional posters (part I, part II, part III).

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  1. First Comment again Baby!!!

    I saw Osama Bin in the second picture.

    Bush should to be there too.

    Crazy man..

  2. First is Bush (Not a villian and that is insulting that he is up here) Second is Teh president of Iran, Third is The Leader of N. Korea, Fourth is the president of Russia and the last one I am not sure

  3. I am an American, and am NOT offended to see Bush up there. I beleive he is unfit to be President of this country, and am personally counting the days until he is out of office.

  4. Bush, Akmadinijad (spelling?), Kim Jong Il (spelling?), Putin, and I don’t know the last one… although it could be Chavez… I feel like he’s the real odd one out. Not that he does no wrong, he just doesn’t fit with the others.

  5. Erm….the word villians conjours up names like Hitler, Stalin etc….and although the illusions themselves are very clever it’s slightly disconcerting to find that Amnesty International consider Bush a priority ……

  6. Calling our president a villain is highly unpatriotic. No matter how much you despise his political or social views, to dishonor him to such an extreme is appalling and should be so to all Americans. If you want to live here, at least have some respect for the president.

  7. You all are right. Bush shouldn’t be there. He isn’t as smart as any of the other evil dictators. It’s an insult to them.

  8. The last one is actually, Myanmar’s junta leader Than Shwe and the rest of them, i think are the same as what the blogger number 6 said.

  9. Anonymous is correct, however, I wouldn’t be so insulted that Bush is on there; frankly, I think he deserves to be right there at the TOP of the list!

  10. cool illusions, but i must say that i have to agree with those who dont like seeing bush there.

    many may not like him, but he is our president and certainly does not belong in this group.

  11. Yeah, I’ve enjoyed coming here the past year or so every day, but I’m pretty sure I’m done if you’re going to promote such a backwards @ss organization as amnesty international. They claim to be for “human rights”. They are basically like the peta for humans. Their intentions are good, but their ideas are way too idealistic and over the top. Once you realize how insane/imbalanced they are it makes you want to go the opposite direction of whatever they are promoting. Too bad I’ll have to find another illusions site now.

  12. Meh, these are okay but not too good but i guess as they’re billboards it makes them, actually, better but… okay

    Just invert the colours of the images in paint to see them. :)

    And howcome you are offended, that they are all placed within a group called “World Leaders” ? 0_o… You’re making the wrong connection between them :P

  13. pssh i recognized them all! I did do the first one though, bush. But the others I could tell just by looking at them.

    nice though. =)

  14. I just find it amusing that of course it’s the Bush supporters that take it upon themselves to be offended by a picture by Amnesty International. Who gets offended by a charity?

  15. Offended to see Bush lumped in with these people? Do you read the paper, watch the news? Why do you think the WORLD (cuz it isn’t just U.S. anymore) is in the state it’s in? I’m glad to Bush as #1. Amnesty International, you’ve done well.

  16. offended to see Bush in there? oh ok let’s jsut put the whole of his backroom bored made up of daddies friends on there…. He is the face that we all get to see dealing out the misgivings of US of A. and if you truly believe that he is not a villain, you are a brainwashed chump.

  17. Is the first one Bush? That’s what I thought too but I had to look it over a second time. I too am offended/ashamed that he is posted next to these men.

  18. Bush is being tried for murder in Delaware as soon as his presidency is over- I kid you not. And quite frankly he deserves to rot in cell.

  19. I want to look back at thesed in ten years with a historical perspective. Then we’ll know who really is evil and who was just wierd.

  20. I am very happy to see the most evil president the USA has ever had in this group.

    He has destroyed our countries reputation around the world, he has destroyed our constitution. If the rest of the world had any guts, he would be brought up on charges of crimes against humanity at the Hague.

  21. Okay. A few things to say.

    You are right. Bush does not deserve to be here. He deserves to be in hell.

    And, to all of you that have Macs, here is a way to cheat: press control, option, command, and then after that, 8. Same thing to get it back.

