Scroll This Image! Optical Illusion

When you scroll this image up and down (use the scroll bar or you mouse middle button) optical illusion will take place! Can you see it? What do you see exactly? Even better example of scrolling image optical illusion, is “Hyperfield Illusion”.

Click Here for a RANDOM Optical Illusion

39 Replies to “Scroll This Image! Optical Illusion”

    1. i agree its really cool. and for all of u who think that getting the first comment is so important, i got FIRST reply to the first comment. so ha! i was more original and creative lol

  1. I see much more of an effect if I CLICK the up and down arrows of my scroll bar (thus moving the image jerkily) than if I grab and DRAG the image (moving the image more smoothly).

    I also notice more of an effect if the image is scrolling into or out of the window, vs. being completely in it.

    Way, way cool.

  2. Omg you all are stupid. The illusion is the lines or dots appear to move up and down with the direction you scroll like water.

  3. AAWESOME!!!!

    well sorry Lucy, but to me it’s cool

    i like it when it does the wiggly thingy when i scroll up and down, its hypnotising

  4. I see a silouette of a woman, as if I was looking at her naked, from the right side of her, approximately at waist height. Anybody else see it?

    Maybe I smoked 2 much Bomb Today… I AM in Humboldt County (Ha Ha)

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