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By on May 19, 2008, with 24 Comments

Samsung Presents 10 Optical Illusions in 2 MinutesPer Enström, Kevin Sowter, Elijah Jones, Jeff Cassell and dozen more of our loyal visitors have sent me this awesome optical illusion video in range of two days. Since I find it quite magnificent and viral, I have decided to post it earlier than I should. As you probably learned by now, your submissions are lined up in queue, and appear posted in order they were originally submitted to me. This one skips the queue! Personally, what Samsung’s getting at with its freshest Soul cellphone optical illusion video, is something I have long been recommending to companies like Samsung. It’s certainly a fine piece of eye candy if nothing else.

Put simply, the video shows a maniac darting about demonstrating ten optical illusions in just 136 seconds, and in case you couldn’t guess, the Soul Cellphone is saved for last. Reference is made to some of the most popular optical illusions from this website. Professor starts with the Huge version of our Little Dragon, then maniacally jumps to the interactive versions of Jastrow Illusion and Cafe Wall Illusion. Then he arrives to the hollow faces (more…), tire version of Janek’s Nuts and visits huge installment of Magic Moving Images illusion. The Soul cellphone is saved for the last, and appears in a way our Spinning Lady appeared first. The result – you can’t decide if the phone is spinning in clockwise or counter-clockwise direction.

Another important thing – BurstMedia has sent me this survey, which needs at least 200 responds (so they can continue paying my bills). I would appreciate if you take a minute of your time and answer these few demographic questions. When we hit the needed amount, I’ll take the survey off, and we can continue concentrating on optical illusions once again. Thank you for your time!


24 Responses
  1. Moorsy! says:

    now… that dinosaur-esque thing.. that was cool

  2. Anonymous says:

    wouw ! I love it

  3. Snowman25 says:

    I just love that dinosaur-thing, I must have the plans for one of these somewhere on my PC

  4. Anonymous says:

    el dinosaurio estuvo DEMASIADO BUENO, yo tengo uno en mi escritorio

    it was AWESOME THE DINOSAUR PART, i have one in my desktop

  5. FixitDave says:

    They are all good illusions, but the dinosaur was the best…pity they spoilt it at the end to confirm how they did it.

    Survey has been completed :-)

  6. Victor Song ~TechDawg667~ says:

    “This Video is no longer available”
    Better get a new one!

  7. akane95 says:

    Pretty funny.

  8. Anonymous says:

    that was awesome XD

  9. Daniel says:

    Just thought I’d comment to say WOW on the illusions, some great work..

    and to all that enjoy the sites almost daily updates, I ask you as a fellow user to do the survey.. took me 3 minutes.

    I must say as a loyal member I’d like to keep this site running!

  10. Amanda says:

    Those were all some crazy cool illusions!!

  11. David Oblas says:

    i love how the guy runs from illusion to illusion… stopping frequently at the dinosaur to go “RAWR!!”

    survey filled, took 2 minutes!

  12. Sterling says:

    the vid doesnt work!

  13. Elisabetta says:

    A great video, I want a dinosaur like that :D
    Oh, and I took the survey:)

  14. Maximilian says:

    great video, i want to know who does the song for it?

  15. axolotl says:

    Great site. I visit it every day. I have also got many of my friends addicted to it. Keep up the good work. Thanks. Oh, I have also taken the survey.

  16. Me says:

    These rock!!!!! I love the one with the tires :)

  17. Cornelius says:

    Yeah, the tire one blew my mind!!! The rest I think was great too. I am a fan of optical illusions, and was quite happy to see them in video form. It was different and well executed. I <3 this site. I should complete that survey y’all talkin’ ’bout.

  18. muahahha says:

    cornelius you are a nerd.

  19. anthonee says:

    the best one was the starship

  20. CatGirl says:

    I dont get the space one or the mobile one can someone please explain

  21. Hemlock says:

    Amazing. I love the dinosaur, the last part where he hugs it was adorable. I also like the thing with the faces. I want those.

  22. HaloDUDE80 says:

    I get every 1 except 4 the samsung phone 1

  23. azalea says:

    how do you make that dino? i want one

  24. Lizzie says:

    Dino? As in dinosaur? As in Great Lizard (which is what dinosaur means)? “DRAGON. DRA GON. I’m not a lizard. I don’t do that tongue thing.” – Mushuu from Mulan.

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