Sarcone’s 6 Visual Errors

Long time viewers will experience some kind of deja-vu when they see this one. Well, partly you’re right, partly you’re not. What we have here is a remake of Gianni A. Sarcone’s original “Impossible Table Stuff“. Be sure to check the tags beneath the post, more specifically the G. Sarcone one which will bring you to all of his illusions we posted before. This time there are 6 critical visual errors cleverly placed inside what seems to be an ordinary picture. Can you find them all?

G. Sarcone - 6 Visual Errors Optical Illusion

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  1. Looks about like what arrives at my table when I go to a restaurant except I don’t smoke and both coffee and a coke is way too much caffine. Great effects. Keep ’em coming.

  2. I got 7…not sure about the last one though :)

    1. Cup handle is twisted
    2. Ashtray looks like Escher’s Infinite Staircase
    3. Bottle, glass & cup are not in the same order of depth at the top and bottom
    4. Fork has 4 prongs and 2 gaps
    5. Coca-Cola is spelled Coca-Coca on the bottle
    6. Smoking IS IS hazardous to your health on ashtray
    7. Wouldn’t the coke bottle be upside down when seen through the lens of the glass?

    1. actually it would have to be a concave surface for the reflection to be upside down
      hahaha :p we learnd that in grade 8

  3. 6! Gotcha. SPOILERS! Bottle stem, angle of glass, cup handle, fork, cigaratte holder in ashtray and the wording on side of ashtray.

  4. Got 5 definite errors plus one more which may or may not be an error, but probably is. So I’ll say I can confirm 6.

  5. coca coca label, glass starts in front of bottle and finishes behind, sideways cup handle, smoking is is hazardous, uneven ash tray, fork prongs dont ad up. Good picture. Mjae Like

  6. I think I found all six:
    Cup handle, ashtray height, fork tines, goblet position, coca coca, two is’s on smoking statement…

  7. I’ve not found all of them yet. Don’t read on if you dont want to know what I’ve found!!!!

    So far:
    Fork has 1 problem: 3 or 4 prongs depending where you look
    Ash tray has 2 problems: “is is” in the writing and left side on notch too high. Possibly the perspective is back to front as well.
    Cup has 1 problem: Handle is vertical and horizontal
    Wine glass has 1 problem: Top in front of bottle

  8. Only 4 also.

    A possible 5th effect consist of the different perspective of both liquids (they are not parallel plans I think), but it is not a really critical visual error.

  9. OK, I missed the “is is” but the one I was not sure about was one of the lines on the tablecloth is green while the others are red.

  10. I think the 6th is the reflecting light from the cup of tea
    The light is coming from the right hand side. Then the right side of the surface of the cup should be duller and the left side should be brighter.
    Am i right?

  11. 1. is is on the ashtray
    2. the glass alignment vs the bottle is part front part back.
    3. The cup handle is wrong.
    4. The tip of the fork has an impossible shape.
    5. The ashtray has one corner higher than the other.

    and the one nobody saw:

    6. almost non off the lines on the table cloth mach at both ends of an object. try a ruler next to them

  12. well i may be getting paranoid here, but what about the shading on the cup on the bottle.
    to the cup its light to the right side and the shade is to the left, at the bottle’s neck the light comes from a totally opposed direction


    Lol I’m not sure I have them all, but here is my guess:
    1. The view of the Coca bottle through the glass is wrong
    2. The glass alignment vs the bottle is part front part back.
    3. The cup handle is wrong.
    4. The tip of the fork has an impossible shape.
    5. The ashtray has one corner higher than the other.

    Not sure abotu the 6th one. I have 2 choices
    6. The angle of the text on the right side of the ashtray doesn’t follow the right perspective angle, it’s curving instead of going straight.
    6. The design of the coffee in the cup with a hearth shape is bothering me too.

  14. Milky got most of them
    Last one the ash tray should have ONE is: it says ‘smoking is is hazardous to your health’

  15. Elliot’s right…well, except, I think for that 7th one. I made the mistake of reading the ashtray wording when it was still a small picture, didn’t get the double ‘is’. I was sorta thinking it was the tablecloth: it changes from one side to the other.

