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By on May 9, 2006, with 39 Comments

When you scroll this image up and down (use the scroll bar or you mouse middle button) optical illusion will take place! Can you see it? What do you see exactly? Even better example of scrolling image optical illusion, is “Hyperfield Illusion”.

  • maddy

    i see sumthing movin in the middle!
    – cool

    • happydoodle

      i agree its really cool. and for all of u who think that getting the first comment is so important, i got FIRST reply to the first comment. so ha! i was more original and creative lol

  • Mr. T lover


  • Hai

    looks like its getting its groove on!!! hell yea!!!

  • Rayne

    Dance! lalalalala!

  • ishbu


  • Seba 719

    naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaays : ),ishbu!

  • Wilma

    I see much more of an effect if I CLICK the up and down arrows of my scroll bar (thus moving the image jerkily) than if I grab and DRAG the image (moving the image more smoothly).

    I also notice more of an effect if the image is scrolling into or out of the window, vs. being completely in it.

    Way, way cool.

  • niki

    why does every thing on this site look like Jesus to someone?

    Way way cool!!! Wicked even.

  • ?????

    Heh, if you look closely, it has the sprite logo as the moving part.

  • samuel

    OMFG ITS JESUS! no, its a circle.

  • humage45

    it moves..

  • Anonymous

    american flag!!!!

  • Anonymous

    i see an american flag

  • tekknobarbie

    wow. how do u see an “american” flag when the color is blue? der da der! morons!

  • Christian

    how is this a stereogram?i foun this illusionn in the stereogram section WTF?!?!?! q p

  • Anonymous

    i see an american flag waving in the breeze but only when i scroll kinda fast

  • Anonymous


  • bamgirl360

    Dude that’s trippy.

  • Anonymous

    This site is awesome!!!

  • madison

    heyyy i see the pepsi sign!!!

  • i_like_books2

    Heeehee!! Jiggly wiggly!

  • Lucy

    Omg you all are stupid. The illusion is the lines or dots appear to move up and down with the direction you scroll like water.

  • gaga_fan1231


    well sorry Lucy, but to me it’s cool

    i like it when it does the wiggly thingy when i scroll up and down, its hypnotising

  • im jesus


  • nobody

    duuuuuuuuuude like…its movin and stuff maaaannnn 0.o

  • !!me!!

    vurdlak.. it seems to bulgde right at u..

  • cindy

    dude its moving :)

  • raphael

    i see a nazi simbol… i hate history

  • Anonymous

    Its just waving up and down like waves its really cool :)

  • thats a stupid illusion your not suposed to scroll it your suposed look at it and think its curved you guys are stupid

  • Me

    Cool illusion

  • nice illusion it waves like a sea

  • hal

    I see spots before my eyes. wow….

  • HAL

    I see Hula girls asses waving back and forth….HOT..nice asses

  • Lisa

    Is that a mouse or a puddy tat under the carpet?

  • cheychey

    oooohhh the WAAAAVVVEE !

  • M.O.B. *Humboldt Co.*

    I see a silouette of a woman, as if I was looking at her naked, from the right side of her, approximately at waist height. Anybody else see it?

    Maybe I smoked 2 much Bomb Today… I AM in Humboldt County (Ha Ha)

  • Jesus

    i scrolled down and got comments then i scrolled up and got the description. lolz