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  1. wow this is cool! and i think that she is either bending backwards into the sand (cause that is possible i can do it) or there is another person. my bet is on the other person. but the first one is still possible. anyways it is very cool. ♥♥♥

  2. What’s creepy is that the girl’s eyes look black and soulless, unless you look closely. Then the white of the eyes just looks like a dark red and sort of demonic. o_0 (looks back into Dante’s The Divine Comedy)

  3. man thai is like soo fake u can tell it is two poeple duhhhh it looks stupid and it is not scary!!! what a waste of time

  4. Hmm… It is tricky. But I think that there are
    Two people. If she cut her head, she can’t breath,
    and of course she can’t smile, too.
    How tricky!!!^^

  5. well that is just soooo fake u can reallly tell that there is 2 people daahhhhh u must me thick if u think it is real lol.

  6. no its 2 people the one laying down is layed back to the point where u cant see the head and the girl is burried in the sand..

  7. uhhhhhhh, what are you guy talking about abiously there is one person, she chopped her own head off, what a retard! i got to go im eating my ham sandwhich.

  8. wow. i cant believe i just lost 25 seconds of my life looking at this piece of crap. i could have been, well i dont know, i have no life, i guess it was worth it. g2g. im gonna go chop my head off, place my body in the sand, then sit my head down right by it, and smile. yep. thats me. decapitated beach babe.

  9. i liked it. i also like crappy pictures that nobody understands but just looks at because they have nothing better to do and look at optical illusions all day because their cables out and nothing makes sense and need therapy. oh, but yeah the illusion was pretty whack. wiggity whack? no, just the regular kind.

  10. wow… i love the fact that no one has commented on the fact that one chick is burried up to her neck in sand… and one could suggest from the sunburn she’s been there for a while… doesnt that strike anyone as a tad bit odd?

  11. wow the only thing that is scary about theat is that they actually managed to dig the sand that deep! i tried it once and i thought that it was the living impossible so well done guys! *clap *clap

  12. Well of course it’s two people. Jesus. Any idiot can see that. That is not the point. The point is that it looks cool. Stop looking so much into it.

  13. O.K, who’s the idiot that thinks this is photoshop?!? I can’t understand how anyone could be so stupid to be confused by this for even a second. I’ve never seen anything so blindingly obvious. Of course it’s two people. I know 99% of the people on here know that but the other 1% should just kill themselves now!

  14. that is the worst thing ive ever seen in my life there is 4 arms there is obvisoulsy 2 people !!!! do they think that they are funny OR are they just stupid !!!!!!(STUPID)

  15. Thatb wasn’t even scary! Even my 3 year old brother knew it was 2 ppl!
    The only scary illusion is “The Really Scary Illusion” and I only jumped! ppl who are scared by this illusion…

  16. I think hey have some sort of cloth over her face of the lady laying on the ground…. and there is another burried person.

  17. this is kind of scary cuz me and my sissy have done a picture like this befor and the girl (whos face you can see) looks exactly like me… i am kind of freaked out



    I-T I-S A-N I-L-L-U-S-I-O-N!!!!


    SO SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. the girls is obviously darker than her body…….FAKE!! this should be in funny illusions cuz the only thing I did when I saw t was laugh!!!! :D

  20. *sigh* guyz, juz go look at another one under scary catagory entitled ‘me an my head enjoying the sun’ and look at the comments 2. then u will get the anzwerz…

  21. It’s actually 3 people you losers. The right arm of the body is buried in the sand and someone else has layed their arm down next to it to make it look like it’s attached. Idiots

    1. actually the idiot at the top that called everyone else idiots you sir are the dumbass. This is 2 people One person is laying down and the other id buried in the sand and only their head is sticking out of the sand. the other laying down appears to be headless only for the angle in which the picture is taken.

  22. there r 2 people at that picture. 1 person was lying down and blocking her head. the 2 person buried her body in sand and onley showed her head. to make it look like tht she pulled hr head off.well nice try !!

  23. What I find amazing is that no one has made a rude or distasteful comment about the body laying there at that angle. THAT is what’s amazing.

  24. its 2 people
    i know that
    hey everyone theres no need to be rude
    all our minds are different
    everyone, just show each other some fucking respect

  25. the scary thing is she took her head off and she put it next to her but actually the head is someone buried in sand…like DUUHH

  26. wow how easy is that all yu have 2u do iz get someone 2u laydown with their head all the way back and barry th other person to their head its not scary

  27. I think the person hiding their head creates a slight elevation tho lay on so they can lay their head back just enough to where it can remain unseen…

  28. one girl laid in the sand w/ her head tilted back and the other girl was buried in the sand next 2 her hand! Dud

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