  22. If you’re using a Mac, you can use a simple keyboard shortcut to see after-image illusions. Just press Command-Option-8 to invert the colors on the screen. Press the same combination to set the colors back to normal.

  23. The last one is actually Myanmar’s junta leader Than Shwe. I think the rest of them are the same as the ones mentioned by the anonymous blogger # 6

  24. Ok, I think I’ve got them. I’m not positive about the first one, but here goes….

    1. Richard Nixon
    2. Ahmadinejad
    3. Kim Jong Il
    4. Vladimir Putin
    5. Hu Jintao

  25. Have no Problem with Bush there. What about Guantanamo and human rights? What about invading privacy in the name of “homeland security”? What about not teaching birth control in schools and high rate of teenage pregnancies.
    Bush the person may not be evil, but his politics are.

  26. I tend to agree, Bush isn’t evil. Stupid? Yes. Incompetent? Of course. An utter waste of DNA? Without a doubt.

    But not evil. Evil requires too much thought.

    Don’t worry America, Obama will save you. :)

  27. First, the biggest evil in the whole world, G.W. Bush
    #2, M. Ahmadineyad, president of Iran (a good guy too)
    #3, Kim Jong Il, president of North Korea, a democratic boy
    #4, Vladimir Putin, president of Russia, a pacific kid
    #5, Hu Jintao, president of China, a great defender of human rights

    Bush not only deserves to be there, he owns the first place…

  28. Is it possible that you americans are the only people who don’t see the threat that USA’s foreign politics represents for the rest of the world???
    USA is the biggest “war creator”. ¿Wtf are you doing in Irak? ¿In Afganistan? ¿In Grenada? ¿In Vietnam? ¿In Korea? don’t know, but these countries did not represent a threat for you ’til your army attacked ’em…

    Excuses for the political expression, but the illusion and the other comments made me did it

  29. I fail to see why anyone’s offended by Bush’s presence on this campain. His administration has eroded civil liberties, seen people interred illegally in offshore prisons, endorsed and sponsored the practice of renditioning, and declared war on countries under false pretences.

    Villain? Yes. But if you’re truly offended, visit Amnesty International’s website to find out why you shouldn’t be.

  30. last one’s David Suzuki. :P Anyways, why teh hell are you offended? Bush started this whole world war 3 thing and the others are just scape-goats for bush so he can feel like a big man for blowing up foreign countries.

  31. lol thats funny:D
    and u can copy and paste the pic on paint then just invert colors that’s way easier than staring at them

  32. OK you guys are not getting the whole ‘after image’ thing. It’s not about the image you see immediately but the image that is hidden within it. If you look closely at the image and focus on the red cross in the middle for a minute, then look away at a poorly lit area and blink rapidly you will see.

    Just so you know, in my opinion to call Bush evil is a little strong. To call him an incompitent, led by a cabinet that has a very different moral standard to my own, is fair. Guantanamo Bay is a monstrosity and must be stopped. All I can say is, NOT IN MY NAME.

  33. So having Bush is insulting but “the president of Russia”, whose name is by the way Putin, is fine? Because of course everyone else is evil except of course the president of the USA who is always obivously right and there is no chance at all that he could be a prick. Nixon was a cool one too, wasn’t he? Pathetic.

  34. :Lol: at all the people who find the inclusion of Bush insulting.
    I would say that the inclusion of Hugo Chavez should be considered far more insulting.

  35. Go check out the Oscar-winning documentary “Taxi to the Dark Side” and tell me you still think Bush shouldn’t be up there. His administration basically changed the definition of torture so that they could torture detainees who never stood trial at Guantanamo and Abu Grhaib. At least 37 people have died there due to mistreatment (that we know of).

  36. Why are you people so offended by Bush being there? He has performed criminalistic acts onto the American people and other people around the world. Look up some info about him and educate yourself instead of just believing what just he and the government says.

    Get information from unbiases sources on the internet and other places and inform yourself of the truth. He is just as much of a criminal as most of the other people in these illusions.