  16. I think Elliot might be right. Imagine, the artist himself make a critical visual error and not even know it. How often dose that happen?

  17. the text on the ashtray is really bothering me – the perspective shifts angles halfway through. That’s got to be an error.
    great illusion V

  18. 1) Coca cola doesn’t go well with coffee.
    2) Cola should be served in a red wine glass, not a white wine glass.
    3) if you’re trying to quit smoking don’t use an MC Escher ashtray; the nicotine keeps increasing on you over time.
    4) the four prong/three prong fork is not ideal for a picnic, yet there’s a picnic table cloth on the table.
    5) too many ‘is’s are more hazardous to your health than smoking.
    6) too many cocas spoil the cola.

  19. it was easy to work out…
    1. No one would have a terrible table cloth like that.
    2 why would you produce an ashtray that encourages people not to smoke. plain ridiculous. steam on coffee .. it must be cold. urrrggghh . highly unlikely.
    4. The fork is huge (more than half as wide as the coffee cup and twice as long)
    5. Every thing is in perspective except the writing on table cloth ie. (copyright G.Sarcone)
    6. The bottle, glass, ashtray and fork all project outside the frame of the drawing … that’s impossible

  20. Its great illusion, Elliot got them all right except for coca-coca, its supposed to look like that in the lens of the glass.
    One of the most tricky ones is the ciggarette holder in the ashtray, and the depth of the ashtray is visually wrong, but I spose thats the whole point
    Has nobody noticed the fact that if you look at the big picture without trying to find illusions, the fork is humoungous?
    or is it just me?

  21. nice one, it is a good 2 min. mental exercise
    well, all the errors are easily noticeable…

    just loved to read comments.. :-D

  22. Yeah, I think the tablecloth pattern is wrong somehow. It doesn’t look as if it’s flat on a table with the objects sitting on it but more as if it’s a sort of backdrop with the objects floating in front of it. Anyone else think this counts as a “visual error”?

  23. You can read the entire word Coca 3 times. Is the glass behind the bottle? Weird shaped cup. Elephant legs fork. Smoking is is hazardous. Weird shaped ashtray.

  24. another illusion is that the green line of the table cloth seemed to be parallel to each other, but it is actually not

  25. Besides the 6 obvious (or maybe not so) ones, the coffee in the cup is lit with a different light than the cup itself.

  26. Nice job. To nitpick, the four effects with object designs are really different from the two in writing. In one case you are talking about impossible objects. But there is nothing impossible about a bottle that says “coca coca.” It just unusual. It is not a “visual error”, technically.

  27. 1. the cup handle is twisted
    2. the green and red lines in the back of the picture don’t look parallel but the are
    3. the order of depth of the glass and bottle is not the same on top and bottom
    4. when you begin following the edge of the ashtray at the front, going counterclockwise, it appears to remain flat, but then when you get all the way around, it has become higher than where you began.
    *note* a lot of people were saying this looks like Escher’s Infinite Staircase, but it’s not quite the same illusion. Escher’s appears to be going up, but remains flat; this one appears to remain flat, but goes up.
    5. the ashtray says “Smoking is is hazardous to your health”. If you’re not careful, you end up simply reading “Smoking is hazardous to your health.
    6. the fork has two spaces but four prongs

    Many people noticed that the Coke bottle says “Coca-Coca” instead of Coca-Cola. The reason this is not an illusion is that it never leads to believe it says anything BUT “Coca-Coca”. I may simply say that to avoid a lawsuit about the Coca-Cola’s company’s trademark. The reason the words on the ashtray are an illusion and the previously stated is not, is that the words on the ashtray actually lead you to believe that it says “Smoking is hazardous to your health” when in actually says “Smoking is IS hazardous to your health”.

  28. 1. wording on coke bottle – Coca-coca !
    2. wording on ash tray – smoking is is hazardous
    3. sides on ash tray do not line up correctly
    4. the glass should be behind the coke bottle
    5. twisted mug handle
    6. strangely pronged fork

    These are the six.

