Scary Optical Illusion no.5

At first sight, there’s nothing wrong with this lady below. She’s normal and has her eyes closed for some reason… but wait! Move away from your monitor, or simply narrow your eyes. You’ll notice this same little lady doesn’t look friendly any more – she’s starring at you! And yes, she was doing so from the very beginning, only you didn’t notice it before! This illusion really scared the crap out of me! If you like beeing scared, check Scary Category in the sidebar for more simmilar illusions.

134 Replies to “Scary Optical Illusion no.5”

  1. Dude! Come on! It didn’t freak me out but my little cuzin sure squealed! He’s only four So it Doesn’t count

  2. geez! u guys just dont get it! back away from your monitor and her eyelids become her eyes so she looks like shes staring at u

  3. I can see it a little it’s kind of freaky if you dont see it stare at it and try not to blink trust me you will see it!

  4. saw it right away….what’s wrong with ya’ll???? not as scary as i thought it would be i agree with ya gotta do better than that… but u can see it right off.

  5. ummm…. i am very artistic (i draw green day all the time) but i dont think its scary. more like boring is a good word..; ‘_’

  6. Its scary but not too much…Hint for others who cant see it. Well try peripheral vision. Dont stare in the eyes directly. Stare in the portion above the eyes (maybe in the curly hair)

  7. I noticed at first glance that her eyes were open I was actually looking for a shrunken affect on her head or something…I really had to concentrate to see her eyes were closed, weird…

  8. Look kiddies like someone mentiond before, back up stare at the pic if you star long enough you will see different things some people see different things. I had an art class that had this exact picture, when you turn it upside down it looks like a complete different person.

  9. If you don’t get it, if you read the caption, u kinda see the black on her eyes withoust looking at her and ummm u see eyes so yes its creepy!

  10. You guys are nuts! The illusion is in the eyes. She is either striking a demure pose with her eyes down. Or looking somewhat undead while looking straight at you.

  11. I just have to say, that your monitor contrast has alot to do with how effective illusions like this one are, if you contrast is up too high you don’t really see the effect very well.

    And…… she has a blue goatie beard!!! teheheheheeee

  12. It wasnt scary at all but it didnt take me long to see it either…maybe because Im not lazy and actually got up and walked away from my monitor

  13. this would be better if the eyes were harder to see. I saw her eyes open before I even moved away from the screen. And maybe she should look scarier…

  14. huh…..i actually saw the eyes first then i read the description thingy n i looked again n i saw it closed..
    lol weird…=.=

  15. are you kidding me? is that the best you’ve got.

    i didn’t even see th lady with her eyes closed i just saw her starring at me.

  16. im sorry but what balls
    i saw the scary(intended to be but turned out not) bit from the start
    actually i struggled to see the nice side
    and for crying out loud geta haircut woman

  17. man!this lady scared me,, and ive never seen something like this before,, look at it closely and you’ll going to see her eyes staring at you badly,, sucks!! my goosebumps flared up!!!

  18. whoa is she stoned?!

    holy crap she’s got like blood-shot red eyes!!! it looks like she’s wearing heavy mascara on her bottom eyelashes and eyeliner. This whole time she’s staring right at me. I can’t even see her eyes closed anymore!!

    it’s not really scary but creepy when you think about it for a second, as if she’s got her eyes closed when really, it’s like she can see you through her eyesockets…

    those people who can’t see it, man you really need to get your eyes fixed

  19. meh…i have seen one like this before except it was the Queen – this one is freakyer though (I’m not sure if freakyer is a word and how you spell it)

  20. I couldn’t get what was so scary about a woman staring at you… then I realised that her eyes are closed.

    …methinks my head is wired wrong.

  21. I dont get it… for me she has her eyes opened from the beginning… and it does not look scary… what was I supposed to see? I’ve been turnign the laptop upside down, narrowed my eyes… but still see her with her eyes opened looking at me… but the eyes are not very sharp… bad illusion ;-(

  22. I.. i never see her eyes opened xD Sorry, not scary. Her face expression it’s more like, sad then something to scare the hell out of you; as some say here..

    1. nothin wrong with you, i had to make myself think her eyes were closed in order to see them as closed it was strange but after seeing the newer version of this illusion i never saw this ladys eyes as closed. open all the time

  23. Nope, nothing wrong with you, I thought she had bags under her eyes, or dark eye shadow on, didn’t actually realise that her eyes were ‘closed.’

  24. I can see the optical Illusion that her eyes look back at you when you move to the monitor, but I looked closer to her eyes, and that pixelated area around there, I almost saw her looking at me without moving away from my monitor. Weird.

  25. I never saw her eyes closed. I had to read the description to understand what’s scary. Not bad, though, even if it didn’t work for me.

  26. Great Illusions, after staring at it for a good minute, I’ve never felt so sleepy, her eyes are hypnotizing me

  27. lol, if you look at it upside-down and cover out the mouth and nose, it looks like a happy bald man with with a roundy nose and beard! :P

  28. If you scroll to the middle of the comments or so, then scroll back up real fast then stop suddenly on the woman, then it looks like she opens her eyes at you. =A=

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