    By the way, great illusions….

  37. I have to agree, this is no place to make a political statement, you could have simply said something like, ‘see if you recognize these famous faces’

    however I will admit it was a cool illusion

  38. The people who have made these images are Amnesty International and by Bush invading Iraq makes him evil.

    I thought the 1st person was Lincoln at first, lol

  39. As much as I don’t agree with George W. I too agree that he shouldn’t be lumped in with the rest of these A-Holes

  40. If you have a mac and want to see them easily then just hit Ctrl+Alt+Cmd+8. On a PC just copy them in to paint and hit Ctrl+I.

  41. For you people that are offended that Bush might be there, just think that Russians could be offended that you are mentioning that Poutine is up there. Look at who is currently involved in the most wars and who has been seen mistreating their prisoners. Amnesty international , if i’m not mistaken is to protect the rights of anyone, even the ones the US see as enemies , when in fact they are not. FYI the guy in the picture that might look like Bush seems to have a beard or a gothi of some sort so stop being so proud of the “worst” american president in history …btw it’s americans that are saying that he’s the worst.

  42. these are amazing!

    i’m so glad to see george w bush in here as well.

    i’m glad amnesty international can recognise GWB as a man whose leadership has lead to the countless death of thousands and who supports torture of people who haven’t yet stood fair trial and who, as governor of texas, agreed to the execution of more indivuduals than any other US leader.

    thank you for posting this.

  43. I recognised bush and Kim Jong il
    or su not sure who it is lol

    Tbh i think its pretty just that bush is up there!

    Who was it who went to war on faulse accusations?

  44. Sorry if you were offended by Bush being a villain but he is absolutely a villain. I think it was great that he is also at the top of the list. To bad they didn't put Cheney with him. If you don't see it, you have been blinded by 8 years of misinformation & lies. He has lied (and badly) about everything he has & is currently doing. His solution to bringing peace is by bombing hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians to catch a few. PLAIN AND SIMPLE!! Please go back to your hole & rot forever because of people like you we are in the situation we are in now. I hope one day the world will look at Americans as they once did with honor but the direction he & his administration has put us in there will probably not be an America left, Thanks Bush & Company!!!

  45. The first one looks nothing like Bush.

    I’m pretty sure the last one is Hu Jintao the President of the People’s Republic of China.

  46. I guess I’ll be the 1st to say this I am THRILLED to see Bush lumped in here. To say someone who turned this country in to a major tail spin into the toilet cant be called anything but evil.

  47. I am not at all offended that Bush is on this list–torture and condoning torture qualifies as villainous behaviour in my book.

  48. Of course Bush should be up there, he’s probably the worst one. A man who went to war just for oil and to settle a family feud. He’s a war mongering idiot.

  49. cant you really not recognize any of them??

    the first one i think is huge chaves from venezuela . i dont know why he is vilain.

    the second is the iranian president.. with a veeery difficult name. ahmadinejad i think.

    the two asiatic lookin ppl i dont know. the second last is putin from russia

    and i dont see bush though i should and i hoped some ngo’s would say the truth from time to time

  50. I think it quite appropriate that bush is in here (if it is indeed he). He has created the illusion that he knows what he’s doing and is liked by america. The rest of the world see him for what he is, a chimp with the gaul to try and push other countries around. Now there’s an illusion worthy of david copperfield

  51. Bush is to stupid to be classed as a villian.

    He is however far from a good man. Too bad the rest of you ‘offended’ Americans can’t see it.

  52. Anyone offended to see Bush lumped in with these people is clearly unaware of what Amnesty International does, and how human rights under Bush’s administration have been so thoroughly trounced. Instead of getting offended, get educated. Go to http://www.amnesty.org and read what they have got to say and then decide if you are offended.

  53. I think it’s odd that you consider it unfair that Bush is included in this list. Yet, I’m guessing you are perfectly okay with the other 4 people being included. While I don’t necessarily think Bush is a “villain,” I’m sure there are plenty of people who think that the other people should not be included in the list. There are people all over the world who HATE George Bush, and as this is an International campaign, it is only fair that he be included as well.