  29. This was hard.if it wasnt for the the answeres helping me out i would have neva figured that 1 out and im usually smart lolz i usually give up wen i cant figure sumtin out nd so i came bac thinkin they must have da answeres nd dayum der it wuz lolz TANK YUH SKINNYTHESKINNER I ACTUALLY USED YERZLOLZ

  30. the wine glass seems to be behind and in front of the coca-coca bottle at the same time. the green lines do not match up but instead are parallel to each other.

  31. The coffee vs. the coffee cup shading. Light is cast from different directions. (Or the right side of the cup glows.)

  32. Did i just see 7?
    1.The Coca Cola reads Coca Coca
    2.The glass is both back and front of the coke
    3.The handle of the cup is twisted
    4.The green ash tray’s sides are misaligned
    5.The tray has the words “Smoking is is hazardous to your health”
    6-7.The fork has 3-4 prongs and it’s bigger than anything else.

    Whoa, is it just me or it’s all 7 for real?

  33. I see one thing no one has noticed yet.

    1). Glass front and behind the bottle
    2). Ashtray’s side misaligned
    3). Cup’s handle twisted
    4). Fork has an extra prong
    5). Light reflection in the cup should be rotated
    6). Only ashtray is tilted properly according to the table cloth’s tilt factor. The rest are just standing straight.

  34. I understand everyone has their own opinion, and for this reason I feel obligated to use the knowledge I have obtained from my college class on perception to try and help solve this problem. A majority of these illusions are fairly obvious and most people with a few moments will stumble upon them quite easily. With that said there are actually a total of 8 illusions which I have discovered in this picture whether they were intended by its illustrator or not.
    I will start with the obviously intended illusions:
    1. Coca-Coca instead of Coca-Cola. This is an illusion that can be looked up on google images and was clearly intended by this pictures creator.
    2. Wine glass is in front of and behind the coke bottle. Again, obviously intended.
    3. The coffee cup handle forms an impossible shape similar to many of M.C. Escher’s works of art. This too is a clear example of a commonly known optical illusion.
    4. The fork makes an illusion known as the “devil’s tuning fork” (ie. the end of the fork has four prongs while the handle only connects to 3) Obviously intended.
    5. “smoking is is hazardous” Also, obviously intended.
    This brings us to the point where things get tricky:
    6. The ash tray. This illusion I find somewhat controversial on account of the simple fact that it is TOO OBVIOUS. It is overly clear that on the bottom half of the ash tray the the tops do not align. Because there is no object obstructing the view this is not an optical illusion because you can tell if those two edges are part of the same line easily. I highly suspect this was not an intended illusion but rather thrown in by the creator of this picture to throw off some people.
    7. The table cloth. I took a flat edge and realized that as some people mentioned in previous comments that, in fact, many lines do not appear to be continuous. This may not have been intended however on account of it is not a very clear misalignment. One could easily argue that this is because table cloths are made of fabric and can stretch slightly causing this effect. For this reason it may not have been intended even though there are many similar optical illusions involving false continuous lines that can be found all over the internet.
    8. The reflection. Whether you want to believe me or not, humans are are unable to easily tell whether reflections are accurate or not. This is not to say you cant set up an experiment to tell if this reflection is in fact accurate, but rather, that it is well known that people often look past inaccurate reflections in drawings and paintings. Artists have been using this for quite some time and I have no doubt that you will be able to find some definitive proof of this theory online if care to do so. I have a suspicion that the author intended this illusion because of its similar nature to many of the more obvious illusions found in this picture. (ie: looking past seemingly normal objects)

    I hope this helps clear up some confusion.

  35. Has anyone noticed that the red tea in the cup has a heart shape? A really slight one, made up of a curved white line.

  36. 1. the top of the wine glass is infront of the coca cola glass however the bottom of the wine glass is behind when it should be infront as well

    2 the cup handle shouldnt all be seen from the angle we are viewing it but we see the whole handle instead of part of it

    3 the ashtray which on the side we can see writing should be descending from our view however the view shown is flat and allows us to see all the writing evenly and in the same size throughout, the back few words should be smaller and more faded than the front words

    4 the edges of the ash tray are not alligned properly it becomes higher at one point

    5 the image produced int he wine glass of the coca cola bottle is wrong and is showing the image that isnt directly behind it

    6 if you look at the tip of the fork it produces 4 gaps for 4 prongs..however if you look at the end of the head of the fork where the handle meets the only produces 2 gaps…?? wierd

  37. 1. the fork is bigger than the bottle..

