Scenery With Hidden Woman Optical Illusion

Good Morning and welcome to Tuesday, which is the second day of the week.  For some of you that are work, nothing can make the day go faster than picturing yourself in a happy place. Typically, a happy place is someplace that can make people feel very relaxed, such as the forest, the beach, a nice park, or even just picturing a nice peaceful place where the mind can go to relax. Today’s optical illusion is all about finding a place to relax, but there is a hidden surprise.  If you all look closely, you may see that part of this picturesque scene is not an actual hill, but is instead a woman that has her body painted.  The artist that did this amazing body paint really did a fantastic job because you can hardly see the woman.

Scenery With Woman Optical Illusion

Ready for more fun involving optical illusions? Take a look at this woman, who is in Egypt giving the mighty Sphinx a kiss! Now, either she is really close to the Sphinx, and standing on a ladder, or this illusion was done with the camera sitting in just the right spot that makes it look like she is close enough to the statue to kiss it! Happy Tuesday to you all and have a great day!

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