  54. ‘These people’? Why SHOULDN’T Bush be lumped in with ‘these people’? Bush himself is not exactly a saint…what has/hasn’t he done to make him any better than the rest?Theyre all similarly struggling to run their country….

  55. I think you guys are missing the point… the reason Bush is lumped in with these people isn’t just because he’s become an international symbol of American arrogance due to his decisions in the Middle East. I think the “See No Evil” phrase invites you to see *beyond* what these people represent and how they are perceived by the media and by you and your neighbors. Think about the causes and the complex machinery behind the symbolic figurehead. Calling someone “evil” is an oversimplification — we should all be thinking more critically.

  56. Wow! i can’t believe that some of you guys think the last one is Chavez. I’m not Venezuelan and know that is not Hugo Chavez.That guy on the picture is obviously Asian. duh!

    1. Mao and his acolytes killed multiple tens of millions of his own countrymen in his communist revolution and subsequent attempts to wipe out opposition and reform China into a communist utopia.

  57. From top to bottom…
    Geogre W Bush
    Osama Bin Laden
    and I don’t see the evil of…
    Vladimal Putin (anti-russian?)
    And Hu Jintao (probably by anti-communist practioners and sinophobic people…)

  58. 1.Bush?Not so Evil
    2.Osama bin Laden?Evil
    3.Kim Sung ill!Not that evil but more evil than Bush
    4.Putin?I don’t see evil in his eyes…
    5.Hu jintao?Evil? Just because his communist doesn’t make him evil!

  59. Is the first one George W. Bush? I don’t mean to be mean or anything, but he is slightly evil, but not in a T.V show villan way. Just an annoying neighbor way. :)

  60. your all fighting for nothing its not Bush in the first one ITS NIXON
    Richard Nixon
    Osama is not the second but the rest are all right

  61. Once again, the second one is Ahmajinedad, the President of Iran. The first one is definitely Bush. Still not sure on the last one… definitely looks Asian though…

  62. This is dumb can they just tell us who they r without them telling us i mite think the 2nd last one is the dalai lama which i almost did but then i thought of putin

  63. if you want to know who they are and if you have a mac, then just press ctrl alt command 8 at the same time and the colors will be negative

  64. Dude, Anonymous has some issues to work out. Think the Col. Sanders comment was hilarious! …as well as Chuck Norris. Clever. :)

  65. The Birthers and “Obama is Evil” crowd don’t seem to realize that life is an intelligence test. A test that they FAILED miserably. Ask them about the newspaper birth announcement; you’ll just get hemming, hawing and “yes, but.”

    LOSERS. Stupid ones at that. The typical response to a post like this? “I know you are, but what am I?!”

    The future of the Republican party is a bunch of dufuses that believe in bigfoot and Rush Limbaugh. Hey! Maybe Rush IS bigfoot!

  66. I was like WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? when I looked at the first. I stared for 30 secs to save a bit of time so the image came for about 3 secs. I doubted what i saw was true, What i think i saw was Elvis O_o

    Nobody considers him a villian…. MJ was like Elvis…

  67. 1. Richard Nixon
    2. Abe Lincoln
    3. Kim Jong Il
    4. Franklin D. Roosevelt
    5. Morgan freeman or Colonel Sanders

    No villans here.

  68. i love how most of you (at least the comments i see) are defending obama and saying bush really is a villain. :) even though i see nixon in the first one, those comments just made me smile :) i agree with sarah tho: bush isnt really like a tv villain or anything, just the annoying neighbor kind. :)

  69. its not dumb!
    if you look at the red thing in any photo for 30 seconds then look at blank wall,it will be a pic of the person!

  70. being a 13 year old I can honestly say that i don’t know who half of these people are
    can someone explain them to me?

  71. bush should not be on there… he was the best thing this contery had.. at least he didn’t make a mess like obama is doing! i may be 12 but i still know right and wrong!

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