    2. the ashtray should be dirty since you put cig butts in it.. should use ordinary drinking glass instead of wine glass..

    4.drinking coke and coffee at the same time is weird.. where’s the plate and spoon?there should be one since there’s fork.. answers..

  38. 1.coca cola is spelt “coca coca” handle curved glass reflection of cola is not parallel
    4.ash tray repeats word “is”.
    5.ash tray is not parallel on top
    6.tablecloth green and red lines in the back of the picture don’t look parallel but they are.
    7. ?? – FRECKIN’ HUGE FORK!
    <3 my answers :)

  39. Notice the shadow inside the tip of the bottle in comparison to the shadow inside the cup of coffee…one is on the right and the other on the left.

  40. 1. coca coca
    2. wine bottle is both infront and behind coca coca
    3.Cofee handle
    4. cloth not seen behind the glass
    5. Imposible fork
    6. Dips in ash tray are different.

  41. 1-fork: prong r impossible
    2-cup: handle is twisted
    3-coca coca: the name is 2 avoid a law suit, real illusion is tht at the top its behind the wine glass but on the tabe its in front
    4-wine glass: table cloth pattern cant b seen through glass
    5-smoking tray: whole thing is impossible
    6-smoking tray: on the little warning, it says is 2 times.
    7-cup: the little white line above the brown liquid, on the top of the cup, is impossible. No one has noticed tht one yet, i dont think.

    Okay, i kno theres not 7 so one of these is inaccurate. I kno 1,2 and 3 are all defo imposs., not sure about the rest-u make tht choice.

  42. The word errors are not critical visual errors – they’re just typos:

    1 Cup handle twisted like a mobius strip or tube
    2 Lighting on coffee surface is opposite lighting on cup
    3 As above on fork: 4 tangs, 3 gaps
    4 Ashtray’s front height out of sync with its back
    5 Glass and bottle can’t make up their mind who’s in front of who
    6 Lines on table cloth should converge to show perspective – they don’t, so table surface appears to curve up at back.

    The rest is just distraction – little stuff, non-critical to perception, or as noted above, done for copyright reasons.

  43. There is to much of the Coca Coca bottle reflecting in the wine glass for where they are sitting, the glass would have to be farther in front of the Coca Coca bottle.

  44. found all 6.
    1. the forks stongs( i think thats what they’re called)
    2.the glass is in front of coke on top but behind on the bottom
    3.the handle of the fork is twisted when you look at it
    4.the plate is higher on one side when it should be the same
    5.the cups handle is messed up
    6.the coke reflection is wrong

  45. 1. The bottom of the coke bottle is in front of the glass
    2. The handle of the cup is the wrong way round
    3. The fork prongs are different numbers at the tip and base
    4. The ash tray is higer on one side than it is on the other
    5. Fork handle is twisted/too much of the coke bottle reflected (can’t decide)
    6. The one that no one else has got. Look closely at the words on the ash tray… it says “is” twice in a row :)

  46. 1. the cup handle is twisted
    2. the coca – cola reflection is wrong
    3. the wine glass is on the front on the top and at the back on the bottom (of the coke bottle)
    4. the fork has a different number on the bottom part of the fork than the top
    5. the ash tray/ plate is higer on on side
    6. on the as tray the words it says it twice
    [ i dont think the fork handle is twisted] but it might be

  47. I see 8 mistakes—
    1 – The ash tray has an impossible height
    2 – The ash tray says “is” twice
    3 – The fork has 4 prongs at the end, 3 at the split
    4 – The wine glass is in front of the bottle at the top, but behind at the bottom
    5 – The handle on the cup of coffee is impossibly bent
    6 – The reflection in the wine glass is forwards when it should be backwards
    7 – On the bottle, it says “Coca-Coca” instead of “Coca-Cola”
    8 – The tablecloth has absolutely no perspective

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